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If you go around your town or city, you will find numerous stray animals trying to search for food to stay alive. They have to literally struggle each day in order to survive. If you love animals and care for them, you will feel really sad to find such homeless animals. These may be cats, dogs and sometimes other types of animals. There are several institutions that carry these homeless animals with them and care for them. They take care of their food, medicines, and other necessities so that they can lead a healthy life like any other pet.

Pets in Need

One of such institutions is Pets in Need. This California based institution takes care of stray cats and dogs and ensures that they have a healthy life. The mission of Pets in Need is to take the no-kill movement to the next level, ensure a loving home for every cat and dog, and to reduce pet homelessness.

They accomplish their mission by rescuing dogs and cats from various public shelters, especially in the Bay Area and beyond. They especially rescue these animals when they are in serious trouble and danger of being euthanized due to financial and space limitations.

Pets in Need have their own shelters in Palo Alto and Redwood City. They have been the owner of the Redwood City shelter since 1993 and have also operated the center since then. They started their shelter in Palo Alto in 2019. They operate the shelter at Palo Alto in partnership with the City of Palo Alto.

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Their Guiding Principles

They have several guiding principles that help you stay focused in their mission and work as a team towards ensuring a safe and happy future for all animals. These principles are discussed below.

  • Community Involvement: They are a leader when it comes to educating the public about various animal welfare issues. They also provide low-cost neutering and spaying services for the pets of all the residents of California.
  • Integrity: Pets in Need respects and honors their obligation to all of their past, present, and future donors. They also strive towards being the best possible steward of the resources of the organization.
  • Compassion and Respect: Pets in Need show by example that every animal’s life is important and matters by providing the highest quality of care to all the animals that they rescue. They also ensure that the rescued animals find a good and caring home, irrespective of how much time is needed for the same.
  • Leadership: The people at Pets in Need advance a no-kill model by example, education, and collaboration.

What They Think About Training?

Pets in Need is an organization that believes in the fact that positive reinforcement, force-free training is rather helpful in keeping with their core principles. These principles are concerning proper treatment of each and every animal under their respect and care, dignity and consideration. The staff working at Pets in Need, along with their volunteers undergo a strict training regime that is focused on providing positive reinforcement training. This is towards all the animals that are rescued with the final goal of using the training as a means to the end. They aim towards helping their rescued animals find a loving and caring home.


What Do You Mean By Foster-To-Adopt?

When you talk about foster-to-adopt, it basically refers to an awesome way to learn if one of the rescued cats or dogs is suitable for your family or not. This is prior to committing to adoption. When you decide to foster-to-adopt, you primarily take the pet home for a pre-determined and short duration of time before deciding whether you are comfortable with the animal and vice versa.

Some Types of Dogs We Love:

Why Should You Foster-To-Adopt?

If you opt for foster-to-adopt, it has basically served two basic benefits. Firstly, you give a chance to the animal to relax at your residence and show its true personality to you. Secondly, you will also get some time to determine whether the pet is a good fit for the family or not. Whether it is suitable for your lifestyle and copes up with the other family members. This is true for both the pet and the other members of the family.

What All Animals Are Good For Foster-To-Adopt Program?

When it comes to choosing any animal for a foster-to-adopt program, you have to remember that all types of animals may not be suitable for it. You should also know that eligibility is at the sole discretion of Pets in Need. Normally, adult animals are eligible who have been waiting for a caring home for more than 14 days. This is also true for senior animals. Kittens and puppies that are younger than four months old are not suitable for this program. Once an animal becomes suitable for the foster-to-adopt program, their profiles will get updated on the website of Pets in Need.

Different Programs

At Pets in Need, there are several types of programs that they follow. Some of these programs are discussed below for your knowledge and benefit.

  1. Cause for Big Paws: This program aims at saving big dogs from being put down. Members of their team travel to different shelters regularly in the East Bay and Central Valley. They make sure to visit such shelters that have less capacity when it comes to big sized dogs. This may be due to space constraints or financial problems. These dogs are rescued, especially those that are at a bigger risk of being put down. These dogs are either handed over to loving foster families or kept at the shelter of Pets in Need.
  2. Owner Surrender: Pets in Need always takes care of such dogs whose masters had to surrender them due to any reason important to them. The people at Pets in Need understand that finding another home for a surrendered pet may be a huge task and involves a tough process. Nonetheless, they try to make it as smooth as possible. If you are planning to surrender your pet, you need to get in touch with Pets in Need first so that they can help you out with your loving pet.

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