Greyhound German Shepherd Hybrid Mix Dog Breed Guide

Here is another mixed breed many people have always wanted to happen. The essence of crossbreeding the two species is to get a dog that can hunt or herd. One thing is sure: the first set of breeders tried to get unrealistic results from this breed. And this has diluted the information online as regards this matter. Find below information that will put help you prepare for the traits of this mixed breed. 

Physical Appearance

This is the first point of call when trying to explore this mix. One inevitable fact is that your dog will be large and cute at the same time. For this mixed breed, you will get different colors and a dog with the predominant traits of either the Greyhound or German Shepherd parent. The dogs will also be known for their medium to large size, which means that they eat more calories than other dogs. They can weigh as low as 50 pounds or as low as 110 pounds.

Greyhounds have a short coat of hair, while the German Shepherds have medium-length coarseness. The mix of these dogs will most likely have more of the German Shepherd, which implies that you have to care for them better. You might need to brush and bathe them regularly. 

The mixture of both dogs gives you room for an athletic and active dog.


When breeding this mixture, you will get a dog with a mix of dogs or one with either of their traits. German Shepherds are loyal and obedient. They are easily trained because of their obedience and loyalty. 

The same cannot be said of Greyhounds, which are easily bored. You might find training sessions with them as daunting because of this boredom. Nonetheless, you cannot overlook the effect of both parents’ level of intelligence. Moreover, they are both full of personality, meaning you are likely to see this same trait in both dogs. They can be referred to as service animals. 

You can quickly point out one trait to both dogs: they are both loyal. Thus, you will find this same result in your mix. They are also famous for being a great pet, especially if you quickly introduced them to your children. 

Despite being athletic, they can be lazy and found napping most of the time. Their athleticism can be a pointer to their rowdiness whenever they are playing. 

Health Care and Common Health Issues

These dogs are healthy in all sense. Yet, you cannot overlook how little things can cause a problem for them later in life. For starters, you should know that the German Shepherd Greyhound mix always has a life expectancy of 10-13 years. 

It is, therefore, advisable that you take them regularly to the vet. Some problems you should watch out for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and bloating. At other times, they can also suffer from heart conditions and allergies.

When it comes to their joints and spinal cord, they are always vulnerable. 

Another important thing you should look out for is their fur’s health. You should ensure the furs of your dogs are regularly kept healthy. One way to do this is by periodically bathing them. Although the dogs might disagree, you must always assert your authority. 

To help in untangling their hair, you should try to brush their skin once a week. This will aid their hair is growing naturally and healthily. It also helps in spreading natural oils on your dog’s body. This will help the skin and fur. 

As regards oral health, ensure you intermittently give your dog enough tooth brushing. You might want to consider getting snacks that automatically brush their teeth. Another part of the body you should pay attention to is their nails. You might want to give them enough trimming theirs.

Here are some of the most likely problem a German Shepherd might have health issues:

  1. Degenerative Myelopathy: This degenerative condition affects the spinal cord. The result of this health issue is gradual paralysis. 
  2. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  3. Osteochondritis Dissecans: You have here a cartilage growth happening in the joint, yet, it is abnormal
  4. Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency: Here, the dog’s body can quickly produce digestive enzymes.
  5. Renal Cystadenorccarcinoma and nodular dermatofibromas: This skin problem is always visible on the heads and legs. It comes as a nodule formation. 
  6. Allergies: You get all including dermatitis, inhalant allergies, and food allergies
  7. Bloating


In feeding them, you should also consider the type of food you allow your dog to eat. This mixture has a loosely defined diet. Yet, you might want to remember that this breed is susceptible to dysplasia, meaning you should be careful in feeding them fatty food. 

When it comes to grains, the verdict remains the same. You should avoid feeding your dogs with foods filled with grains unless there are recommendations in this regard. 

In addition to all these, you should consider giving them meals with enough protein because they are playful and will need their tissues to be regularly repaired and replaced.

Understanding the Pups

Mixing both breeds requires that you have a bit of knowledge of the dog type. Looking at how excited you might be about the dog, it is wise to show you how far they have come. Nonetheless, you should know that both Greyhound and German Shepherds have a regal disposition. And they have been considered to represent royalty.

A Bit History on Greyhound

This dog breed can be traced back to ancient Egypt. They were represented in the oldest Egyptian hieroglyphics, with the oldest being about 8000 years old. This breed has been represented alongside significant Egyptian figures, including Cleopatra and King Tutankhamen. This dog is highly revered and regarded as gods sometimes. 

During those times, anyone who killed a dog was sentenced to death, and this was the only killing that had more graveness than killing a family’s son. 

During these periods, many Grecians who eventually traveled to Greece were able to come back with a Greyhound. Their popularity became profound after the Romans took over the world and took Greyhounds with them to different great nations, including Britain and Ireland. From here, they moved to the continents of Europe and America. 

Their name has a Grecian Origin, which might not be the original name but has stuck to the breed. It means hinter. One interesting fact about this breed is that you can barely get anyone with a grey coat. Instead, you will find a blue dog. 

German Shepherd

Their origin can be traced to 7000 years after the existence of Greyhound. German Shepherd came after Captain Max von Stephanitz decided to get the best dogs that can do both herding and hunting. To get this, he used different strains of shepherds.

They, however, became popular in 1899. Thus, they are known for their smartness, strength, loyalty, and ability to follow a scent. Before the discovery in 1899, a group of dog lovers called the Phylax Society decided to standardize getting a shepherd dog. This fruitless effort didn’t work until Captain Max Von Stephanitz saw a shepherd at a dog show. He bought the dog and began the breeding process.

Von renamed the dog and began a Kennel Society referred to as the Society for the German Shepherd Dog SGSD. Before the selection of a name, there were several arguments against choosing the name because, as at this time, Germans weren’t the people’s favorite time. 

Within the 1930s and 40s, there was a slight problem with the name people wanted to call the dogs in general. As noted before, the Germans’ reputation wasn’t something to write home about. A motion that the name would hurt the animal’s prestige was raised by the UK Kennel Club, which was a predominant world dog society. To help make the dog have a different name, the association gave the breed the name ‘Alsatian Wolf Dog’. 

This name was promptly accepted and used by other Kennel Clubs around the world. Yet ‘Wolf Dog’ didn’t stand well with a lot of people. The lack of general acceptance made the Kennel Clubs scrap the usage of the name. After everything, the name was adopted. This name, German Shepherd, however, was accepted in the 70s.

Although the German Shepherd can be excellent as a family dog, they are best known for their works in the police forces, military, and other forces.

Modernization of The Mixed Breed

You can hardly find published work on this breed. The Dog Registry of America only just regarded the species. If you wish to buy any of this mixed breed. , it is advisable that you get comfortable with spending a lot of money on getting one.


The mixture of Greyhound and German Shepherd is easy to replicate. The mixed-breed can easily do things knowns to any or both of his parents. They are generally cute and will be a great companion and pet to your family, especially when the children know their faces.

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