Is Turkey Bacon Bad for Dogs & Puppies to Have?

The love for bacon is nothing new to dogs. They are always drawn in such a way that many of them have been caught stealing slices of bacon in the kitchen or even the plates of their owner. Nonetheless, you might want to avoid pork bacon, which has been known to be filled with additives that will cause a problem for your dog in the long run. It is wise to ensure your dog doesn’t eat pork bacon.

Turkey bacon, on the other hand, is a preferred option, which shouldn’t be overlooked. That it is better than pork bacon doesn’t give it a pass for being totally healthy for dogs, seeing that it has a high concentration of protein. Although the salt and fat in turkey bacon are lower than those of pork bacon, you can barely tell the difference between the two.

In turkey bacon, you are sure to find sodium and fat that is guaranteed for its health safety for your dogs. It is not to say that the dogs will fall sick or die after consuming it. But you must ensure they are eaten with as much moderation as can be found. If you can afford it, give your dogs some bites of the bacon occasionally. The best way to handle this is to follow the 10% rules, which are the same rules that apply to other kinds of bacon.

Negative Effect of Excess Turkey Bacons

If you are such that believes that your dog should eat turkey bacon regularly, you are exposing your dog to certain health problems that will later affect their lives. Take fat, for example, having too much of it in the body is known to cause issues suc as pancreatitis. Moreover, when your dog eats too much turkey bacon, they have a higher chance of becoming obese or having health problems associated with obesity including diabetes as well as heart diseases.

Time to Serve Bacon

If you insist on feeding your dog with turkey bacon, it is best to follow a certain feeding schedule, which helps your dog from suffering the effect of having too much in their system.

  1. Mealtime Crunches: One thing you can do is to crumble a piece of turkey bacon on their food. When you include this in their food, they have the chance of getting their protein boosted till they are to get their next meal.
  2. Toys Pack: Another thing you can do is to put inside their toys such as Kong. What you do here is to ensure that you roll it up and hide it in their toy, which will present a big challenge for them. This way, their body increases its metabolism rate even as they eat something sure to increase fat in their body.
  3. Lettuce Wrap: You can also ensure that you wrap some bits into a piece of lettuce, after which you roll the lettuce to make the snacks enticing. When you do this, you are giving your dog the chance to eat beneficial vitamins essential for your dogs. Moreover, your doing so will also get enough water from the lettuce, which helps in the easy reduction of the fat and sodium.
  4. Blending: Another thing you can do is to blend it. The best time to do this is when your dog isn’t feeling well or is battling toothache. When blending, you can easily mix it with a carrot, dog’s food, as well as enough water to help in the creation of a nutritious meal that your dog will be eager to eat.

Whenever you want to feed your dog, ensure the turkey bacon you are presenting has been fully cooked. Then, try to make sure that the bacon is cooled when giving your dog. All these will help in the prevention of such diseases like salmonella.

One other way you can easily avoid this is to ensure your dog is prevented from eating bacon grease. And the best way to handle this is to be sure that the servings have been drained of every leftover grease.

Wrap up 

When you recognize that some human foods should be mere snacks for animals, you will prevent your dog from eating turkey bacon. One thing you might want to do before your dog this bacon is to ensure that it is not suffering from any health problem.

If you still need to be careful about feeding them turkey bacon, you can opt for treats with turkey bacon flavor.

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