Pomeranian Boo the Dog Price – Puppy Breed for Sale in USA

Boo is one of the most famous dogs in the world. It is considered to be the most searched breed of dog for some years. Moreover, Boo has amassed about 17 million fans on Facebook as of September 2017.

However, in this post, we’ll discuss with you all you need to know about Boo and how much it costs currently, peradventure you have been contemplating on owning the Boo breed. Read more below.

Things You Must Have Before Getting a Puppy

Before you proceed to buy a Boo puppy or any pet of your choice, there are some basic supplies you need to put in place. These things can be grouped into two as follows;

  • Housing: The type of housing you would get depends on nature and where you plan to use it. We categorize this into three namely; Indoor, Outdoor, and Travel.
  • Food and Nutrition: There are also three different types of food you can feed your Boo with namely; canned food, wet food, and dry food.

Its History

Boo was born on the 16th of March, 2006, in San Francisco. It is a breed that has a smooth and silky, long and thick coat which grew so much and it was becoming rough. Nevertheless, in 2009, Boo’s coat was cut and trimmed by his owner.

Boo then had a Facebook fan page set up for him in 2010 which was not well-known until late in October. Boo became popular when Ke$ha shared on Twitter that she’s got a new boyfriend who was linked to its fan page. Boo then got famous even till the end of that year and it got up to a million likes on Facebook. 

The following year, its fan page has gotten about 5 million likes and through that, Boo also became famous on other social platforms.

Its Breed

Due to the look of the dog, a lot believe that Boo is a new breed of dog. However, to the surprise of many, Boo is a Pomeranian. It has lovely hair which was trimmed in a round style and has since then become a trend for other dogs till today.

For a Pomeranian to be called a boo, it must have a round face like that of a bear. This means that the Pomeranian has to have thick and long hair and a short snout rather than a long snout and the face of a fox. After you have acquired your Pomeranian, you must ensure to give it a haircut at the spa, so it can have a shout and round hair like Boo.

You also have to ensure that you keep trimming its hair frequently to prevent its hairs from getting long. This will reduce the number of times you bathe and comb its hair monthly since it now has shorter hair.

Current Price of Boo

As mentioned earlier, the total cost of a Pomeranian Boo dog comprises the outright sales price and the cost of maintenance. The cost of a Pomeranian Boo dog and the price of a regular Pomeranian dog is almost the same. The difference is the cost of maintenance.

The price details are listed below;

  • Puppies that are registered to be raised as pets only range between $750 and $1200.
  • Puppies that are fully registered with full family records for breeding purposes and to be kept as pet ranges between $1200 and $2200.
  •  Also, some cost more than $2200. These Pomeranian pups are of premium quality, which are usually bred by professional breeders. They are usually of pure quality, have good lineage records, and are usually used in competitions and shows.

With the above prices, and depending on your purpose for acquiring the dog, you can acquire a Pomeranian Boo dog. You can also peruse the Pomeranian Boo website to know more about the Pomeranian Boo prices.

The Maintenance Cost for Your Pomeranian Boo

Maintaining your Pomeranian Boo is majorly about to keep its hair well-kept. You need to trim the hair of your Pomeranian Boo as regularly as you cut your hair. However, the hair of a Pomeranian Boo grows quite fast.

So, you have to trim the hair of your Pomeranian Boo every one and a half month or two months. The cost of trimming the hair of your Pomeranian Boo is not as expensive as you may think. It only costs between $30 and $50 to trim the Pomeranian Boo hair and make it look lovely.

However, you should also note that these are running costs and it will cost you between $180 and $300 to maintain your Pomeranian Boo’s hair every year.

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