My Dog Ate Expired Rotten Meat – What Should I Do?

It is a well-known fact that dogs have a very different digestive system than humans. They can even eat dirt and poop and would not get sick, so you might even think that they might eat spoiled meat. So, can dogs eat spoiled meat?  Well as you know that dog’s tummy is acidic, hence you should not feed your pet with spoiled meat. If you feed spoiled meat to your dog it will cause havoc on their stomach. This can lead to them getting sick and might lead to a visit to the vet.

Can Dogs Get Food Poisoning From Spoiled Meat?

The tummy of the dog is designed to kill the contaminants, but it doesn’t give them the leverage of becoming invincible. Spoiled meat will surely cause stomach problems and can even because severe reactions if they eat the spoiled meat in huge amounts.

Over the years, the dogs have found to have adjusted themselves. Thus, they have the capability to survive even if the food source is not fresh. The digestive tract is very short; hence the bacteria does not have much time to spread and cause severe irritation in the stomach of the dog.

Hence, your furry friends are susceptible to food poisoning.  If your dog eats spoiled meat that has been full of microorganisms and bacteria it will spoil their stomach.

If your dog suffers from food poisoning it might be very harmful as it will cause explosive diarrhea. If you are not careful about diarrhea then within 24 hours, your dog would suffer from dehydration and eventually can lead to its death.

Diarrhea is not the only thing your dog will suffer, when your dog suffers from food poisoning, they will experience abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, and drooling. It’s critical to bring your dog to the vet once it shows such symptoms after eating spoiled meat.

Botulism Among Dogs

Botulism is also known as paralysis which is caused due to Clostridium botulinum bacteria. The animal carcasses have bacteria living in them and sometimes the meat is spoiled because of poor storage conditions.

When the meat starts to decompose, the bacteria then start the reproduction in a rapid manner which in due course leads to food poisoning. As soon as your dog eats the spoiled meat which has the Clostridium botulinum, it will then start to suffer from life-threatening symptoms or paralysis.

However, it is rarely found, but that does not mean that it can never happen to your dog. It is always better to not give any spoiled meat to your pet. Botulism is very difficult to diagnose which makes it very dangerous, especially for your dogs.

Let’s assume that you suspect that your dog is suffering from botulism, then you should check for the following symptoms:

  • Constipation
  • Eye inflammation
  • Drooling
  • Muscle paralysis
  • Weakness
  • Inability to swallow

Botulism causing bacteria will then spread all over the body and completely bind with the nerves in the body, this will later lead to paralysis of the body. Your dog generally shows the signs of botulism after few hours of eating the spoiled food, this is when you will see the first signs of paralysis. It also includes difficulty in swallowing and immobility which is physical. If this is not treated properly, the bacteria will cause damage to the lungs, and then it would be hard for your dog to breathe without a ventilator.

Can Dogs Eat Old Raw Meat?

It may be that you don’t want to waste the food in the house but you should never treat your dog like a garbage dump. Meat when spoilt is never good for anyone, even for your dog.

Dogs can eat raw meat only when they have been brought fresh. Serving raw meat is very difficult and can lead to contamination of meat very easily, which will lead to an upset stomach of the baby.

What If Your Dog Likes To Eat The Spoiled Meat?

Well, as you know that dog’s intelligence is not that high as the intelligence of humans, so it is for sure that they don’t understand that spoiled meat can make them sick.

Make sure that you are keeping a check on what your dog is eating, always give them dog food to prevent any problems. If you don’t want to waste the spoilt meat, you have other options to use them. The best possible way is to bury it in the mulch. You also need to make sure that by all means, your dog does not have the opportunity to eat it.

However, a large amount of spoilt meat should always find its place in the garbage. The meat which is spoilt should be closed properly so that they don’t have access to eat it later on.

Other Guides:

Can Dogs Get Sick From Eating Rotten Meat?

Rotten meat is a strict no even for dogs with a hard gut. As you know that the spoilt meat is not something they should eat. Otherwise, your dog will get sick.

Remember that the pet you have is not a wolf in the wild but a domestic dog. You might save some money by not buying dog food, but it will be more expensive to visit a vet in the future

When your dog is suffering from food poisoning it is really a serious matter. If it is not treated on time, your dog would die soon. As you would never know that toxins, parasites, contaminants & bacteria are in the spoilt and rotten meat.

Can My Dog Eat Spoiled Raw Meat If I Cook It?

Well! It is a question that might be tricky to answer. Many pet owners think it is alright for their dogs to eat raw meat. Spoiled meat is not the meat that should be eaten by anyone by it your pet, regardless of the fact that you might have kept it clean. It does not change the fact that the meat is spoilt. When the meat is consumed it will still be harmful.

The dog which has a sensitive stomach will experience worse symptoms, even if you cook the meat. You should know that when you cook meat most of the bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli die. However, if you have ground meat there might be some traces of the bacteria which can still be found as it is distributed in ground meat when you compare it to large meat chunks. Hence it is always better to use spoilt meat. You should not harm any living being just to save a few dollars.

What to Do If Your Dog Ate Spoiled Meat?

Let’s say that one day you found out that your dog has eaten spoilt meat, in these cases you should observe the dog. There are some dogs which not show any signs, which is something good. However, if your pet is weak, it will show all signs of uneasiness and would need a vet. You need to contact your vet and ask them if you should take your pooch to the clinic or if home remedies can be used.

Can Dogs Eat Spoiled Chicken?

When the chicken is fresh and raw it is not at all bad for your dog. It is rich in protein and chewy. However, if the meat gets spoiled then it is advisable not to give it to your dog whatever may be the amount of the meat or price.

If the chicken is tacky, sticky, and smells bad then it is obvious that the chicken meat is already spoilt. It will not change if you cook the meat.

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