About Us

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  My name is William Woodhouse and this is my dog, Cooper, and my lovely wife, Kristina.  I created this informational site because I am an dog lover and have been my entire life.  I became frustrated with the info I was reading online and knew I had to do something about that.  So, in 2001, I started K9 Magazine and began researching and writing about my passion, DOGS!

Throughout the years growing up as well as raising dogs on my own as I was older, I have experienced a lot of the good and as you can imagine, the bad. You name it, I have probably seen or dealt with it. Allergic reactions, injuries, sickness, behavioral issues, training challenges just to name a few and worst of all, having to say goodbye.  I have learned from talking with others that my vast experiences in past can truly help people today.  That is why I love doing this.  Helping others gain the knowledge or confidence they need to navigate difference situations with their furry friends keeps me motivated to continue.

I am not a vet or medical professional so please be sure to still consult with your local vet on serious matters. I provide information from my experiences and research over the years in hopes that it can help.

We truly hope you enjoy and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Here’s to Happy, Healthy Pups!

William Woodhouse