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Exotic Bully is a dog breed that is closely related to American Bully. This dog breed was introduced to the world in 2008 and is characterized by its strong and short legs. Although exotic Bully has not been around for a very long time, it is already quite famous among dog breeders. Regular people, however, might not know it.

Exotic Bully, also known as “clean exotic,” has a slight feature of bulldogs. As a result of this, some people that are not familiar with dog breeds might mistake it for one. This dog breed is quite mysterious as there are no records of its genealogy and origin.

History of the Exotic Bully

Before being treated as a distinct dog breed, many people considered the exotic breed to be the American Bully. This dog breed has led to quite a several controversies among dog lovers and breeders. This is because of its breed standard.

It is quite normal to know all about a dog breed that is relatively young because of tracking and records of its development. However, this is not the case for so long Exotic Bully is concerned as this breed is still in its development stage. Nonetheless, one thing that is known about the Exotic Bully is it is a cross of Olde English Bulldog, American Bully, Shorty Bully, English Bulldog, and French Bulldog. 

Although the Exotic Bully can be traced to American Bully, its bulldog features are more pronounced than those of the American Bully.

The dog breed was nicknamed “Exotics” after it appeared and breeders loved it at first sight. In a short time of being on the scene, millions of people already loved it all around the world. Due to this rapid popularity, dog enthusiasts became interested in breeding this dog the right way and promoting it. 

When a dog is well-bred, it is easy for the average person to access the right breed information. Also, truthful and accurate pedigree databases are easily accessible. These things might not seem like much. They, however, should not be under looked.

The International Bully Coalition (IBC)

There are lots of similarities between the American Bully and the Exotic Bully. Due to this, not too long ago, the International Bully Coalition come to a conclusion that it was time to develop a standard so long as the Exotic Bully is concerned. While this standard was to provide a distinction between this breed and the American Bully, it is also to serve as a means of encouraging breeders to carry out their activities ‘by the book’. This way, introducing trusted genetic information will be done quickly. Finally, it is to encourage breeders to select the ideal specimens. 

The Exotic Bully is a member of the bully family. Due to this, it deals with health challenges facing the bully family. It, therefore, becomes important to celebrate responsible breeding.

Every breeder should work towards supplying genetically healthy dogs that also have the right temperament. IBC has put out standards of this breed. While doing this, it puts animal welfare above every other thing. As the years go by, this standard will be revised with close observation of this breed. Traits 

Physical Features

Generally, Exotic Bullies have smooth coats and are short. This makes them look like dwarfed dogs. Even though they are dwarfed, their head is as big as that of the bulldog.

Furthermore, their body is big and heavy boned. The entire appearance of a bulldog is one that exudes a high degree of confidence and strength. It is very easy to link their appearance with an intimidating attitude.

Exotic Bullies have a short and broad neck that carries a big head and connects shoulders that are noticeably wild. They have short forelegs, and this is the major reason they look dwarfed. That’s not all. Hindquarters are turned out slightly and are strong.

The Exotic Royal is characterized by a hefty, full, and very broad chest. Also, their body is heavy, deep, and short. Furthermore, their head appears more significant than other parts of their body. The size of their head gives a very noticeable distance between their eyes. They have a nose that appears pushed back and flat with square and broad jaws. They have medium-sized ears and large canines.

They do not have thin or whippy tails. They are known to have strong tails. Their skin appears slightly loose and soft. It, however, does not hang fully. Also, on their face and head are soft wrinkles.


Strong dogs are easily associated with an intimidating appearance and make humans feel uncomfortable. This, however, will only happen to people that are yet to build familiarity with this breed. Just like other strong dogs, the Exotic Bully looks intimidating. It, however, does not show aggression to humans or other dogs.

When a dog owner understands dog personality and their dog, they can have a good relationship, and the training process is more comfortable.

While Exotic Bully is indeed a bully, not everyone gets frightened when they come across it the first time. Also, you can be certain it is not a vicious animal. Rather, it is a social dog.

Although the Exotic Bully has traits that are linked to the bulldog, it does not show aggression towards other dogs. This dog breed relates very well with other dog breeds. This is even more pronounced if they get to socialize quickly. 

But even though these dogs are generally not aggressive, they seem to guide their food jealously. Due to this, they could get quite aggressive with their food. This aggression is also displayed around their favorite places and their toys. But there is nothing more to this aggression. It is just them acting like dogs.

Exotics are like other bullies that love their owners. This means they will get their owner’s attention at all means. So, if you own this dog breed, ensure you make out time for some cuddling. Exotics relate well to humans. Nonetheless, it is not a good idea to leave them alone with around children. This is even more important if children are small. The reason for this is quite simple. Children could push dogs to their limits without having an idea of what they are doing.

You, therefore, will have to teach your children the way to behave when around dogs.

One thing is sure. This breed is enormously affectionate and very intelligent.


The Exotic Bully has a smooth and short coat that does not have to be groomed so much. Nonetheless, they can shed slightly. Although this dog breed does not shed as much as other bullies, you should make it a practice to reduce how much shedding takes place.

The Exotic Bully can simply be known as a “wash-and-go” breed. They have hair that will never get tangled. Due to this, brushing only must be done once or twice every week. Additionally, you only must bathe them every few months. This rule can be broken if they pick up a lot of dirt when playing in a doggy park and become stinky.

You do not have to give the Exotic Bully a haircut. Although certain dog-owners are of the opinion that shedding can be reduced with frequent coat shaving, that is unconfirmed.

Ensure you create time to brush your Exotic Bully’s coat every week. This will help you take out all dead cells. Brushing can be done with a curry comb or a rubber grooming glove. Also, you can remove dirt and get the hair soft by using a disposable wipe. After this, go ahead and brush its coat.  To get the best from brushing your Bully, you should begin from its shoulders. You can, therefore, move backward and downward.

Make certain you feed your dog properly and take it to see the vet frequently. Additionally, you should look out for any traces of yeast infection in your Exotic Bully’s ears. Also, when the need arises, make use of a cleanser that is approved by your vet and a cotton ball in cleaning your dog’s ear. You can deal with bad breath by maintaining its teeth in a healthy state. It is also important to clean your Exotic Bully’s teeth regularly. 

So long trimming of nails is concerned, your Exotic Bully is not different from other dogs. It grooming will be incomplete if you do not trim its nails. It is either you let professionals handle this in a pet-salon or do it with standard clippers.


After adopting an Exotic Bully, you might have to defend it contrary to stereotypes concerning bad behavior and regular dog aggression. This is one reason you will have to pay a lot of attention to early socialization and training.

Training must begin as soon as you get the Bully to your home to train an Exotic Bully well. This is one way to keep your dog from attacking your neighbors’ dogs or other dogs it comes across. This will also keep it from attacking humans. Ensure you start off on the right foot with your dog.

The Exotic Bully is not different from other dog breeds as it will not turn out right if not trained properly. Training is even more important for an unusual and strong dog as Exotics. Socialization and exposure to various people, sounds, experiences, and sights are important when exotics are still young. When you do this, you can have yourself a well-trained dog. Exotic bullies are not very active dogs. You, therefore, should avoid spending more time than required during training.

Training Tips

  • Ensure you make use of food, a lot of praises, and dog sweets
  • Training should be short.
  • Training sessions must be consistent.


Exotic Bully is still a new breed and is still developing. A lot of newcomers do not waste time before displaying mixed breeding’s bad, as well as a good side. When bred in the right way, you will have an Exotic Bully that is functional.

However, if your Exotic Bully is not bred properly, various health issues will affect it. When your dog faces various health issues, its lifespan could get shortened.

There are some problems associated with this dog breed. Certain people believe that the many health issues related to this breed are due to inbreeding with various dogs. 

Health Challenges

During its life, an Exotic Bully can face a couple of health challenges. Due to these various health challenges, finding out how long an exotic bully will live is impossible because of the different health challenges it has to deal with. Although exotic bullies face a lot of health challenges, some of the most common are;

  • Short Life: Generally, the life expectance of this breed is not long. The primary reason for this is linked to the fact that it has not been around for a very long time and was a breed that should be given the best of treatments ding bedding.
  • Overheating: Exotic bullies have short-nosed faces. Due to this, their tendency to overheating is relatively high. They cannot cope in warm areas and in parts of the house that are associated with high temperatures.
  • Brachycephalic: This is a condition that is common among dogs like Boston Terriers, Boxers, Bulldog because of their flat faces. They have a short nose which makes them struggle with breathing occasionally. 

Dogs with this condition are not so easy to care for. Dogs with short noses have airways that are slightly obstructed. While this is bad, it could get worse with time.

  • Joint Issues: Joint pain is a challenge that lots of dogs have to deal with. Unfortunately, it is very pronounced in Exotic Bullies. It occurs for various reasons. Sometimes it is linked to aging. Other times, it occurs merely because your dog has put up some extra pounds. The chances of a dog suffering from joint pain increases as it gets bigger
  • Back Issues: Exotic Bullies carry a lot of weight in their backs, which could occasionally lead to injuries. 

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