How Much Does a Husky Cost?  Puppy Price?

Many dog lovers are familiar with the Siberian Husky breed because they are popular around the world. These dogs are majestic, beautiful, and fluffy. They are one of the most intelligent and loyal dogs you can find. 

Now, people often wonder how much these dogs cost. Some feel they will be very high in price because of their value, this article puts speculations to rest. Find out about the price of this dog breed in the US as you read along. 

No Longer Just A Sled Dog

Many years ago, when Siberian Husky was first produced in Asia, it was used to pull people. Its primary role then was to be a sleigh dog which helps people with their travels and to pull supplies. 

Today, the dog breed has grown past its initial function to be a domestic and majestic dog breed ranked number 12 in the top twenty most popular breeds ranking in America. 

The Price May Vary 

Many factors determine the cost of a Siberian Husky breed. The factors include: 

  • The dog’s age
  • The dog’s gender
  • The dog’s color
  • The dog’s bloodline or if it is a mix; and 
  • The location of purchase

Many other things determine how much you will buy the dog. The common price of this dog breed in the US ranges from six hundred dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars. However, the regular cost of a full-bred husky that has complete papers is more than seven hundred dollars. 

Depending on the dog’s bloodline (pedigree), you can even pay more. Some of the top bloodlines of Siberian Husky breeds (e.g. royal bloodline) can cost as much as one thousand five hundred dollars mark and even rise to about $6000 or $7000. 

What About Adoption?

Many people find it as a good alternative to adopt this dog breed because it is usually cheaper. It can be as low as one hundred to five hundred dollars. You can adopt the dog at rescue shelters or animal shelters.

Sometimes, it is even cheaper at animal shelters that aren’t no-kill facility although it depends on the location. Some other factors also determine the price, these include its shots, whether it is neutered or sprayed, registration, and visits. 

If you want to buy this dog breed, you have to consider the need to save money yet giving the dog a good home. If you are on a budget, it is best to consider adoption.

Feeding Costs

It is general knowledge that dogs usually a lot of food per day as they become hefty. They sometimes eat about a pound or two which is equivalent to three cups of dog food.

You have to put the cost of dog food into consideration when you want to buy this dog breed because you will end up spending a huge amount on high-grade dog food. 

You can buy as much as one hundred and twenty cups of dog food (equivalent to a thirty-pound bag) or a thirty day supply of dog food. Note that high-grade dog food is best for your Siberian Husky because it helps boost their health and fur coats. 

Besides, some dogs have a more active appetite that makes them eat as much as fifty to a hundred pounds of dog food on monthly basis. In summary, all you will need for your dog’s feeding can be as high as four hundred to five hundred dollars. 

This breakdown of dog food does not include snacks and special treats which can cost as much as ten bucks per month. The treats and snacks are good and necessary for your dog’s diet, health, and training. 

Vet Costs

Siberian Huskies have prevalent issues associated with other dogs of the same size. As they age, the problems become more common. It can be very expensive to fix these problems surgically at a veterinary clinic. 

Below is a list of common things that a Siberian Husky requires help with:

  • Entropion: this causes issues because huskies have bold and big eyelashes. Fixing this issue can cost you from a few hundred to more than a thousand dollars. 
  • Hip Dysplasia: treating this health issue can cost as high as five thousand dollars or even more. This health issue is the most common of all health problems in Siberian Huskies and other dog breeds of similar size.
  • Corneal Dystrophy: as your dog ages, these health issues cause them blindness. You can easily notice it when your dog consumes a high quantity of cholesterol or when there is a high level of calcium present in their blood. 
  • Hair Loss: dogs (especially huskies) do shed a lot. This problem is often caused by follicular dysplasia which leads to hot spots and extreme hair loss. Treating this is usually very expensive as it can cost up to hundreds of dollars. Treatment doesn’t work in some cases and the problem can become genetic. 
  • Deafness: as dogs get older, they often have hearing problems that can cost hundreds of dollars to fix. 

Obedience Training

Here is another thing to consider is the cost of bringing up your dog. The cost of training a dog is quite expensive, although they are more temporary and generally cheap. The good news that is that you only need to train your dog once and Siberian Huskies are particularly well trained the first try. 


There is a twist to all these expenses. You do not have to incur them all at once. Although you may be lured to buy them all at the same time before you buy the pet but there is no need for this. 

Siberian Huskies have a very long life expectancy. Some of them live for as long as fifteen years or even more. Few ones lived for close to twenty years. 

Since you do not have to incur all these expenses at once, it will be less of a burden to you. In the long run, you might not even realize you are spending so much on purchasing the dog, the dog food, and other expenses. 

One helpful tip is to always get the cost of buying whatever you want to buy (snacks, treats, dog food, etc.) beforehand.

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