Chihuahua & Great Dane Mix Dog & Puppy Breed

Nowadays, people have picked interest in crossbreeding because of the several advantages to having a crossbreed at home. Some of these advantages are their ability to adapt to a new home, their better dispositions, and the ease of buying them as compared to regular dogs. Moreover, modern technology now makes it easy for buyers to expect certain characters from crossbreads when it comes to their physical behavior, even before they are born.

The focus here, this time, is the combination of Great Dane and Chihuahua, also referred to as the Great Mexican dog. You can also call it Chi-Dane-Dane. This combination is one superb one because of the friendliness and nobility of Great Danes. Likewise, Chihuahua’s tininess, sweetness, and love for cuddling give the mixed breed a different feel. The question is now how high are the chances of mixing the two breeds.

Understanding the Two Dogs

A succinct description will help us understand these two dogs.

The Great Dane

This breed is popular for its gigantic size. Their females are about 30 pounds short of the male’s 140-174 pounds. As regards height, the average female sizes are just two inches shorter than the male’s 30-32 inches. These features make this breed tower over a lot of dogs. Even when they stand on their hind legs, they are more likely to be taller than an average person.

With their height and length, they can easily depict balance and elegance. They are mostly referred to as gentle giants due to their dependability, patience, and friendliness, which surpasses most of the other breeds. Nonetheless, you cannot overlook their natural alertness, which makes them impatient with and less sympathetic to strangers around their home.

The Chihuahua

This breed is sometimes referred to as a ‘purse dog’ as a result of their size and the fondness they have for their owners, which is always reflective in the way they love being around their owners. Chihuahua is believed to be the oldest American breed and is also the national symbol of the Mexican. Regardless of having a weight of 4-6 pounds and a height of 6-10 inches, Chihuahua’s huge personality cannot be overlooked. The little beast comes with an apple head that has luminous and expressive eyes as well as erect ears.

In summary, they can be a great watchdog and companion because of their charm, attitude, as well as loyalty.

How Possible Can One Possibly Mix A Great Dane and A Chihuahua?

The challenge here is because of their varying sizes. The following factors might cause you to wonder how possible it can be to mate them successfully:

  1. Natural MatingThe first issue here is the low chances of both breeds mating, which can be considered abuse because of their sizes. The enormous weight of the Great Dane will make it hard to naturally mate them.
  2. Gestation and Birth: With the presence of technology, people now know how to bypass the natural means of reproduction. Artificial insemination requires a seed of the male parent is implanted in the female parent. This, however, is harder than it looks. The past results of the former test have proven that a female chihuahua’s small womb makes it hard for it to carry Great Dane.

To worsen the situation, the Chihuahua might be killed from the stretching of the huge puppies. In case the Chihuahua can endure the process, the chances for natural birth is low. The only way to enable birth is through a C-Section, which has a higher chance of causing the death of the host and the puppies. The cause of this is always the malnourishment of the host.

The Great Dane’s chance of successfully carrying a Chihuahua’s sperm is high. Yet, one cannot overrule the challenges they will face after the birth of the puppies. The mother’s tit is always too big for the small mouths the puppies possess, which means the puppies cannot be fed through their mother’s natural mild.

Even at that, there is always a slim chance of the Chihuahua puppies dying before birth. Moreover, you might want to consider the work that must be put into ensuring this comes into effect. If you look at these problems, it is always wise to avoid such crossbreeding

Little Literature on Great Dane Chihuahua Mix

From the available information around this crossbreed, there has been no success in the breeding process of these great breeds.

You cannot overrule the fact that a lot of people will post fake information about this breed. All these are not in any way true because none of them will be able to present a fact surrounding their discovery. 


The information around the internet as regards this research also indicates that it has been a while that anyone has ever considered taking up the project.

Despite the challenges, breeders around the world will seek a means to ensure the successful mix of these two breeds.

How Chi-Dane-Dane Look Like?

In case you wonder how a chi-Dane will look like, you will get just a dog with twice a Chihuahua’s size. Even with the physical disparity of the parents, the dog is sure to look balanced on a physical level. This observation is made from various crossbred around the world. The result of the crossbreeding always see you finding either the same trait and temperaments from either or both of the parents


A lot of breeders always want to see these two breeds coming together but this is something that can’t be achieved easily. It might take a lot of research for which many are not ready to risk the lives of precious animals. The combination of both animals, especially with their traits, will be something worth having.


Yet, one cannot overlook the difficulties encountered and leave nature as it is. Since no one can dispute that humans will always find solutions to difficult problems, the solution for crossbreeding a Great Dane and a Chihuahua will eventually become easy to do.

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