Why Is My Puppy Pooping So Much?

Yes, every living being poops and even the breed of dog poops. However, there are many pet parents who have a question about why does their puppy poop a lot? Let’s understand the fact that puppies are pooping machines and can even surprise their pet parents by the number of times they can poop.

Pooping Puppies

You might be counting how many times your puppy has excreted. The first thing which comes to your mind must be how many times they do excrete in a given day. Well, it actually is totally dependent on their size, age, and their health condition.

Young puppies eliminate a lot of poop every 30 minutes after their meal because they can’t control their intestine. In these cases, your dog needs your attention and a balanced meal. Take your dog out for a walk when you make him eat after 30 minutes when he starts to show any sign that he wants to eliminate waste. However, if your puppy does not poop for 48 hours then it might be that your dog is suffering from constipation. This would then need an immediate intervention of the veterinarian.

Can Anyone Tell Me Why My Puppy Poops So Much?

You need to understand why our puppies excrete so much every few minutes. Here are some important reasons why your puppies poop so much.

  • Feeding The Puppy More Than His Diet: You should only give him an adequate amount of food that will be correct for his size, health, and age along with the lifestyle of the dog. You can reduce the quantity or chop vegetables and his meat so that his digestion improves.
  • You Feed Him Leftovers: Puppies and dogs have a habit of stealing food from garbage and your kitchen and this can be one of the reasons why they are popping so much. So, keep an eye on what your dog does and give him the correct quality of food.
  • Change in Your Dog’s Diet: The puppy’s digestive system is very sensitive to irritants or sensitive food. If you are going to change the existing diet then you need to deal with the food to the dog. The digestive system may react to the new diet and may start to eliminate waste.
  • Environment Change: If you keep changing the environment of the dog. Then the change in the surroundings may trigger the desire to excrete more. This generally happens when you change or move houses. As the dog’s natural environment has changed, it would affect his bowel movements. Sometimes a new sound or smell triggers his poops, and it would take some time for him to adjust.
  • Medical Issues: You should be knowing about all kinds of medical problems dogs or your puppies can face. If your dog is pooping more than usual then this is a matter of concern as this might be a sign of illness. There are many disorders such as internal parasites in the stomach, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and many other diseases which can affect the puppy’s health.
  • Growth Condition: Sometimes, puppies who have good growth conditions poop a lot because they have been given food more than the adult dog. These puppies get triple their food for the puppy of their age and hence the pooping. As the metabolism is high the puppies grow at a huge speed and because of this, they need a lot of food to get that amount of energy. This is why they eat a lot all throughout the day, which is why they need to poop a lot.

What Should You Do If Your Puppies Poop Too Much?

If you have a puppy that is pooping more than usual then you need to check the area where your dog is pooping. The reason why you need to check the area where the puppy is eliminating his poop because all trained puppies do their poop business in the same place which they choose. So, if you find that he is not pooping in the same place then you need to get the excreta examined. It might take a bit more time than usual for you to determine the reason as this would have to be examined by a series of tests.

Well, if your dog poops at the other place then you would also see that the poop is loose and watery. Now, if you see this condition then you need to understand that the puppy is suffering from diarrhea. In this condition, you need a piece of advice from your veterinarian. 

If the condition of your puppy is worse than expected, then your puppy’s veterinarian has to decide faster if the puppy needs treatment to recover, or not. We do know that you think it might be that your puppy does miss his “usual comfort zone”, then you should try and make him comfortable with the surrounding so that there is a considerable amount of improvement in his bowel movement, gradually. You should take the pup to the same area every day and allow him to steal around to understand that this is his surroundings and he is safe in there.

If you still find that your puppy is pooping a lot then you need to ask a question to yourself “why does my puppy poop so much?” then you should start examining the dog’s day-to-day life and try and understand the source of the problem.  You can see that one of the points in the above article should be the cause and if you find it, that’s when you can solve your puppy’s pooping problem.


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