Dogs Mating Everyday – How Old Does a Male Dog Have to Be to Mate & Breed?

For male dog breeders, who want to breed their male and female dogs, one question that comes to mind is how frequently do male dogs mate each day? It is also a valid point for dog owners to understand, as having unexpected and unplanned puppies can make life miserable in the long run.

Like many things surrounding raising pets, this question isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Here are a few things you might need to see if you own a dog.

How Frequently Do Male Dogs Mate Each Day? 

Male dogs mate several times in a day without getting exhausted. Because of this, their sperm gets depleted with the number of times they mate. Even with the depletion in their spermatozoa, there is still a tendency for the females they mate with to get pregnant. 

How Frequently Can Dog Successfully Mate Every day?

One acceptable and recommended thing for male dogs is that they mate with female dogs at most twice a day. But, for the male dogs, if you give them a chance to do this more than twice, they won’t hesitate. There are no rules on how frequently in a day male dogs should mate; some males can go up to ten times or more. 

After Mating, Do Male Dogs Lose Interest?

One major factor that determines the loss of interest is age. Older dogs have less libido as compared to the younger ones, and this makes them lose interest quickly after sex. Other factors that come into play regarding the loss of interest in sex include:

  • The health of your dog
  • Temperament
  • The personality of your dog

Is it Wrong for Them to Mate More Than Two Times A Day?

Dogs that are free from genetic illnesses or faults and are handpicked by breeders for mating purposes are called studs. They are given preferential treatment and are given special diets.

Dog breeders may choose to mate studs every week, while others may decide to mate them just a few times in a year. The consensus is that it is improper for a stud to be mated above once a day.

Other dog breeders prefer not to mate their studs daily because they believe the more the frequency, the lesser the sperm quality. With a low sperm quality, the chances of impregnating the females would below- these are their contemplations.

So, most dog breeders do not breed their studs too often.

As mentioned earlier, the chances of impregnating a bitch are slim after two mating periods in a day with the male dog. The explanation for this is that there is always a low sperm concentration after repeated and multiple mating each day. 

Well, in the proper sense of it, this isn’t the case as there is still a chance for a bitch to become pregnant even after two mating sessions. Be very observant as a dog breeder and be careful to prevent two bitches from mating with one stud after getting into heat at the same time.

To prevent the female (non-breeding) from having an unwanted pregnancy, make sure you separate her from the non-neutered dog.

How Frequently Should A Dog Mate Monthly and Yearly?

If you let male dogs alone, they  can mate up to ten times daily, and a total of thirty times in just a single month and then a year. What this would cause is a weak and tired dog. Since females only mate when they are in heat, they differ from males who do not need any “mood” to procreate.

The success of the mating process is however greatly determined by the heat period of the female. Trying to mate with a female dog that is not in the heat is a fruitless endeavor, and there is no guarantee that pregnancy would occur.

The heat periods for most bitches vary from dog to dog, with factors such as date of birth, playing a role. Female dogs only get into their heat period about two times a year, with an interval of six months in between the cycle. That means that there would always be bitches at each time in the year, regardless of the time.

That is a major headache for dog owners that have studs, or dogs that are to be used for breeding, and for those who own bitches in heat. At least, no one wants to wake up to meet unwanted puppies flocking the house.

To prevent this from even happening in the first place, keep your studs on a leash every time. Be intentional to do this in areas where there are dog walkers. If this action is not taken, you will end up with a pregnant bitch. It is the same story for female dog owners who bring their dogs close to unneutered ones.

What Age is Suitable for My Dog to Start Mating? 

Not every dog gets to become sexually mature like the others, as there is usually an inter-breed variation. On average, male dogs can mate at about six to twelve months; there isn’t a standard rule for this.

Some dogs become sexually mature at five months, while others (larger breeds) get to maturity at two years of age. When sexual maturity sets in for your dog, it would look for things to mate with, e.g., your leg, the cushion, etc. Your dog might even scent objects by making use of its urine.

All these are indicators of your dog becoming sexually mature.

These acts of your dog may seem strange, and you, as a dog owner, would want to get rid of it as quickly as you can. Consistently correcting your pups would prevent them from doing these silly acts repeatedly. Have in mind that all these actions are only typical as part of their development.

After My Dog Has Been Castrated (Neutered), Would It Lose Its Desire to Mate?

Surprisingly, not every dog would stop mating after having its testicles surgically removed. The reason is that for some dogs, sex hormones remain present, and hence the sexual urges.

How about the humping habit of your dog?

Well, neutering doesn’t also entirely halt the habit your dog might have developed from its former sexual urges. Now, what makes your dog do this isn’t its libido levels but the personality traits as well.

Your dog, however, would have some changes in its behavior. It might act calmer, less energetic, or even more submissive. The total of all these would affect your dog’s sex drive.

How Can I Prevent My Dog from Mating If It Turns Out to Be Problematic?

The desire for your dog to mate can sometimes become a real pain in the neck for dog owners. Male dogs can sometimes lose control, especially when they are in the presence of bitches in heat. They can then exhibit some unusual behaviors that usually may not aggressive but problematic.

Your dog may stop following your commands or may try to abscond from your home to catch up with the bitch on heat next door. Dogs can do absolutely anything to consummate their sexual urges with the bitch.

They could dig the walls near the garden to escape, or even jump over the fence.

Ensure to fence your homes, fill in any holes your dog must have been digging, and ensure the gates are properly locked.

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