Jack Russell Terrier German Shepherd Hybrid Mix Dog Breed Guide

It is gradually becoming a fast-rising trend to see people adopt or buy mixed breeds of dogs. There are benefits attached to owning crossbreeds, and the same goes for owning purebreds. Dog owners who are considering a mix must research about mixed breeds and pure breeds. 

Jack Russell Terriers and German Shepherd are two prevalent purebreds with different special features. You might wonder how they work as a mix. Find out more in this article. 

How Do They Work

A dog breed selection consultant who also doubles as a trainer named Michele outline some demerits of purebred dogs. On the other hand, other breeding experts have also pointed out that crossbreeding makes it hard to predict the temperament or look one may get when they mix breeds. 

The dog’s size is largely unpredictable even if similar dogs are raised together more than once. It is becoming popular for people to mix and crossbreed Jack Russel Terriers and German Shepherds. The resultant pups from this crossbreed are dogs who possess excellent instinct and need to protect their families and loved ones. 

This crossbreeding mix loves to walk in gardens, yards and on the streets. They also seem to get along well with other animals and children. Just like any other dog (mixed breed or purebred), there are specific qualities to look out for to make this crossbreed the perfect family pet. 

Essential Qualities Any Dog Can Possess

Like humans, dogs have unique personalities and qualities. They also have weaknesses and strengths that can be modified or compensated for. 

Sarah Wilson, a dog trainer opined that specific qualities should be present in a dog right from the beginning to make the dog a pleasant pet and more personable. 

The Dog Should Love People

As a result of socialization, many dogs or new puppies wags their tail non-stop to people of all ages and sizes to show them that he adores them. In effect, socialization teaches the dog how relate with people appropriately and creates stability for the dog.

The natural friendly gene you see in dogs is not a result of socialization, rather it is a unique trait every dog possesses. Puppies or dogs who relate well with people despite just meeting them do not necessarily need to be purebred. They come in every mix, size, and color. 

Choose a dog that can self-claim

There are certain dogs that cannot sit still for a long time and they are constantly anxious. Such dogs make the household hectic. There are also certain dogs that cannot self-soothe such that they bark at noises and won’t stop until you make them do. Such dogs can be miserable. 

Dog owners desire dogs that will greet guests eagerly and be ready to go lie down afterwards. An ideal dog is that which can self-claim or self-soothe. Such dog might cry at first but as time goes on, they will fall asleep and fall into a relaxed routine. 

Pick a dog that is life-resilient

Life-resilient is a term employed by dog experts that train Seeing-Eye Dogs. The term refers to a test of temperament. At three different times, puppies are open to new things. This temperament test aims to observe if the puppies get more scared or become calmer with each reception. 

This acts as a sign to test how a dog naturally responds to stress. One can modify, train or improve stress response in dogs but it cannot change completely. 

An Ideal Dog will be tolerant towards other dogs

A good dog does not necessarily have to get along with every dog he encounters but he must not be aggressive towards other dogs. Dog owners tend to go through a lot of stress with dogs who clash with other dogs when they take them out. 

Training the dogs can alleviate and reduce the aggressiveness, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Wilson understood that it is rare to get a dog with good qualities. No matter the cross of breed or the breed of a dog, it is much better to have a good dog as a companion. Such dog will make the owner’s relationship pleasant and they will both enjoy their lives together. 

The German Shepherd Jack Russell Mix

You might wonder what dog this cross-breeding produces. There have been accomplishments with mixing Terriers and Shepherds. The result is a medium-sized dog that is quite athletic and personable. 

If you visit YouTube, you will see a video on Daily Puppy that will captivate you and make you desire to own a pup from this unique mix. 

Here is an insight into the attributes of both breeds. When both traits are combined, they can produce a dog that will be friendly to you and your family. Every dog owner will love to have such dog in their homes. Note that the puppy might have more of a breed’s traits than the other. 

German Shepherd

This dog breed is generally active, intelligent, easy to train and possesses a sturdy guarding instinct. German Shepherds require a lot of exercise else they will become restless. 

Physical traits of German Shepherd include:

  • A moderate desire to dig
  • A low desire to bark
  • They need about forty minutes of daily exercise. 
  • They live long for about ten to twelve years
  • They have an average energy level 
  • They have naturally upright ears
  • Their height is usually between twenty-three to twenty-five inches
  • They usually weigh around seventy-five to ninety-five pounds. 

German Shepherds are naturally bred as guard dogs and herding animals. They have a double coat of medium length. Twice a year, German Shepherds shed heavily and later minimally on a constant basis. 

This dog breeds requires moderate grooming and come in various colors. They are also powerful dogs with a sturdy guarding instinct. Their owners must socialize them early from when they are pups so that they can be obedient and to channel their instinct and intelligence in the right direction. 

German Shepherds must be exposed to pets and integrated with people around the neighborhood and family members with adequate supervision. They are not so good at being limited to a kennel or backyard alone or with other dogs. 

Jack Russell Terrier

This dog breed is not for everyone because of its strong personality. They need lots of exercises and they are very energetic. The Jack Russell Terrier also tends to be vocal because of their hunter instincts. They equally tend to wander and bolt and love to explore.

Physical Attributes of Jack Russell Terrier

  • They have a high desire to bark
  • They require about forty minutes of exercise daily. 
  • They live long up to thirteen to fifteen years
  • They are extremely energetic and have a robust energy level
  • They are usually about thirteen to fourteen inches tall. 
  • Their weight is often between thirteen and seventeen pounds

Jack Russell Terrier were naturally bred for hunting purposes. They have tan, black, and white markings with short double coats. They do not require much grooming needs but they own 3 different types of coat. All the three coat types (straight long, rough, and smooth hair) usually shed.

Jack Russell is muscular, energetic, and compact and they love to work. They are usually happy that they have to do their jobs. They equally love to dig particularly if they sense a rodent around. Also, they naturally love to hunt ground animals, it is nearly impossible to change this instinct. 

The dogs are assertive so they might not do well around children. However, they are good as watchdogs because they are always alert. Jack Russells are always vocal because they are natural hunters. They are usually aggressive towards other dogs. They cope well with other family pets is well introduced as puppies.

Dog owners are encouraged to make the dog home spacious to allow the dog to exercise freely. A big yard with good fencing will make an ideal home for Jack Russell.  The Jack Russell is usually happy to play fetch or go for a long hike. They are not used to staying indoors or just staying idle all day. They will not make a good dog for owners who love to spend their day on the sofa. 

What German Shepherd Jack Russell Mix Owners Feel About Their Dogs

The owner of this mix noted that the first puppy was the outcome of an unintended breeding between a German Shepherd and a Jack Russell living in the same compound. They birthed five puppies who were quick learners with a sweet nature. 

One person who owned this kind of breed for five years although she had two dogs previously. She said of all her dogs, this mix had the most exclusive personality. She believed that the dog inherited protective and loyal features from the German Shepherd and intelligence from Jack Russell. 

She loved the combination and her dog makes her happy as he protects her well. Her dog loves to learn fast and play and is generally considered a great guard dog. 


The mixture of a Jack Russell and German Shepherd can result in a playful, smart, loyal dog who learns quickly. Both breeds tend to blend well to produce a medium-sized dog with energy. 

The produced dog will also inherit German Shepherd’s adeptness to focus the energy in the right direction inherited from German Shepherd. The dog will make a good family dog.

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