Getting a dog who would fit in the surrounding of your house would be a big decision. If you are looking for answers about which dog breeds would be a wonderful friend and partner for your family. You must have various breeds in mind who are cute, friendly, and amazing to play with when at home. Well, if you have babies you must be extra careful about choosing the breeds which will be making a good companion for your family.

When people plan to get a dog for their family they search for a dog with a caring and friendly nature. In the below list you will come to know about all the dog breeds who are known for being caring and the least like to bite. Most of the dogs which you will know about in the article have a temperament that is calm. When you raise a dog, it is very similar to raising a baby. You have to nurture them. Even shelter dogs can be very good pets. They are found to be more loyal, and extremely loving pets. So, you can even get a pet adopted from a dog shelter. Listed below are some of the best dog breeds you can find who are least likely to bite.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The one to top on the list is the Bernese Mountain Dog. The Berner Sennenhund is also known as the Bernese Mountain Dog is a huge dog from Germany and has an origination from Germany. In 1912 the origination of the breed had accredited. It was a breed that was crossed between a hound and a mastiff. These dogs were made to work on farmlands. These breeds are a mixture of three colors in total and extraordinary good-looking dogs. They are good-natured dogs who are huge in size (males are 120 pounds) and can stand out to be very handsome. You can find them caring, good-natured and pleasant when you leave them even with strangers. If you have an active family, then these dogs can be a good inclusion. You would find them extremely calm even when there are children and pets such as cats around them. They are loyal dogs who trust their parents a lot.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

It is known for its small stature and affectionate nature. This breed had originated from Britain and has gained the 18th position out of the 196 breeds known today. It is very gentle and loves children, smaller pets, and even babies. The height of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is below 13 inches and can be presumed very similar to the toy breed. They can be very active even socially and can enjoy playing with their humans or cuddling with them. They can be found in various patterns and adorable colors such as white, tri-color, chestnut.

Shih Tzu

The original meaning of Shih Tzu is a little lion, but they are totally opposite to what their name states. These dogs are playful and can easily accustom themselves to the house. They can weigh around 9-16 pounds and can be found at a height of 9-10 inches. Many people even call them lapdogs and can make faithful and caring pets.

When you train them properly you will find them to be very obedient and agile. They are found to be nice to pets and children and are socially well behaved. They are very small in size so as long as you provide love and care for them, they don’t need to be taken out. If you are adopting a dog for the first time then you can surely get a Shih Tzus.


They are one of the most popular breeds who are known for their life expectancy of around 13-15 years and weigh under 18 pounds. They have a typical cut dog look with a stout nose and two black big eyes which make them look cute. They are very popular and are loved by almost everyone. They have a personality that is very warm and are well behaved and the enthusiasts who love to get pure breeds find them very gentle. They are liked by kids and even gel with strangers. However, you need to keep track of what you are feeding them as they tend to gain weight. They even suffer from vision conditions such as cherry eye and are prone to respiratory diseases and don’t do well under anesthesia. They have a lot of hair fall and need to brush every day.


Newfoundland is one of the most amazing large breed dog breeds that weigh around 150 pounds. They are in love with water and can save people who are sinking in water. They are noble breeds who are heavy bones and can grow up to a size of 28 inches and live till they are 9-10 years old.

They are completely kind towards younger kids and have no problem in babies crawling on them. They are pretty adaptable and predictable. The reason why they are so famous is they can be trained easily.

They can put a lot of weight too fast so their diets need to be checked and monitored. Bloating is a common condition that is seen in dogs which makes their muscles of the stomach twist and later cuts the supply of blood. Never take them to exercise after a heavy meal.

Irish Setter

They are the most fun-loving and full of energy dogs who are known for being kind and sweet. They can play for long hours and can be wacky but gracious both at the same time. They are also known for their coat that is red in color. They are good for families who have an active lifestyle. They can play fetch and numerous games with your little ones.

One of the beautiful dogs which are found which when trained properly can be well mannered and kind They are fond of exercises and can be so good that they are known for the obedience and agility. They are known for their high energy and lifestyle which is very active. They are not very outward if not trained properly.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is known to be a popular choice as well because of its appearance. It is always relaxed and is mainly known for the nature of being a porch dog. They like to sleep on your porch in the sun and care very little about anything.  They come from hunting ancestry but can work out well with smaller pets and can be smart. They are tough hard to train. You should not leave them outside if not trained properly.

Bichon Frise

Another small breed dog that is cute less aggressive is the Bichon Frise. They have a laid-back attitude and can be deemed as a toy breed.  They have a life span of 12-15 years. and look like a poodle. They are generally white in color and have a fluffy coat along with facial features like a teddy bear. They grow up to 12 inches and considered healthy if they gain weight of 20 pounds. They are well-behaved dogs who like cuddling and enjoy happy homes and caring parents. They are so small that you should watch what your kids might do to them. They need regular grooming sessions. If not taken care of might have stains near their eyes and food stains near their jaws. They are prone to allergies as well.

Golden and Labrador Retrievers

Golden and Labrador Retrievers are world-class dogs when it comes to being friendly. Most of the people who are fond of dogs prefer them as their pet friends. They are definitely large dog breeds but are friendly and are very good with kids as they have a gentle temperament. They are also good rescue dogs. They are good not only with kids but smaller pets. Labrador Retriever was also awarded the trophy of congeniality.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog is a super popular dog breed whose personality and appearance are totally opposite. They are well built and very muscular but they have a very docile and loyal nature. They came 5th in the world’s most popular dogs and unlike many dog breeds who have short stature and muscles with huge jaws but still look very cute.


Beagles are very naughty and cute-looking small dogs who live around 10-15 years. They can gain a maximum of 30 pounds and very athletic dogs. They can socialize and are good with kids and smaller pets. They have occupied the 6 positions in the world’s most favorite dogs. They love to play with their toys and don’t like to share them. They are stubborn dogs if not trained well. if you feed them a lot, they tend to become obese. So, make sure you take them for their daily exercises. To be precise Beagle is one of the top family dogs and is also popular for its naughtiness.


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