Guide to the Formentino Cane Corso Dog Breed

Everyone indeed wants to have a partner in their life who gives them love without any condition.  And these animals are the best because they love you without any condition and always stay with you in every situation. But it is your choice that which animal you want in your home. But most people like to adopt a dog because they are very kind, humble, and lovable to their owner. Even they are also a good bodyguard for everyone. In the world, lots of dog breeds, and every breed have some special qualities and facts. 

And they all are good. And today we are going to discuss the one breed of dogs that have some special facts and if you are thinking about to adopt a dog then you can adopt Formentino Cane Corso. He is the breed of dogs that have many qualities and maybe you don’t know about them. But in this article, we are giving you information about the Formentino Cane Corso dog. For knowing about the facts about Cane Corso’s dog continue reading this article. 

Facts about the Cane Corso Dog

Here are some facts about the Formentino Cane Corso that we are going to discuss. And these are:

  • They need regular exercise
  • They are loyal and owner-pleasing
  • Very protective
  • Strong-willed and stubborn
  • They love to do work
  • They are extroverted
  • Need minimal grooming
  • They grow to a giant size
  • They have a good fawn pattern
  • Violent nature

Let us start to discuss all the above facts in the detail, because you need to know the facts about them if you are going to adopt him. 

  1. They need regular exercise.  This is the breed that likes to do exercises on regular basis. Without exercise, they feel tired and start barking. And when you feel this, then you have to go for the walk immediately. They like to go for a walk, jogging, running. Even you can also give them training for the exercises. And with this, they also feel good and always stay full of energy.
  • They are loyal and owner-pleasing. The Formentino Cane Corso dogs are very pleasant to their owners. If they are treated well then you see that show you lots of love, give you kisses, hugs you and always take care of you. Even they love their owner more than their snacks or food. And this is a very big deal for dogs. And when you go out in winter or summer for enjoying sports they always beside you and when you come home from your office, you will find them waiting for you and they suddenly come to you to give a big and warmful hug.
  • Very protective. They are very protective of their owner. They always stand for the safety of their owner and they never fear to fight with the opponent even how strong or how big the opponent is. For example, they are always ready to protect their owner from thieves, barking dogs, strangers, and all the ill things. Formentino Cane Corso are purposely used for hunt, do farm work, and also some outdoor jobs. 
  • Strong-willed and stubborn. Not all the dogs of this breed are strong and stubborn, rare some of them are. If they are not trained and give them proper exercise then they will be aggressive to you and you have to face problems with them. Even they are like to socialize but if they don’t then you have to face their anger nature. That’s why they need to give them proper training. Even it is thankful that they love their owner and always stand with them.
  • They love to do work. The main and exciting thing about these dogs is that they are always excited to do the work. That means, you can give them a carry bag to hold, you can tell them to bring the clothes from laundry or from anywhere in the house, and ask them to carry your baby cart with safety, they do all the work with full of happiness. 
  • They are extroverted. The Formentino Cane Corso is not the breed of dogs whom you can left home alone for many days. Because they like to walk around the street, run, and do work. And if you leave them alone they will get a bad mood that’s not good for your home. So you can try to give them toys to play with them, and also manage some time to talk with them so they never feel sad and be aggressive. 
  • Need minimal grooming. The important thing about this breed that is they need very less grooming. Even they have short hair, solid and coarse-coat so that they can go without any grooming for many days. Even you can brush their teeth, trim their nails, and also bathed them when needed. 
  • They grow to giant size. This is very few people know that the size of this breed dog is good enough. They have a good height of 27 inches and also have a good weight of 120lb. And when they are getting older they are exploded. If they don’t get proper exercise and don’t do any work then they get more weight. Even their body is stay muscular, strong, and big.
  • They have a good fawn pattern. The Formentino Cane Corso is a dog that comes in different color shades. Such as black coat, brindle, and blue fawn. The first black coat fawn dogs are the most liked by their owners. Because they look too shiny and attractive. The second brindle is not liked by the owners as much, because they have a too much smoother texture. And the last is the blue fawn pattern. This is the breed with the blue nose and mask that is carbon-colored. This one easily attracts people towards it and that why they are liked by their owners too much. 
  • Violent nature. When they talk about Formentino Cane corso breed dog, it is true that they are violent and also knowledge of this. When they are aggressive they throw you on the floor and sink their teeth in your body. Even they are good for training and learn new walks. Even they can win lots of prizes for their training. 

As you see that they have lots of moods and also they love to work and do exercises. Even it is good for everyone to walk daily. With this, their body gets more relax and feels new energy and with all this take a new breath from nature. As they are loving and workable they are also violent, but this is only when they get aggressive when they don’t have anything to do. That’s why for this breed it is important t give proper training. So, they can behave well and never be show their anger or violent nature. Apart from all these things, the most important thing is that they love their owner more than anything else. That makes them more attractive and loving for adopting. 

As you read the whole article you get more facts about them that most people are not aware of them. So, you can know about them from here and adopt a Formentino Cane Corso dog for your home and enjoy with them, as they help you in your work. They like to play with toys and do exercising so with them you can also enjoy it.

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