How to Prevent a Dog From Escaping Under Chain Link Fence by Digging?

To prevent the pooch from running away is a must that you keep the dog from digging under the chain-link fence. Some even say that dogs most often become Houdini’s & escape artists. Hence make sure to use rollers or concrete footers so that you can prevent digging. Burying the chicken wire or using a fence system that is wireless can also help to deter your pet from getting into the fence.

How to Keep Dog From Digging Under Chain Link Fence?

Some pet dogs have a habit of digging under the chain, so the underpart of the chain link fence would be one of the next targets. If you don’t want the dog to escape from your yard, because if it digs deep enough, it can create an exit hole and run away. If you want to protect this from happening:

Use an L-footer: If somehow the dog digs and pushes the chain link fence to get out, to protect this from happening you should install an L-footer to the ground. You simply fold a portion of the chain-link material inward then bury this part underground.

What will happen is that as soon as the dog tries to start dig, it will be stopped by the part which is folded. Now let say you don’t want to the work of digging; in that case, you can lay the folded part completely flat on the ground and then keep some grass on top of it.

Pour concrete at the footer: One more option is to pour concrete at the base of the yard. As soon as it is hard, it would not be possible for your dog to run away from it. The first thing you need to do is to put the bottom of the chain-link fence into the concrete before the concrete dries up. This is a method that is a bit difficult but it is a method that is completely full proof.

Install Drive Tent Stakes: Many pet owners don’t want something which is much complicated such as adding reinforcement to the chain-link fence. So, what you can do is put the stakes in an angled position on the ground, in this case, it will give an added support if the dog pushes the bottom of the fence. Make sure that the installation of the stakes is done close to each other so that you can stop the dog from escaping from the yard. The best part of doing this is that it doesn’t spoil the beauty of your yard.

Bury Chicken Wire: Another effective digging deterrent is burying a layer of chicken wire under the chain-link fence. This rough layer feels uncomfortable on a dog’s paws. It will also serve as a barrier to stop them from digging.

Cover up: The most important reason for dogs to dig through a chain-link fence is the distraction which is caused by the other side of the fence. So, it would be best to cover the chain link fence with slats & reed rolls. So now your dog can’t see anything beyond the chain-link fence, so it will not feel like going out of the yard to pursue and chase someone out of the fence.

Tire Your Dog: Some dogs are so hard-headed, because of their breed that they are adamant about digging. Breeds such as Jack Russel Terriers, Schnauzers, Dachshunds, and Beagles. They just want to dig into everything they can and like to excavate because of their high energy levels. So the best thing you can do about this is to get your dog to exercise enough so that they can utilize their energy.  You can take them and show them around your neighborhood and even play with them. This will reduce the energy of your pet and would reduce the digging under the chain-link fence.

Using Redundant Fences: If even after all this you fail to reduce the digging of the dog, then the best option to use would be the redundant fences. It is not necessarily important to put a physical fence. You can put an electric dog fence that is wireless so that the dog does not dog holes and does not get near your chain link fence. Put up the set up a few feet away from your chain link fence so that they don’t get to touch it.

What Can I Put On The Bottom Of My Fence To Keep My Dog In?

Anything which you have seen in the above article such as chicken wire, concrete, and drive tent underneath your chain link fence would keep the dog inside the yard. You need to remember that it is not just by digging that the dogs can escape from the yard, some smaller dogs can even push the footer which is loose to get outside the yard. Some pet parents leave citrus peels at the bottom of the fence so that the dogs can find the scent repulsive.

How Do I Stop My Dogs From Digging Holes?

Many dogs love to dig, whether it is under a chain-link fence or in the yard. If you train them well then, they might not dig holes. Adding up deterrents can discourage such behavior. However, whatever you use should be safe and should not seem like you are trying to punish them.

How Do You Fill The Gap At The Bottom Of A Fence?

To keep the gap filled near the end of the chain-link fence, you need to add concrete to it. Start to use tent stakes so that the chain link is pulled down and the gap problem is solved. Generally, pet parents keep bricks but many times, dogs have a tendency to push them away as soon as they start to dig.

How Do I Keep Animals From Digging Under My Fence?

Apart from your pet friends you need to watch out for other animals such as stray dogs. They might dig the ground from the outside and create a gap. Hence the solution which you have understood in the above article also helps in such cases. The most notorious diggers are the striped skunks.

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