Chow Chow German Shepherd Hybrid Mix Dog Cross Breed Guide

The Chow-Shepherd mix comes from the German Shepherd and the Chow Chow breeds, both brilliant and loyal dogs. They can be quite a handful and therefore require more supervision.

Both these dogs are similar in character. They are independent and protective of their companions. The Chow-Shepherd mix inherits the intellect from both parents and becomes a brilliant dog.

The similarities they share makes their character easy to predict. Therefore, the mix is easier to manage in this regard than the other mixes. However, they can be difficult for first-time owners who have no experience.

They do well in wide-open spaces where they can run around playing and exercising. They require a lot of activity because of the high energy they pack in their bodies. Without enough exercise, their behavior becomes erratic and could lead to the destruction of property.

To understand the Chow-Shepherd, we need to take a look at each breed separately. We will understand where the mix’s traits come from and how the characters inherited from both parents balance in the mix.

Parent History

A cross between two purebred dogs is usually referred to as a designer dog. A designer dog such as the Chow-Shepherd mix typically inherits both parents’ traits and blends them to get a unique dog.

Purebred dogs give birth to puppies with almost similar characteristics and health risks. This makes it easier to take care of because each stage of their development is the same as their parents’.

Designer dogs are difficult to predict because the exact mixing of genes is unknown. The puppies may end up favoring one side over the other, and for that, their care also favors the dominant side.

For some breeds, crossbreeding helps eliminate life-threatening conditions that occur in purebred dogs. Generally, the mixing of dog breeds reduces or eliminates the gravity of certain health conditions.

The Chow-Shepherd mix is a large dog. Both its parents complement each other both in character and physical attributes. Referring to them as designer dogs may give off the impression that they are not tough dogs, but they are.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are inarguably one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their origin is in Germany, but they have grown in popularity and are found almost everywhere globally. They thrive in a moderately cold climate.

They are smart and learn commands quickly. They are eager to learn, and that makes them the perfect breed to train for specialized activities. They have been instrumental in providing guide services and as military personnel.

They are also surprisingly good actors and have featured in films for decades. For a brief time in history, their popularity went down because of their German army role. However, people have warmed up to them since then.

They need a lot of exercises. Every day they require a minimum of thirty minutes of physical activity. The exercises ensure that their behavior does not get destructive from being cooped up, ensuring they grow up healthy.

They are also excellent working dogs who need missions to complete. So, stimulating mental activity should be incorporated into their daily routines. They should also be given tasks around the home to carry out on their own.

German Shepherds are very protective and enjoy being around children. On top of that, they are smart and can lend a hand around the house. However, they shed a lot, and that requires constant cleaning. They are also not the best choice for allergic people.

They come in a variety of coat colors. They are mostly black or a mixture of different dark shades. They can grow up to weigh over eighty pounds and live to about ten years, depending on their care.

Chow Chow

Chow Chows are well known for their looks. They have a thick double coat that needs regular grooming. They do well in cold weather, but it is a challenge for them in warmer seasons and hot areas.

They are hunters and are preferred by some hunters because of their skill. They are also excellent guards that look after property and people. Typically, they are not social dogs, and they do not do well around strangers or large groups of people.

Therefore, they need to begin the socialization training from early on to eliminate the shyness or aggressive reaction they may develop towards humans and other animals. Being guard dogs, they alert their companions of any impending danger.

However, their barking can be considered excessive because they do it all the time. They are brilliant, but they are also proud and stubborn in training. They need firm handling but also patience to train them well.

They are perfect for families that do not have small children. Their guarding behavior needs to be tamed so that they do not scare everyone off. They need a lot of space to play in. However, they only live for a maximum of ten to twelve years.

Chow Chows also drool and snore a lot.

Chow-Shepherd Mix

Where this mix originated from is unknown, but that is true for most mixes. The reigning theory is that a person wanted to mix the German Shepherd with the Chow to get a dog that would withstand winter when herding.

Another theory is that it was done to improve the hunting capabilities of the German Shepherd. A Chow-Shepherd is highly intelligent and has a lot of energy. It combines the hard-working nature of the German Shepherd and the easy-going nature of the Chow Chow.

They need to use up some of the excess energy, and when they are not getting enough exercise, they cannot keep quiet, and it will be very uncomfortable. Any prospective owner has to be ready to set apart some time and dedicate it to loads of activity.

They need early socialization to keep their overprotective tendencies in check. If you fail to do it correctly, they will snap at people and possibly scare children. In extreme cases, they may injure someone, and you may end up getting sued. 

They are excellent guard dogs. Their bark is mighty and keeps any unwanted people out of your compound. However, you cannot leave them alone for long or take long trips. They need a lot of exercise, but once they are exhausted, they enjoy sitting by you.


The mix gets its appearance from both its parents. It is more common for them to resemble the Chow Chow more. The feature they inherit from the German Shepherd is the muzzle, making them look almost like a lion.

Their body can either be medium or large because both parents have sizes that range between the two. When grown, they can weigh from sixty-five to ninety-five pounds. They can also grow as tall as twenty-six inches.

Their coats can be red, brown, blue, black or white depending on the parents’ coats. They need a lot of grooming because they shed a lot and have a thick double coat that should be brushed frequently.

Their nails could damage furniture, so they need to be trimmed. You may also choose to brush their teeth once in a while. Their coats should be shampooed at least every week to keep them clean.


This mix is stubborn, and therefore the training should begin when they are young. If it is not done correctly, the mix could end up being disobedient. Handlers need to be firm with them all through training because even when they are well trained, they may refuse to obey commands.

A technique that works well with them is positive reinforcement. They will develop a better relationship with you, and it will encourage them to obey. Hitting a dog is not allowed, and so any trainers that use negative reinforcement should be avoided.

If you plan on crate training, it is recommended that you look for one that is big enough to fit the dog’s size. Training them as puppies will allow them to recognize you as the alpha and obey your commands. However, being alpha does not mean you should mistreat them.

They need to be introduced to living with people and other animals from an early age. This makes them comfortable around people and less dangerous to others. They should also be exposed to children to get used to them.

Exercise and Care

The Chow Chow itself is not a high-energy dog, but the German Shepherd is. So, the mix requires a lot of exercises. It stimulates their body and mind, and without it, they turn into destructive dogs.

A couple of exercises you can do with them every day include running, walks, swimming and hiking. You can also have the tag along during your training if you are into sports and athletics. They love to compete with you, and that can motivate you.

If they are properly socialized, you can bring them to the park, where they can interact with other dogs and people. By doing this, it will further help their socialization training while giving them friends.

Even though they are tough guarding dogs, they should not spend their nights outside because they need constant company. If you stay away from them for too long, it causes them to develop separation anxiety.


Crossbreeds are less likely to fall sick because of the improvement of gene crossing. However, they are likely to suffer cases that are prevalent in big dogs, such as hip dysplasia. Proper breeding can eliminate the condition.

If it is uncommon in their family, it is still advisable to keep their weight in check. You can monitor their weight changes and balance their diet to make them healthy. Regular exercise also helps to keep them in shape and eliminate this condition.

The risk of developing flea allergies is higher in Chow-Shepherd mixes. There is no need to worry because it can be controlled easily with medicine and shots. Large dogs like this eat too fast and may occasionally suffer from bloated stomachs.

Smaller potions regulate the intake of food and eliminate the chances of bloating. Bloating could lead to other complications that affect the breathing and heart of your dog. So, it should be taken seriously and kept in check.

Eye and heart problems develop in these dogs with time. They mostly occur in later stages, but they can be properly maintained if they are caught early. They should be taken for regular screening at the vet to monitor their health status.


Proper feeding results in the dog’s healthy growth, and the more nutritious the meals, the healthier they get. Dogs need food primarily for sustenance and for healing, regeneration and growth. Chow-Shepherds diet needs to consist of proteins and fat. 

A puppy’s food should contain at least twenty-two percent protein while adults get eighteen percent. They should also feed on whole meals such as fish, beef and chicken. The intake and burning of calories by the dogs need to be determined by a vet.

At each development cycle, the dietary needs of the dog change to accommodate their growth and development. It would be best if you watched their weight to make sure they do not get obese and develop further complications.

Chow-Shepherd as a Family Pet

Whether the dog is the right fit for your family depends on the kind of family you have. If you are active and can set apart time to exercise and feed them, you will be the right fit. Chow-Shepherds are loveable dogs and need a home where they can be appreciated.

Some considerations need to be made before adopting one as a family pet. They are loyal and very reliable dogs, but they need a lot of care from their health and physical needs up to their mental needs, which is true for many dogs.

They need to be socialized as small puppies. They are typically very protective of their companions. If their socialization is not done correctly, they can retreat into their fear of people or become aggressive and dangerous.

Introducing them to children and other animals makes them comfortable around them and ensures they grow up well-behaved. They are categorized as medium to large dogs, and so require adequate room to play and live.

They have a lot of grooming needs because of how much they shed. Their coats are also long and fluffy, and without proper maintenance, they will turn out shoddy. The coats need brushing at least twice a day. They should be bathed and shampooed once every week.

You also need to be prepared to clean up the hair they leave behind regularly. They also need enough exercise to get them in shape and reduce the risks of obesity and other related illnesses. They must exercise regularly and for adequate amounts of time, or they will become destructive.

They are full of energy, and when you play with them, they will continually occupy your time. They will follow you all over. Having children around helps keeps them occupied and shifts the focus from you.

Being mixes, they are less likely to develop many health problems. However, they can develop serious illnesses that can be passed down through genes. They, therefore, need regular screening at the veterinary hospital to catch the early symptoms.


It is always advisable to look for breeders that operate legally. Their certificates and licenses should be up to date. The dogs’ living conditions need to be of standard where puppies and their parents are well taken care of.

At the breeder, you can get the health history of the puppies you intend to get. That way, you can be prepared to handle the diseases that occur specifically in the Chow-Shepherd mix. The most common condition to look out for is hip and elbow dysplasia.

You should go to breeders that specialize in crossbreeding. They are more knowledgeable about the processes and can predict the outcomes. They are also the right people to advise you on how to take care of the mix and what you should look out for most.

Their price ranges from eight hundred to a thousand dollars. Even though they are not rare, their upkeep makes them expensive and so you should consider this before getting one. The other option is to go to a rescue shelter.


Rescue dogs deserve a home where they are loved and well taken care of. Finding a Chow-Shepherd mix may take a while, but if you go online and look for reputable shelters, the search may become more manageable.

There are also breed-specific shelters like the German Shepherd and Chow Chow shelters where you will most likely get this mix. Remember to verify the licenses and certifications of any shelter before picking out a dog.

The history of rescue dogs is mostly unclear, so it is most preferred that you take them to a vet for a full health check-up. They may have forgotten their training, so you may start a refresher course to remind them.


The Chow-Shepherd mix is a large loving dog that will fit well with your family. They are very active and therefore need more exercise. Other than that, they need to begin training earlier to get them adequately socialized.

They need regular grooming because of their frequent shedding. They are great companions and will be loyal to you. They will also protect you and your home from any unwanted strangers. When properly socialized, they are great friends to have around.

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