List of German Shepherd Mix Breeds & Puppies

German Shepherds can be bred with any dog. You can then enjoy the best qualities of each dog in the breed. It now means that even when you love two different kinds of dogs but can choose only one, you can get yourself a mixed breed.

German Shepherds have outstanding qualities. They are loyal, brave, and fierce enough to keep away any vagrants from your home. A mixed-breed having one of the parents being a German Shepherd will inherit these characteristics.

However, a mixed breed will inherit qualities from one parent, and the other parent gets to pass down their grades. Because there are so many dogs that can be paired with a German Shepherd, it results in many different kinds of mixed breeds.

Each mixed breed has specific qualities that are unique to it. In this article, we will categorize the available mixed breeds according to their popularity. I will look at the rates each of them has. I will discuss their appearance and needs and the kind of lifestyle to give them.

Any of the mixed breeds are easy to train. German Shepherds are smart, and they will quickly learn tricks and commands. You only need to be firm while teaching them because they respond to strong leadership like the one gotten in a pack.  


The first one on our list is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Siberian Husky. It takes on the appearance of a wolf. Some have striking blue eyes, and others have dichromatic eyes passed from each parent.

They are very active dogs and fit a family with children who love to play. Taking care of it is easy. You have to regularly shampoo and brush their thick coat. They are gorgeous with their mix of black, white, grey, and tan colors. 

They could weigh about ninety pounds when fully grown and stand about twenty to twenty-six inches at the shoulder. They have a lifespan of seven to fourteen years. Because they are very active, they need daily exercise to keep them healthy and lengthen their lifespan.

They are easy to train and love to get attention. So, if you have a family of kids they can play with, this is the dog for you. They are also brilliant and loyal. They are the perfect mixed breed and you can take a deeper look at the Husky German Shepherd Mix here.

Golden Shepherd

They are a mix between a Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd. They are easy to train and eager to please. The nature of their parents is passed down to them, making them both gentle and reserved.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix is great for families with little children. They are patient with them as they learn to be polite with their dogs. They are also a great companion for kids because they can play with them and look out for them when they get too close to danger.

They stand at about twenty-two to twenty-six inches tall and weigh between fifty-five and eighty-five pounds. They have a thick coat that sheds a lot, so it requires brushing daily and shampooing often.


A Sheprador is a mix between a German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever, both excellent working dogs. They are gentle and full of energy. Training them is easy, and so is training their breed.

They are great companions and are excellent at obeying commands. The German Shepherd Lab Mix dog breed can be used for specialized work around the home or farm. It is hard to know their appearance when fully grown buy the floppy ears make them look cute.

 Shepradors are large. They can weigh up to ninety pounds when fully grown. They have a thick coat that needs proper daily maintenance. The German Shepherd traits would protect children from dangers around the home and even from strangers.

Labrador traits make them playful and can give company to young children who like to play. The Sheprador comes from two popular dog breeds, and that is why many people prefer them. They are loyal and have excellent qualities anyone searches for in a dog.

Shepherd Pit

This dog comes from a breed of German Shepherd and a Pit-bull. Contrary to popular belief, these two dogs are, in actuality, lovely and affectionate. If you raise them well and take care of them properly, they grow up to be well-mannered.

They have abounding love for their human companions and are very loyal to them and their families. Their fur coat is shorter and does not require that much grooming. However, some light brushing and regular baths keep them clean and looking good.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix dogs weigh between thirty to ninety pounds and are very powerful. They are natural-born guards. They protect their handlers and their families, so you will need to socialize them with other humans and animals so that they do not view everyone as a threat.


They come from a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler. They are also called Shepweiler or Rottie Shepherd. They have tall, proud stature and are considered to be a designer breed. They are muscular.

When grown, the German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix dog breed will have a medium to large build and weigh approximately ninety pounds. Their hips slope, and their rear legs crouch like a German Shepherd. Their ears are alert and listen to their surroundings.

They are energetic and have loyal mannerisms, but if you provoke them, they can be aggressive. They are a good fit for you if you are a cautious person. In homes with very young children who can get on these dogs’ nerves, it is not advisable to get them.

Other than that, they are loveable creatures who will quickly become friends with their companions. They look forward to your coming, and you will always get the tail wag when they are excited to see you.

German Shepherd Corgi

This dog is a mix between a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and a German Shepherd. Both parents are herding dogs, so their breed is also a great help around the farm. The Shepherd guards sheep while the Corgi herds cattle.

The German Shepherd Corgi Mix dog is intelligent and easy to train. Aside from being a great help, they are great at home, and within a short time, you will consider them a part of your family. Their size varies depending on the traits they inherit from their parents.

They can grow to about fifteen inches tall and weigh from about twenty-five to sixty-five pounds. It has an average life expectancy of about thirteen years so that he will be a part of you for a long time.

The Shepherd Corgi has adorable short legs. However, these legs may cause spinal issues, so you need to be prepared for any medical emergencies. Because of the risks involved in breeding these two dogs, rescuing or adopting the Shepherd Corgi is advised over breeding.


This dog is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Poodle. They are both brilliant and well-mannered, so their mixed breed is excellent as a service dog. They can be trained to help blind people walk around and even as emotional support animals.

They are also great as family pets. They get along with young children, and they look so cute. Their coats are curly and need regular grooming to keep them clean and adorable. Luckily, there are pet grooming stores that can help you out.

Some Shepadoodles are hypoallergenic, which is excellent for companions with allergies. However, it would be best if you made sure before adopting one because not all of them are guaranteed not to cause allergic reactions.

German Shepherd Poodle Mix dogs are active dogs and need a lot of activity, so games are great for them. They will play nicely with children, but they need a lot of training because of how active they can get. They need constant stimulation, so the more playtime they get with the kids, the better.

They can weigh from about fifty to a hundred and twenty-five pounds with an average height starting from about twenty-two to twenty-eight inches. Their coat is medium length with curly fur that feels so great to rub and brush.

Their color can be black, cream, gray, or tan. They do not shed much but not little, either depending on whether they are hypoallergenic or not. They can live to be twelve to fourteen years old.

Wolf Shepherds

The Wolf Shepherd is bred by a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog and a German Shepherd. The Wolfdog is a hybrid between a wolf and a German Shepherd.

It stands at over twenty-five inches and weighs over forty pounds. This is not a dog to keep in an apartment. Instead, it needs an area in your backyard and constant attention to walk them and play with them.

Because of a wolf’s inherited traits, the German Shepherd Wolf Mix breed needs to see a goal in every activity. It needs to search for prey during walks or to look for treats during a game. They require this constant stimulation of both their mind and body.

It has a regal appearance like a king, with deep chests, long body, and upright ears that make them seem alert all the time. They are tall and marvelous to look at with their mix of color fur. They can take one or more of these colors; black, tan, or gray.

However, they are not legal in certain places because of their relation to wolves. Make sure it is legal to have them in your area before adopting one.


The Shollie is a breed between a Border Collie and a German Shepherd. They are smart and curious, and because they are descendants of two herding dogs, they can think and complete tasks independently.

They get anxious and bored if they have nothing to do. They are very active, so they need to be kept busy with toys and games. The alternative is that they get destructive and begin tearing and chewing your house furniture.

They are so easy to train and can perform well on specialized tasks like search and rescue. These kinds of special training keep their brains sharp and their skills high. They are also very friendly in a family setting, but they hold off when meeting with strangers.

They will always protect their companions, so you have that extra security at home and for the children when they go out to play.

Boxer Shepherd

If you need an excellent guard dog for your home, this dog is the perfect fit. It is large and terrifying to strangers, and it is well known for being loyal. It is a mix of a German Shepherd and a Boxer.

They are usually very observant and alert their companions when something seems off. However, they are not all business all the time, and they can be playful too and give great company in a family outing.

They need constant attention, or else they will get bored. However, this concern does not affect families with kids who can keep them occupied. Their coats are easy to maintain, but their dietary and exercise needs make them high-maintenance.

As a bonus, they do not have many health issues, so just an occasional visit to the vet to be safe is encouraged.

German Australian Shepherd

It is a mix of the German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd. These two are herding breeds, and together they make an intelligent and loyal German Australian Shepherd. They are arguably the easiest breed to train.

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix dogs make excellent family pets with kids that like to play with them outdoors. They guard the children away from danger around the house, strangers, and sometimes traffic. Like other herding dog mixes, they need a lot of activity to keep them healthy and happy.

Their coat takes on a color that is a mix of brown, white, and black, which may vary in patterns. They are about thirty to fifty pounds when fully grown and are about twenty-three inches tall. They are considered to be a medium-sized dog.

Doberman Shepherd

It is a breed between a German Shepherd and a Doberman Pinscher. This is a large dog and can weigh up to an impressive one hundred and ten pounds at twenty-six inches of height. The posture and stature of this dog make it one of the best guard dogs for your home.

It inherits the intelligence from both parents but also its stubborn nature. They like being independent, so training them can be a handful. So, you have a higher success rate if you teach them at a very young age.

The German Shepherd Doberman Mix needs a lot of exercise time, and because they are good with kids, playing with them could meet their exercise requirements. However, they may be prone to several health issues that need close monitoring.

Shepherd Chihuahua

This breed is possible because of artificial insemination. The cost is very high, so you are encouraged to adopt one from a shelter. They are usually small to medium in size, standing at about forty-five inches in height and weighing sixty pounds when fully grown.

Because of the characteristics of the Chihuahua, the fur coat does not shed a lot. The kind of parent Chihuahua will determine the type of German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix. They are ideal for small homes and apartments. They may not be great with children, but they are still good companions.

Shepherd Beagle

Beagles belong to the hound group. They are great at chasing down animals. However, they are not that sharp. It can be a challenge to train them, so you need a lot of patience. They can still be the right family pet with frequent refreshers of their training.

They are a bit larger than purebred Beagles and can weigh from about twenty to fifty pounds. Their coat is shorter than a German Shepherd, so maintaining it is going to be a breeze. You will need to shampoo their coat occasionally to keep them pristine.

Blue Heeler German Shepherd

They are referred to as working dogs because both their parents’ breeds are herding dogs. It is a large dog, mainly because the Australian Cattle Dog and the German Shepherd grow to be quite tall.

They are playful around children, albeit older children. Their stature may be overwhelming for little children. They inherit a lot of intelligence, which makes them easy to train, but the trainer needs to keep them in line.

Depending on which parent traits are dominant, the German Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix can either require moderate exercise or a lot of it. Either way, their practice should include an element of mental stimulation.

They are prone to specific medical challenges like hip and elbow dysplasia. It would be best if you were ready to deal with them.

The other mixed breeds include:

  1. Alaskan Shepherd.  A breed between a German Shepherd with an Alaskan Malamute.
  2. Sherpherdane. A breed of a German Shepherd Great Dane Mix.
  3. Shepnees. The German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix.
  4. German Pomeranian. An offspring of a German Shepherd with a Pomeranian.
  5. Mastiff Shepherd. It results from breeding a German Shepherd with a Mastiff.

More Great Cross Hybrid Mixes:

The Best German Shepherd Mix for Your Lifestyle

  • Low-Shedding

The best dog for this is the Shepadoodle. A hypoallergenic Shepadoodle will not shed its coat, and companions with allergies will not have an adverse reaction. Their cost for grooming may be high, but considering how much less you will need to clean up fur, it is worth it.

If you mind having dog hair on your floor and furniture, you should consider getting the Shepadoodle instead of the other mixed breeds. 

  • Family Life

The best choice for you is the Sheprador. They love to wag their tail and get excited when you reconnect after a long day at work. They are playful with children and can keep them from danger. They are great at family outings and events.

  • Children

A Golden Shepherd will be a perfect companion for children. They are patient with curious and impolite children. They are also gentle with infants and protect them. They also love playing around and can keep the older children company on the playground.

Children will be happy with a Golden Shepherd company, and parents can rest assured their kids will be kept safe as they run around. The coat is fluffy and exciting for children to run their hands through. So, they will enjoy petting the dog.

  • For Apartments and small houses

A Shepherd Chihuahua is the perfect pet for you if you live in an apartment or have little room in your house. They are not too big and not too small either so that they can give you company, and you can play with them in the little space you have.

  • Military

A Shepherd Pit is tough. They are intelligent and can be given specialized training that is useful during combat missions. They are excellent hunters and are great at tracking, and can be instrumental in sniffing out explosives and chasing down assailants.

  • Hunting

A Shepherd Beagle is bred from a Beagle, which is part of the hound family. They have excellent senses of smell and sight, which come in handy when tracking prey. They can chase rabbits and ducks on command making your hunting experience that much sweeter.


Purebred German Shepherds have excellent qualities, and combining these qualities with other breeds ensures the offspring inherit these traits and more that make each German Shepherd mixed breed unique.

However, it would help if you were careful because not all breeds result in healthy offspring. Some can pass down traits that lead to severe illnesses, so always consult a veterinary officer and a professional breeder.

If done right, you will get mixed breeds whose health and general wellbeing are better than their parents, and that is always a good outcome. These offspring can then be better at specialized tasks, at guarding homesteads, and at providing care.

If you are looking to get a dog that will have the qualities of two of your favorite breeds, one being a German Shepherd, in this article, we have looked at some choices that will fit whatever lifestyle you choose.

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