Czechoslovakian German Shepherd Dog & Puppy Guide

Animals are always faithful and kind to their masters. They are neither aware of nor anxious to have the bribe. One cannot tempt them against their masters. The popular examples for all these inhabitants are the dogs. The dogs are the creature which needs real salute from humans. They will remain hungry but they won’t accept food from the enemy. Instead, you will find dogs attacking those who are trying to bribe them or willing to conspire against them and their masters. That is why most pet lovers want to buy a dog.

Dogs are the most faithful animals. That allows people to look at and prefer such pets. The Czech German shepherd is a popular breed of dogs that are available in large size. Such a breed is very much attractive, friendly and at the same time, they are very much intelligent. Realizing the utility of this breed, people love to choose these dogs for multiple purposes.

Origin of Czech German Shepherds

The Czech German shepherd puppies are originated in Czechoslovakia but in recent times it is found in several parts of the world. Firstly, this dog was used as one of the best arms for the Czech army. The dog stayed to control the border. In 1955, the Czech German shepherd’s first breeding was noticed. Max Von Stephanitz, a famous dog lover saw this dog at a dog show in Czechoslovakia. The name of this dog was Horand Von Grafrath, it was treated as the first recognized Czech German shepherd. Max Von realized that this dog had all qualities that rescue the country from various unexpected attacks. These dogs are formerly bred from East German shepherds, which are also popular as DDR German shepherds. Yes, DDR German shepherds and Czech German shepherds do not belong to the same breed but their characteristics with several other qualities are similar which enhances the strength of Czech German shepherds. Modern Czech German shepherds were bred from various docile pets. Recently, this dog was mainly used for family so proper breeding is not important. Modern Czech German shepherd needs regular exercise and you can also use them for entertainment.

After some observations, many dog specialists created a chart related to bloodlines, which implies that which will be the best breed for getting the real Czech German shepherds. So, being a Czech German shepherd lover, if you are willing to buy a breed of the same then look for the exact breeder of the dog. An effective breeder will enhance better ability, stamina, appearance, and level of comfort within this dog.

Comparing the Breed of German Shepherds 

From 1955, Czech German shepherds are treated as the DDR German Shepherds (East German shepherds). These two types of dogs are characteristically similar but they have some differences.

East German shepherd’s origin was East Germany when the origin of Czech German shepherd was the border of Czech or German.

The fur of the Czech German shepherd has light pigmentation when East German shepherd has dark pigmentation in their fur.

Czech German shepherds are too muscular while the weight of East German shepherds was small and light but they are not muscular as Czech German shepherds.

The major growth of the Czech German shepherds took place when the East German shepherds were considered inferior to the Czech German. This was the time when speedy breeding took place for the protection of Germany’s border.

Belgian Malinois is one of the greatest German shepherds, which are mainly used for border protection. Its origin was Maline’s city, which is situated in Belgium’s Northwest region. Belgian Malinois and Czech German shepherds were used for border protection but their appearance is not similar. The head of Belgian Malinois was black and the whole body is tanner than Czech German shepherds. The black ears and questioning eyes of Belgian Malinois became unique than Czech German shepherds.

Belgian sheepdog is another type of German shepherds. It was a working dog but it also loves to get human companionship. The whole body of this dog is completely black and it has long fur.

Dutch German shepherds, American German shepherds, Sable German shepherds, white shepherd dogs, and other types of German shepherds have differences. Some characteristics are similar to Czech German shepherds but some characteristics are completely different. These characteristics are temperament, working ability, nature, appearance, body language, height, weight, color, pigmentation of fur, etc etc. Every dog ​​does important work in its respective place.

Czech German shepherd’s appearance 

Every dog comes up with its bold and cute appearance. Czech German shepherds have a nice and boldface like other German shepherds. It has a strong jaw, pointed and upright ears and its head is thick.  The traits have a height of twenty-four to twenty-six centimeters for males and females, the height varies from twenty-two to twenty-four centimeters. It bears a well-balanced body weight of sixty-six to sixty-eight pounds for males and for females it varies forty-nine to seventy-one pounds.

They look like a powerful and intelligent dog.  Their strong jaw and the deep chest is used for catching the attacker. This dog has a Sable coat. It means their body color has some tan pigmentation. Some part of the body is black and some part of the body is creamy and their feet and legs are a reddish color. Their body is embedded with long fur, which gives a unique and powerful look.

Best feeding of Czech German shepherds

When you are feeding anything to the dog, you will surely expect the ingredients to have a better response to the health of the pets. Czech German shepherds are generally eating two to four cups of dry foods and they take it on two to three times. If you want to provide the best value of food to your dog, based on their weight you have to provide the proper diet.

-As per the advice of the veterinarian, you have to provide the exact amount. Don’t provide the excessive amount of food that will be the reason for various health disorders. Overweight is the basic reason for hip dysplasia. A Czech German shepherd faces hip dysplasia due to overweight and it also affects their bones and joints.

-This dog must feed valuable and quality dry foods that enrich their quality and maintain a powerful and healthy body. Dog food depends on weight, breed, health, metabolism, activity level, and age. The food of puppies is different than adult dogs. If your dog requires extra or specific foods for their health problems, then consult a doctor.

-Water is necessary for every living being. Czech German shepherd drinks too much water for developing their healthy livelihood. Water keeps them hydrated and maintains their life. You have to use a water bowl and fill the water as per the requirement of your dog and you need to clean the water bowl on regular basis.

-Treat is the modern feed that loves every dog and its taste is good. The Czech German shepherd loves the treat for its taste. But you have to remind that treats are made full of fat. Too much treat increases their body fat. Treat will be best if you regularly keep your dog in exercise. Human foods are not allowed for the health of Czech German shepherds. In human food, there are too many chemicals and harsh spices. Czech German shepherds are not ready to digest these elements.

-The Czech German shepherd should be allowed to eat while he is standing. Because if he eats food or drinks water while standing, his digestion will be better and it is the best stance for feeding the Czech German shepherds.

-A slow feeder is necessary for these dogs. Eating slowly helps digestion, but eating too fast can cause vomiting or food intolerance. Some Czech German shepherds follow the slow feeding process but some do not follow this habit.

Training improves the quality of Czech German shepherds

Training is the most important part of life, Whether it is in the case of humans or animals. Dogs are very good learners. Czech German shepherds are used for the protection of the country’s border. That is why they are endurable and powerful. Modern Czech German shepherds are characteristically soft. But if you provide the best training, your dog will be useful and effective for the family. For providing better training to your dog, you need to appoint a trainer, who can easily modify the nature of your dog and make him powerful and well-behaved. At this time, the trainer uses different commands for different activities, when your puppy understands the exact command, then he will be performed well. As a master of the dog, you need to use the common command on regular basis and motivate your dog to do some activities. You need to show him that you are the master and you need to keep a stern voice but you don’t need to be rude. The main features of training are you have to observe the nature of your pet. Czech German shepherds are the best breed of dog, who can easily learn the whole process of training easily and smartly. So, before purchasing a puppy, educate yourself as a trainer of Czech German shepherd and make your dog perfect to come in a public place.

Health disorders of Czech German shepherds

  • Being an animal they too have disorder especially the golden retriever puppies have the disorder and the disorder that they commonly face are mentioned in the points given below:
  • They are very much prone to ear infections. The living condition of these dogs allows the infections in their body to escape from its dormant state.
  • The dogs are also prone to hip dysplasia, which is also responsible for their death.
  • Moreover the elbow dysplasia and hip are also responsible for hampering one-fifth of the dog’s life. They are also affected by eye problems.

A solution to the health problems

To get of this disorder, one should keep his or her away from the street dogs and also they should not allow these creatures to have food from the street or garbage. Moreover, the preliminary treatment is very essential to save a life whenever you notice some disorder in their body. A veterinarian is required for monitoring the health issues of Czech German shepherds. Czech German shepherds undergo minimum health problems, so if you are providing them a proper diet, regular vet visits, and regular exercise then the life span of these dogs can be enhanced. A healthy Czech German shepherd can live 12 to 15 years old.

  • Ear infections can be treated if you clean their ear on regular basis. Once you realize that the ear infections occur, and then you need to take the proper advice from a specialist.
  • Eye problem is the common health issue of every dog. If you notice cloudy eyes or weepy eyes, then you need to make an appointment with a veterinarian.
  • Hips dysplasia is a difficult problem for Czech German shepherds. You need to provide the best supplement which will improve the strength of joints and enhances the span of life.

But keep in mind before provide all the supplements and natural elements, you need to consult a veterinarian.


Along with humans, dogs also serve their nation. The dogs also fight up to their potential in the war zones. They help in carrying the bombs, gun powder, bullets, etc whenever necessary at the battlefield. The dogs are also used for the experiments of various scientific events and such events may even lead to its death. People love their pet ones but one should always know the sacrifice that a dog can do for humans. Czech German shepherds are the best example of the safety of the nation. Modern-day people love to buy this breed for their extraordinary services. So before buying this breed, you need to read the details of this dog.   You have to be aware of the manner of a dog, their food habit, their health problems, and certain solutions to it. Then only, you can consider yourself a good pet lover.

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