Most Independent Dog Breeds That Don’t Like to Cuddle

Some dogs are majorly used for hunting, and they have a naturally aggressive instinct. Most of the dogs mentioned in this post are not wild, but because of these traits, they are seen as less affectionate. Due to these traits, the dogs would need more stimulation and exercise, and exude lots of energy.

They are naturally wired to follow a pretty strong leader and take commands from him. If they perceive the dog owner as being weak, they will probably prove stubborn and act weird. Some traits that prove that they’re their boss include barking, biting, chewing, etc.

In this article, we will check out some of these breeds that have been popularly labeled as less affectionate. Why as they considered so? Just follow through till the end.


This breed is popularly called the barkless dog, as it would rather howl than bark like every other typical dog. It is a small hunting dog breed that originated from Africa. They are relatively loyal and defend just a single person for the rest of their lives but remain austere to strangers and other animals.


There is a common belief that bloodhounds can smell about forty times better than the average person. Their physical traits make them able to keep track of a smell for many days. Bloodhounds are bred for their high tracking ability and are an ancient dog breed.

Alaskan Malamute.

For this breed, it would require a much stronger leader to hinder them from behaving wrongly. They can easily be used as guard dogs since they love to be around people, but they will never respect a weak leader. The appearance of this dog breed is like that of a Siberian Husky, although there is no relationship between them.

Afghan Hound

The instinct of this dog is to be a predator, especially of small prey. Afghan Hounds are some of the oldest breeds around; they are very hostile to strangers. The appearance of this breed helps them to thrive in the cold Afghanistan mountains.

Chow Chow

This old dog breed, which has been around for over one thousand years now, has its origin in China. These dog breeds are commonly referred to as puffy-lion, and there is clear, traceable evidence that the first set of teddy bears made use of it as a model.

During training, the dog owner of this breed should be very vigilant, as the natural traits of aggression can be awakened. Dog owners especially know the breed for its overly protective qualities over its owner and its hostility.

It is also advisable to make the dog socialize, especially with family members to water down its aggressive tendency.


This unique dog breed is a Sighthound; it makes use of its eyes instead of its nose to hunt.  Its frame is like that of an Afghan hound, but the speed of the dog is much more than that of greyhounds in long distances.

It will be difficult to train this dog as it is by nature a shy breed and does not do so well amid strangers. It also chases any object that is in motion, especially very little ones, tires, and small animals inclusive. 

To curtail this unpleasant habit, train your dog early.


They are a very light-weighted dog breed that has its origin in China. They were initially bred to serve as companions for royalty and are toy-like. They have curly hair, while others might have straight hair, and they weigh a little lower than twenty pounds.

They make for great pets, but their temperament and extreme stubbornness should be easily noted. This breed is just like cats; they love to do what they want, when they want it, without being told what to do.

Scottish Terrier

These small dog breeds have quite a distinctive head shape and body physique; they also originate from Scotland. These dog breeds are quite popular in America; two presidents of America once owned this breed, and they’re featured in monopoly.

These breeds make for excellent watchdogs; they bark continuously and are very much aggressive and territorial. They are austere to strangers, and their incessant barking can turn off children or even scare them.


The full name of this dog is “Chines Shar-Pei.” As the name implies, it is a dog breed that finds its origin from ancient China and has found its usefulness in fighting and hunting. The wrinkles and sandy fur are an advantage for this dog during battle and climate; the wrinkles confer an advantage during battle.

The Chinese Shar-Pei is defended against wild boars by the sandy fur on its body.

They are very loyal to their owners, and this loyalty can be a problem in most cases, as they can be a terror to others. They find they use as watchdogs, and they are a suspicious bunch. If you plan on retaining them as pets, ensure to start training them to be social very early.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

As the name implies, these large dog breeds are natural retrievers; they belong to the retrievers’ family, anyway. These breeds retrieve waterfowl and are just the perfect hunting companion every dog owner should carry about. They are a natural lover of water, and their coat is wavy.

They love to be on the field; they love to hunt, and this desire to hunt will usually always keep them away from the family. They also have a knack for attacking little animals, but they are overall a cheerful and happy bunch.


The history of most of these dogs shows that they were sporting dogs or hunting dogs. The years that have rolled by have made their natural jobs to be out of date, and they are now just kept as companions. They are usually tenacious of their past and would require a strong leader as dog owners.

These dogs are not just to be kept casually around the house, they are meant to be engaged actively by their owners.


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