Why is My Dog Eating Paper All of a Sudden?

Being a dog lover is a good thing, but before you keep them at your home, make sure that you know the positives and negatives of their behavior. Dogs have a very different kind of psychology. And studies have revealed that they have a child-like behavior and also have great positive vibes. Yet, there are times when your dogs may show abnormal eating habits and may also eat paper at times, and you may wonder how Dog Ate Paper? It is very common for dogs to eat paper. And there is nothing for you to worry about it. It will get digested. But if your dog has eaten glossy paper, or thick paper mugs, or cardboard then it can take them a long time to digest the food and can cause them constipation and certain gastrointestinal problems. 

Reasons Why Dogs Eat Papers 

There are many reasons which contribute to dogs eating paper. And some such reasons are as follows – 

  • Firstly, they may feel hungry and not get proper food 
  • They want to eat and chew regular dog food
  • They may be stressed 
  • They may be suffering from anxiousness 
  • They may find it calming to chew the paper
  • It can be comforting for their teeth and mouth

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Fear of Separation & Anxiety Can Cause Dogs to Eat Paper 

One of the major reasons why dogs eat paper is because of anxiety. If you leave your dog alone at home then they can feel separation anxiety and this may make them behave awkwardly and they can start searching for stuff to chew like shoes, papers, couch pillows, etc. So, this is very natural. And you don’t have to get upset about it. You can console them and make sure that next time you keep them in the company of someone. Whereas the paper is concerned if it’s a tissue paper then you don’t have to stress about it.

Nutrition Deficiency Can Cause Dogs to Eat Paper 

Next, the reason as to why dogs consume papers is because there is a deficiency of nutrition in their body. And it may be possible that they may be craving for some kinds of food items which they may not be getting, and this causes them to chew papers. Most of the paper is made of trees and plant materials and they can get that smell and cravings for them to chew the same. Also, it is possible that they are very much hungry, and they are not getting proper food. It can also give them a strong urge to eat paper.

Fear and Lack of Socialization Leads to Abnormal Behavior in Dogs 

It is also possible that dogs can become aggressive and they can start eating paper or chewing it. Fear and lack of socialization among dogs can make them change their behavior and they may feel like destroying everything around them, so sometime when you leave your pup alone at home and when you come back you can see that they have either chewed your shoes, or the couch or newspapers, etc. So, make sure that you treat your dog well and also give them some play items and chewable dog bone treats. They love being glued to it. 

Dogs Can Get the Smell of Plant Material in Papers 

Another reason for them to chew the papers and eat is because it has a plant material smell which they get it and they feel like cleaning their mouth. It also helps them prevent cavities by simply chewing the paper and other stuffs. This is one of the main reasons why it is recommended that you give your dogs chewable bone treats. If the dogs consume other types of heavy paper material then it is possible that they can get into trouble like their health can decline, they can suffer from dehydration, sensitive stomach, bloating, weight loss, etc. There are many ways you can help your dog. 

High Fiber Food and Metamucil Good for Dogs 

Apart from that if your dog has consumed paper and became constipated then you check out with the vet and give them high-fiber diet food, and certain wheat bran products like Metamucil. Also, if you consult a vet, he may prescribe some medicines to heal your dog’s stomach and make them feel better. It is also suggested that if you observe any abnormal behavior in your dog then take them to the vet as soon as possible. Early diagnosis of your dog can help them to overcome any kind of further stomach problems. 

Hormonal Imbalances & Change in Environment

Apart from that, there are other unknown factors also that drive a dog to consume the paper. But studies have shown that if a dog perchance consumes a paper, then they will not die. They will suffer from an upset stomach. A dog’s behavior can also change because of hormonal imbalances. Many times, dogs suffer from diabetics & which can also lead to changed behavior and this all can contribute towards a dog eating paper. Dogs can also sense a change in environment, and this can lead the dog to behave in a disorderly manner which can make him chew the paper. 

MDD and ADHD Causes in Dogs 

Major depression disorder (MDD) can also cause a dog to chew paper and eat paper. It is also common behavior that is found in human beings. Also, another reason contributing the same is that they may suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This is mostly found in children. Studies have revealed that even though human beings only share 25% of the (genome sequence) DNA with dogs, yet they are very much similar to that of human beings. And their DNA is also made of the same building block which is there exists in human DNA. So, it is common for them also to have disorders which human being faces. 

Console Your Dog and Be Close to Him 

Another reason why dogs face MDD is that they want to be close to you. So, it is also very important that your console and love your dog and do not leave them alone. If you don’t treat your dogs properly and they are under constant stress, then it can happen that they may change and start behaving oddly. And this all can lead them to bad chewing habits like chewing and eating paper. Also, it has been found that there is a lack of training in dogs which makes them chew these things like paper, bags, etc. 

Dogs Can Get Bored 

Dogs are very interesting creatures. Just like human beings they also get bored if they are not entertained. So, they feel like entertaining themselves by chewing paper, shoes and or eating paper, etc. If proper food is given to the dogs and their stomach is full then they may stop chewing other stuff. It is because they will become lethargic. Studies have also revealed that after food consumption dogs mostly take rest and relax and will not get involved in any activities like playing or running etc. And the funny thing is that some dogs even go to sleep peacefully. 

Check for Good Bone Chewing Products for Dogs 

There are many dogs’ bone chewing products that have come up in the market which can help your pup to stop their chewing habit. Apart from that make sure that you talk with the vet before giving your dogs any kind of bone chewing product. Also, if you have a pup that has a chewing habit and chews everything, then it can be because they are losing their milk teeth. So, this is one of the reasons why most of the time they tend to chew papers and eat papers. Therefore, it is important that you make your dogs do a lot of exercises. 

The smell of Paper Can Appeal Dogs to Bite and Chew It 

The smell is another reason which is connected with dogs chewing on some stuff. They get a certain type of smell in the paper and shoes and other furniture material which appeals to them so much that they start chewing it and the same is found in papers which makes them eat it and chew it. You can also do online research on how to stop your dogs from biting and chewing on stuff. Apart from that dogs also have a funny side which makes them act like this. They may also feel like chewing paper towels. 

Check for Any Kind of Deficiencies in Your Dog 

Make sure that you take your dog to a vet and get them checked in case if they have any kind of deficiencies of zinc and other vitamins. Also, it is suggested that you make your home clean, i.e. there should be no paper around the home or any other kinds of stuff which makes them distracted towards chewing or biting those stuff. There are also some kinds of parchment papers which has silicone contents in them. And this can cause a lot of trouble and upset your dog’s stomach, so make sure that you don’t have parchment papers in your home. 

Treat Dogs gently & Give them Good Food 

Plus, make sure that you treat your dogs gently and do not shout at them. It causes them stress and will lead to these kinds of abnormal behavior and disorders. Bring a lot of dog toys for them to play with. Give them good food and oral health, so that they don’t feel the need to chew or bite anything. Train your pup and dogs gently. If their digestive system is good and they are healthy then they can leave their chewing habits. So, make sure that you give them good and hygienic foods and not dog foods that are harmful to their stomach. 

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