Makeshift DIY Dog Cone of Shame – How to Make an Alternative

Generally, when dogs get injured, feel itchy, and deal with different skin irritations, they have the habit of chewing or licking this area. Doing this makes them feel a lot better.

These behaviors are known to help wild canines heal very fast. However, there are times they worsen the situation. When dogs chew or lick their wounds, they could infect these wounds through the introduction of bacteria and tissue damage.

Wild canines will probably do very well by simply licking their wounds as nature seems to have designed things this way. However, your pet does not have to live like this. Unlike canines in the wild, your pet can enjoy first aid, veterinary care, and lives in a clean environment.

If you own a pet, you should ensure it does not lick its wounds or any irritations on its skin. There are various ways to do this. However, the most trusted way to get this done is by using an E-cone. This device is also called the dreaded ‘cone of shame’, a dog cone, or an Elizabeth collar.

If you want to get a ready-made E-cone, you can do this. Nonetheless, if you are unable to get a commercial E-cone that you are comfortable with, or you do not want to spend so much money, you can make one at home.

Let’s walk you through some of the various DIY E-cones and tips that can help you get the best out of them.

Cardboard Cone Collar

If there is one material that can be used to implement several DIY ideas, cardboard is one of such materials. Cardboards are not just great for very creative children. They are also great for making a DIY E-cone.

To make use of a cardboard in creating an E-cone, you do not have to be very skillful. A moderate skill level will be great. Some of the tools and materials you will need to get started are a measuring tape, a marker or pencil, scissors, a shoelace, or zip ties, duct tape or vinyl strips, and a big cardboard.

Once you have the tools and the materials you need, you can get started with the project as it is quite simple. Also, it can be done in a short time. When looking to make an E-cone with a cardboard, always bear in mind that it just might not be the most beautiful E-cone you will come across. Nonetheless, it will be very functional.

Pliable E-Collar 

This type of DIY E-cone is usually made from foam rubber. However, you do not have to use foam rubber to get it done. You can make use of materials such as poster boards and flexible plastic. So, to get started, simply pick a material of choice and get working.

To make an E-collar this way, you simply need to be moderately skillful. Some of the tools and materials you will need to get this done are  a hole punch, a compass, a marker or pencil, tape measure, scissors, a ribbon, shoelace, string, and a pliable material.

Towel Collar

Lots of dog owners are used to keeping their dog from licking its body using rigid collars. Nonetheless, the collar does not need to be rigid to get the job done. If you decide to buy a commercial E-cone, you will discover that there are a good number of E-cones in the market that are not rigid. Going by this, you do not have to make a rigid E-cone before keeping your dog from mouthing its body.

So, if you are looking to make a soft collar, you will need to get a towel. Once you have your towel, you will need a duct tape, peanut butter which will keep your canine occupied, and scissors.

This soft collar can be made very easily and these is a likelihood that all you need to get it done can be gotten in your house. There most likely will be no need to go shopping before you make this collar.

Pool Noodle Dog Cone E-Collar 

This E-cone can be made by virtually everyone. Even a 3rd grader will get it right. Some of the tools you can use to make the Pool noodle E-collar are a tape measure, a pair of scissors and materials such as a rope, a belt, a string, and pool noodles.

This DIY solution might not be the most famous. However, it is a very clever alternative. When making this E-collar for your dog, you will need to make a bit of adjustment for it to be perfect for your dog. Nonetheless, you should be done with it in about 10 minutes.

Different people execute this collar in different ways. Some people prefer making use of long noodles. Other, however, prefer chopping the noodles to small sections. Regardless of what different people want, you simply need to find out what is most suitable for your dog.

Bucket Cone Collar 

The Bucket Cone Collar DIY Design makes use of a pail or bucker. To implement this perfectly, you must take out time to get a bucket that is right for your pet. Beyond being just right for your pet, the bucket has to provide the same level of protection as other DIY E-cones.

To execute this, you need to be moderately skillful and will need a pair of scissors, a sturdy knife, a tape measure, a string, a tape, and a bucket.

This project can be tricky and its most challenging part is creating a hole in the bucket’s bottom. To get this done, you will need to be very careful and will need a good amount of force. Going by this, ensure you have a strong and sharp knife.

Egg Crate Soft Collar

This has some similarities with the towel collar. This DIY technique is achieved using a soft foam egg crate. Although this is not categorically better than making use of a towel, there are times it yields better results. Also, it is perhaps not as expensive as using a towel.

To make an egg crate soft collar, you will need to be moderately skillful. Also, you will have to get a needle and thread, tape measure, scissors, Velcro strips, felt, and egg crate material.

This DIY idea is quite elaborate. Additionally, you will have to attach Velcro strips to the fabric you intend using.  Attaching Velcro strips to the fabric will ensure that the collar is worm and taken off very easily.

Butter Tub Collar 

This E-collar is self-explanatory. You simply need to get the right Tupperware or butter container in your kitchen. Once you have this, go on and create a hole in it. This should be followed by putting it on your dog’s neck. This material is not as heavy as a bucket. Therefore, there most likely will be no need to secure it with any straps.

When looking to create an E-cone with a butter tub, you will need a compass which will be used in drawing a circle, a marker, a sharp knife or scissors, a tape and a Tupperware or Butter container.

This project might not be very difficult. However, you must deal with the challenge of getting a container of the right size. As soon as you get a container of the right size, other things will fall into place very easily. While there are lots of homemade E-cones for your pet, this is perhaps the easiest.

When Should Dogs be Given E Cones?

There are various situations under which a dog will need an E-cone. However, some of the most common situations in which a dog needs an E-cone are;

When they have Bad Chewing Attributes

As some dogs grow, they develop behavioral or emotional problems that could make them mouth their skin excessively. When this is left unchecked, it can lead to the formation of wounds which in turn can cause bacterial infections to develop. So, in situations like this, you will have to resort to the use of a E-cone in treating dogs with this behavior.

After Being Neuter or Spayed

Neutering and Spaying can be likened to having surgery. Nonetheless, they should be given special attention as they occur very frequently. That’s not all. After a dog is neutered or spayed, there is always an incision in a part of its body it can easily mouth. Therefore, this makes it important to protect your dog’s wound till it heals by using a cone.

After Surgery

After surgery, your dog will have an incision. So, you can expect its instinct of eating and licking to come into play.

As a dog owner, you will have to prevent your dog from carrying out this natural behavior as doing this could destroy its stiches. If you give you dog the freedom to mouth its wound, it will end up opening the wound and will be exposed to a life-threatening condition. This means you will have to ensure your dog’s mouth does not come in contact with its stitches.

When Dealing with Skin Conditions and Yeats Infections

Dogs are known to deal with various skin infections. Also, these skin infections always lead them to want to mouth their skin. While these skin conditions can be treated very easily, to ensure that the medication works quickly, you should make sure your dog’s mouth does not have any contact with its skin.

Dogs dealing with Allergies and Flea Infestations

Dogs can feel itchy when they are dealing with a minor flea infestation. This is bad. However, even worse is the fact that certain dogs become allergic to flea bites. So, when fleas bite them, they could get itchy. Situations like this can lead to so much licking and mouthing ultimately leading to infections and skin wounds.

If your dog has to deal with fleas, you will need to address this issue. However, while working on this issue, you should get an E-cone to prevent it from chewing.

How to Get the Best from an E-Collar

It does not matter how you get your dog’s E-collar, either from the store or by preparing one, there are tips that can help you get the best from the use of E-cones. Some of these tips are:

You must be Strict

When you get an E-cone for your dog, your pet might not be so comfortable with it as it is not natural. Since dogs are not comfortable wearing E-cones, they will come up with ways to guilt trip you into not using it. If you give in to these demands, you might make them happy. However, it will give them the freedom to mouth their skin and this will be bad for an injury or incision. That’s not all. It will also elongate the process you dog has to go through before it gets used to the E-cone. When this happens, you, as well as your pet will suffer it.

So, you must ensure you leave the cone on your dog’s neck regardless of how it feels or what it does. You dog might not feel very good immediately. However, it will forgive you after all is done.

Take It off When You Dog wants to Eat

When an E-cone is fitted properly, your dog will not struggle to eat when it has it on. However, not all models come with the right fitting. If your dog’s E-cone will make eating a little difficult, you should take it off when it is time for it to eat. This is even more important when your dog’s neck or face is short. When your dog has an E-cone on, you can decide to hand feed it. However, if hand feeding your dog is not something you want to do, you might have to take of its collar when it is time for it to eat.

Always Lookout for Abrasions

If you get an E-cone that fits perfectly, you will almost never have to deal with an abrasion. However, if it’s fitting is not perfect, you will have to take it off every now and then to ensure there are no abrasions. If it keeps experiencing abrasions, you will need to work on the collar’s fitting and add some padding.

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