If you are looking for a breed of dogs that is very much similar to Huskies then you can check out our list below who would give you information about the dogs who look like them. Siberian Huskies are the world’s most intelligent and most stunning-looking dogs. They are found to be nice to kids and don’t smell like dogs. They are known to shed twice a year. They are known to be good runners and are fast enough to run away. You might want to pet a Husky but are not confident enough to handle them. In this case, you can pet similar dogs that look husky.

Below is the list of dogs that are very similar to Huskies:

Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is very caring and is devoted to children and families. Although it is better to pet them if you have a large house, they even adjust themselves in small apartments, when trained well. They should have good training when they are a puppy so that they do not become aggressive when they grow up. They always look up to their humans who they would treat as their pack leader.

Alaskan Malamute

Lookalike like Husky but unlike them, they don’t shed a lot. They are known to be playful and friendly with strangers. They are attention seekers and very patient dogs. They are found to take the 6th position in the world’s favorite dog list. They are the biggest bred of huskies which you can find. Their life expectancy is around 12 to 15 years.

Utonagan Dog

They look very much like wolves. It looks more or less like a Husky and is a cross between the husky, German shepherd, and an Alaskan Malamute. It is a bit bigger in size than a Malamute. The breeders wanted a dog who looked like a wolf. They are not guard-dogs. They are so intelligent that they can be trained for specific tasks. Their life expectancy is 10 to 15 years.


Belkin is also known as Samoyed was a breed that was from Europe. They are very much similar to Huskies. They are companion dogs and don’t like to be left alone. A Samoyed has white fluffy hair and can easily be adapted in an apartment. However, they are found to have shed a lot. It is better to pet you have an active family as they like to jog, go exercising, trekking and sports for dogs. Their life expectancy is around 12-14 years.

Tamaskan Dog

Another look-alike of the Siberian Husky but does not shed like them. They are wonderful family dogs and are found to be the best family dogs, they are nice to children and can be with other dogs of different breeds. They are clever dogs and love to play a lot. They are good at playing mind games which are meant for dogs and also enjoy several activities. Their life expectancy is 14-15 years.

Small Husky Breed/ Alaskan Klee Kai

They are told to be similar to Siberian Husky because of very common fur markings. It is also called Alaskan Klee Kai or Small Husky breed. Some people call them mini–Siberian Huskies. Alaskan Klee Kai becomes an adult they reach a height of 13-15 inches.

They might look like Huskies but their nature so much unlike them. They can’t mingle with strangers as they are shy and sometimes can get excited. They have a life expectancy of 15 years at least.

American Eskimo dog

Although American Eskimos and Samoyeds look a lot alike, these two breeds are not related at all. They are found to be obedient but not so fond of kids and pets. They are found in three varieties – Standard, miniature, and toy. Their life expectancy is 12-15 years.

Finnish Spitz

One of the most talkative dog breeds is known as the Finnish Spitz. They are known to bark a lot, unlike Huskies. If you don’t train them well. They are found to bark at anything they come to see. They are generally called hunting dogs and are not compatible with smaller pets. They are fond of treats and it is better to keep their weight in check. They have a life expectancy of 12-15 years.


The size of the dog is medium. The Keeshond feel lonely when they left alone by their family. So don’t do that if you want to pet them. Keeshonds like watching TV and want you to involve them in all activities. They shed a lot twice a year maximum. Shedding is something you can’t control for dogs who look like Husky. The average life span is 12-15 years.

Czech Wolfdog

They have a life span of 13-16 years and are a new breed of hybrid dogs that look very much like wolves or huskies. It is a cross with Carpathian Wolf & German Shepherd. It was bred specifically for the Czechoslovakia armed forces. There is a lot of resemblance to the Carpathian Wolves and Huskies. However, their nature is similar to a German Shepherd. They have all good features as being obedient, social, and loyal but they need a lot of training since their birth to be tamed.

Swedish Vallhund

The Swedish Vallhund seems like a corgi in a body of a husky. The body is long but the legs are short, like Corgis. It, however, has a wolfish face similar to a Husky. Even though they don’t have any relationship with each other. Similar to other breeds, they are farm dogs who are filled with a lot of energy. The color of the coat is very much similar to the wolf. Apart from these characteristics, they are sociable. They can participate in a high-intensity sport that would give them a lot of praise and attention.


Kugshas have a Lifespan: of 12-15 years. They are also farm dogs with a mysterious past. Their capability is much higher due to their strong physique. Their origins are unknown but because of the appearances, they are known as descendants of huskies. Their body features include a huge head, and ears along with a long and balanced body.


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