My Dog Is Shaking and Panting and Acting Weird – What is Going On?

It’s the behavior of the dog to shake when they are drying off, playing or stretching out. However, shaking can sometimes be a sign of an illness of serious nature. So, how do you make out the difference between a dog who is sick and the one which is just behaving according to the normal characteristics.

A good shake is a very natural characteristic of the dog which is as similar to your dog chewing on the new slippers you had bought for yourself. This is what keeps their energy level up and also when they take a bath or get wet, they have a tendency to shake their body. Stretching is another kind of good shake.

Listed below are some of the reasons why your dog might be shaking and what you need to do if there is a medical situation.

Good Shakes or Healthy Shakes

Many dog owners would understand a wet dog shake. The twitching of the body in wild movements, jaws flapping. This is an after bath dance which every dog owner has experienced. This is a healthy shake or a reflux of the body which helps them to dry fat and prevents them to maintain good body temperature to survive.

Dogs sometimes shake their body when they are very excited. You may observe this when the dog is in a mood to play with other dogs and might shudder when it is licking or jumping around with the others. This is how they express themselves. Happy shaking is a welcome characteristic of dogs. However, some of the dogs get very hyper. In such scenarios you would need to consult a behavioral training specialist who can teach your dog to control during excitement.

Trembling due to Stress: Lets forget the everyday silly shaking of your dog. If you see the dog trembling do not mistake it for shaking. This can happen if your dog is facing extreme stress or is very anxious. This happens when your dog sees many unknown people around you or is in an unfamiliar place or with another animal. This can lead to tremors. This is not a good shake. It is a response to the change in the surroundings which are accompanied by chewing of furniture, painting etc. You may even find your dog may be hiding or acting weird in these cases. This may be a chronic anxiety issue. However, there are several methods which can help your dog to come past the fear and acclimatize to the current environment.


Sometimes, if a dog is poisoned, they might show signs of vomiting and diarrhea. Along with it they might shake a lot. This can happen if they have ingested a poisonous plant, chocolate or harmful material in a huge amount. They may suffer from shaking uncontrollably. If you think that the dog has been poisoned you can call your vet or contact the animal control center number immediately.

Kidney Disease

Many dogs who are suffering from renal failure or kidney disease can be free of symptoms for a long time. Then once in a while start showing symptoms where your dog might start to urinate more and consume more water. These signs along with rapid shaking can show serious damage of the kidneys. For obvious reasons you can’t cure it but they can be managed by therapy and furosemide treatment.

Addison Disease

Dogs suffering from this disease have less cortisol in their body. Symptoms of Addison disease are less energy and very less in strength. They might face gastric problems and might even have a very less appetite. This is not the only symptoms you see in Addison disease. You also see your dog shaking or trembling. This disease can lead to many more severe concerns and can lead to a very undernourished and ill dog. You should consult your vet about the disease and get the disease treated quickly.

Advanced Age

When your dog ages you might see various disorders in them such as shaking or trembling along with mental deterioration of the dog’s health. This can’t be stopped but there are many treatments and therapies which can help the dog in its senior years.

White Dog Shaker Syndrome

This syndrome can lead to your dog having tremors or shaking. The movement of the dog becomes very different then the good shake. Most owners rule it out as an anxiety issue. The Shaker syndrome can cause tremors in the whole body of the dogs. This can occur in any dog and can be treated with Corticosteroids known as prednisone. The pet would be fine if correctly administered, in a week.

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