Why Does My Dog Bark All Day When Alone? 

If you are facing an issue such as your dog barking when you leave the house then this article will provide you all the tips and tricks you need to know when you go out to work.

If Your Dog Barks All Day Long When You Are At Work, Then How Do You Stop The Barking?

If you have this question in mind and cannot find an answer to this question. Well, this article will cover everything for you. When your dog is left alone at home. You surely want your dog to be calm and not bark and cause inconvenience to the ones living next to your house. If your dog is barking when it is alone at home, it may be because they might be bored, or it may be just separation anxiety or might be that he/ she is just responding to the outside noises or to put it in simple words just fear.

This article will tell you about many tricks which you can use when your dog barks when there is no one. The best aspect which you can know about is about the aspects of behavior disorders which occur usually when they are alone and are barking. This generally happens when you are not at home.

How To Stop Dog’s Barking When You Are Not At Home?

It is important to know that your dog needs to be without any anxiety or stress when they are at home. Many articles can be found online where several people have written a lot about how you need to treat separation anxiety among dogs. There are numerous options suggesting how you can leave your fur buddies at home, alone. You need to find a way in which they are happy. It should be such a way in which they enjoy the independence, they are getting when you are around and when you are not.

  • You can try going for a walk with your pet before going to work for several hours. This would help him to remain calm. It is just not a walk in the park you need to make sure that your dog is tired enough. It should have a lot of physical activity, social contact & sniffing.  If you do this rests assured that your dog would not be bored or stressed and would not break or chew things when you are not at home.
  • Interactive & dispensing toys: These toys are a very entertaining way to keep your dog busy. When your dog uses this toy, they need to make use of his skills so that it can get rewarded (treats). You can try interactive toys such as Kong, which also acts as a treat holding dispenser. However, you can use any ball dispenser, there are many toys where treats are given in a given time period, there are many games where the dog would be rewarded with a treat if they move the puzzle pieces, etc. You need to make the difficulty limit according to the age and the knowledge base of your dog. If the toy level is easy you don’t have to train your dog. However, if the level of toy needs understanding you need to teach the dog how to use the toy before you leave them alone with the toy. If you don’t teach him properly, they might not understand about it and later on become bored with the toy. You need to keep one thing in mind and that is your dog cannot be entertained by a toy for several hours. So, it is better to follow the previous points as well.
  • Keep the Television or the radio switched on as it can make them feel that there is someone in the house. Although not all dogs are that dumb to fall for this trick, somehow it works on some dogs. It will at least prevent them from barking unnecessarily.

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