Is Peppermint Essential Oil Bad for Dogs & Puppies?

Many people love their pets, and they do every possible thing to make them look fancy and also decorate them. It is understood that grooming is important for pets, but fashion has started making them so crazy, that they have started experimenting with all kinds of things on their pets and now they have this question is Peppermint Oil Safe for Dogs? It’s surprising how the human mind works and how did they even think that peppermint oil is safe for dogs. I mean even a man of common parlance knows that peppermint has mint properties which are cool and also toxic. And it can never be skin-friendly on the pets.

Uses of Essential Oils & its Properties

  • Let’s look first what are essential oils exactly and what all it contains. The essential oil contains the following –
  • It contains concentrated liquids.
  • It has volatile organic compounds of plants
  • It is mainly used for cleaning products
  • Also, people use it in food and flavoring drinks
  • It has many herbal remedies for human beings
  • It is used in perfumes
  • It is also used in personal care products
  • Air fresheners and fragrances also have peppermint oil.
  • So, it is very important for you to know what the correct uses of peppermint oil are.

Oils Which Can Harm Dogs Skin

There are many different kinds of oils that are available which contain cinnamon, pine, tea tree, ylangylang, pine, etc. which can be very harmful to your dogs. It can cause poison and also it can harm the skin of your dogs. So, don’t ever think of using peppermint oil or any other kinds of oil on the skin of your dog or feed them with. Essential oils are certain kind of liquids which has chemicals and if your pet consumes it or comes in touch with it then it can be absorbed in their skin and also orally.

Potential Damages Which Peppermint Oil Can Cause To Your Dogs

Peppermint oil has the potential to damage the liver and cause various kinds of liver diseases. It can burn the skin and also the mouth of your pet’s stomach. If your pet dog just licks it or even smells it, it can cause great irritation to them. So, perchance if your pet comes in contact with the peppermint oil then it’s important that you take them to the doctor for a quick diagnosis. Contact immediately the pet poison helpline and get help. The sooner you take them to the doctor, the better they will be able to help your pet come out of the poison.

Difference between Human Skin & Dogs Skin

And it is also important for you to know that you don’t believe in the false concepts like essentials that can heal dogs also. It can only heal human beings because they have different skin. So, don’t compare it with the skin of animals. If you apply essential oils to the skin of your pet dog or any animal, as a matter of fact, it can affect the Proteolytic enzymes which are present in the skin of the animal. Whereas, human skin is made of 3 layers, due to which it can endure the harsh properties present in the oil.

Quick Early Treatment Can Help the Dogs Recover Fast

Therefore, it is very important that you keep such kinds of poisonous oils and other chemicals at bay from your pet dogs. If early treatment is given to the dogs, then with the help of those supportive treatments your dog can survive and get healed. If you go to do the oil analysis, you will find that there are some physical properties that will determine that it has acid-base including water content which can be identified in it. There are many signs and symptoms which you will notice in your dog if they have been exposed to any harmful essential oils.

Signs that Your Dog is Exposed to Oils & Harmful Substances

The first and foremost sign is that they start vomiting, then they will also face diarrhea. You will notice wobbliness and drooling in them. They will be faced with depression; apart from that lethargy and weakness are also some of the symptoms. They will also start having tremors and will start behaving abnormally. Even if the pet breathes these oils it can harm their smelling senses and cause them a lot of trouble. So, make sure that you don’t use it and go near your pets as this can put them in trouble.

Toxic Effects Which the Dogs Can Face If Exposed to Oils

If you think that using peppermint oil as diffusers for your pet dog is good, then let me tell you that it can be harmful to them. So, don’t ever think of using it in such a manner. There are many kinds of toxic effects that your dogs can face like aspiration pneumonia etc. Apart from that essential oils also have alcohols, esters, ketones, phenols, etc. And these all have harmful properties, and it can get quickly absorbed into the skin of your dog. Most of the dogs are prone to getting into trouble with their liver, so make sure that you keep such things at bay because it will affect their liver.

Exposing to Oils Can Make Your Pet Sneeze

Apart from that, your pets can also develop breathing problems and they can start sneezing and also coughing and will show you a great sign of discomfort if they are exposed to essential oils and perfumes, etc. Internal wound healing in dogs can be eased if you feed them with cold milk. There are certain vitamins in the milk which has great potential to heal the stomach. It decreases the inflammatory cells due to the increased fibroblasts which are present in the milk. If your pet dog’s skin is exposed to oils, then you can heal it with low-fat cow’s milk.

Why Do Dogs Consume Grass After Puking?

Many people live in the false belief that flower herbs and other kinds of herbs can treat the dogs and their stomachs. And sometimes you may also see that dogs are consuming grass after they have puked, but that is to ease their tension and make their tongue feel better. Plus, the dogs have the smelling power with which they can recognize which grass is suitable for them. There are some kinds of grass which the dogs shouldn’t consume. Make sure that you feed your dog with the right food. Dogs are mainly a carnivore animal, seldom you will notice some carnivore breed of dog consume vegetables. But it is recommended that you don’t give them vegan food.

Other Essential Oils to Research:

Is Thieves Oil Safe for Dogs

Give Chewable Dog Bones & Don’t Give Leftover Bones

And make sure that even if you feed them with nonveg food don’t include salt in it. It can cause them harm. It can make your dog feel very thirsty and also lead to sodium ion poisoning. Dog’s foods that are available in the market contain 18% crude protein which is very beneficial for them. You can also give them soft chewable dog bones, which contain rawhide treats and it has a flavor of beef, liver, and chicken. So, when this goes inside their stomach with the saliva it gives them a feeling of a full stomach. It is also advised that you don’t give your dogs the bones which are extracted from the meat which human beings consume. It can cause a lot of problems in the stomach and intestine.

Give Soothing Food & Don’t Use Essential Oils

So, make sure that you give your dogs soothing foods that can help them stay joyful and healthy. And forget about treating your dog with any kinds of essential oils, as it can never be good for your dog. Apart from that when you buy skincare products for dogs make sure that you go through the products’ ingredients, so that you know that it doesn’t cause any kinds of skin allergies to them. Observe your dog closely and find out what suits them and which food they like and dislike.


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