Are Dogs Allowed in Hobby Lobby – Store Pet Policy

Hobby Lobby stores are a very popular place to literally get anything that you can think of buying when it comes to arts and crafts. While they take pride in being able to cater to many different types of people, including the handicapped, some people wonder if they’re actually friendly to those who need service dogs. Some stores have been known to have bad reviews over the years when it comes to big market chains due to the way that a customer with a service dog has been treated. But can you take your pet into the store? What if it’s an emotional support pet instead of a service dog? We’ll get into that in this article for you and hopefully answer all of your questions.

Can Dogs Go Into Hobby Lobby?

Believe it or not, some people wonder if they can bring their dogs into a Hobby Lobby store. As a matter of fact, you can! Hobby Lobby stores are just as friendly as some other stores such as Pet Smart, and many more. Many people think that a Hobby Lobby is only pet-friendly when it comes to service dogs, but these stores take pride in allowing many customers to bring their pets, depending on the breed and other factors.

So They Are Dog Friendly?

Depending on the store, and other things, you are able to bring your dog. If your dog is a pristine dog that you want to bring with you, then it needs to be able to behave and not bother other people. Your dog also needs to be on a leash the entire time that it’s in the store.

What if My Dog Makes a Mess?

Accidents are known to happen in public with dogs. As long as your dog isn’t ruining the items in the store, it’s understandable that you can bring your dog in with you – but this may not keep accidents from happening due to their excitement. As a customer with a dog though, it is your responsibility to clean up after your pet – and you’ll need to do this immediately, so have your doggy bags and wipes ready!

What About Their Pet Policy?

The Hobby Lobby website doesn’t actually disclose much on their website saying anything about pets. However, every store manager is ultimately up to the decision on whether you can bring your dog into their store. This chain is one of the reasons why they get such popular reviews because their pet loving policy is something that people can benefit from. This doesn’t mean that all stores are completely dog friendly, but many of them are. Their pet policies may vary, but for example, if you are bringing a pitbull in and customers are scared of your pet, then the store manager can kindly tell you that you have to take your dog outside. 

This Has Helped Many Customers and Stores Succeed

While Hobby Lobby isn’t the only store that allows dogs in their premises, it’s one of the only arts and craft stores that do. You can always call the store and talk to the manager about bringing your pet in before you go in, but you’ll find that many of them state that as long as your pet won’t cause any problems, you’re more than welcome to bring them in with you. This is something that makes them very unique, and also gets them some of the highest ratings compared to any other stores in the country.


The Hobby Lobby stores where you are living may have stricter policies, so you’ll want to check before you ever walk into one with your dog to see if you can bring it in. You may be surprised that the general answer within the entire United States is that “yes, you can come in with your dog”. You just have to follow the rules and make sure that if your dog defecates or urinates on the property that it’s cleaned up immediately. This isn’t just for health reasons, but also for general safety reasons – such as keeping floors dry and safe to avoid health hazards. Hobby Lobby is happy to announce that you can bring your dog into many of their stores. 

If you’re wondering if you can just come in and bring your dog in, you need to not be upset if they recommend that you keep your dog outside, though. Of course, if your dog is a service animal, then they will always let you bring your dog in, as they know that they’re required in order for you to be one of their happy customers.

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