Are Black Eyed Peas Safe for Dogs & Puppies to Have?

If you have ever eaten black eyed peas, you already know that they are a delicious and healthy snack that can be eaten on their own or added to just about any recipe ever.  However, since you enjoy black eyed peas so much, you may have wondered whether or not you can give them to your dog as well?

To answer this question in a single word, the answer is yes, you can feed your dog black eyed peas.  In fact, black eyed peas are actually going to be a great source of carbohydrates and protein for your dog.  On top of that, they are also an excellent ingredient that you can use when you make their food (if you make your dog’s food by scratch), as they are able to help your dog to regulate their body’s blood sugar levels and contain many different vitamins, the main one being vitamin K (which vitamin K helps to support healthy blood coagulation and even helps to increase your dog’s ability to metabolize protein).

How to Add Black Eyed Peas to Your Dog’s Diet

When you have made the decision to start incorporating black eyed peas into your dog’s daily diet, you may wonder how you can do so?  With that being said, you may be happy to know that adding black eyed peas to your dog’s diet is actually much easier than you may think it is.  For example, you can serve your dog black eyed peas that you have cooked as a special treat, as a type of food topper for their regular food, or even as a secondary ingredient that you use in the homemade dog food that your dog eats.  All of these are great ways that you can incorporate black eyed peas into your dog’s regular daily diet.

Preparing Black Eyed Peas for Your Dog

If you are looking for the best way to feed your dog black eyed peas, what you want to do is to serve them in this manner:

  1. Find some dry black-eyed peas
  2. Soak them in water overnight
  3. Cook them as plain as possible, making sure that you boil them until they become soft

If you are in search of a quicker method of cooking black eyed peas, you can always use the method that is more commonly referred to as ‘the quick soak’.  What this means, is that you will take your dry black-eyed peas and put them into a pot of water that you will then bring to a boil.  Once the pot of water with your black-eyed peas in it comes to a boil, allow the water to boil for a total of just 2 minutes.  Once two minutes has passed, remove the pot of boiling water from the heat and let sit.  You want to allow your black-eyed peas to soak in this hot water for a minimum of one hour, or until they have become soft to your desired texture.  

If you have ever wondered whether or not you are able to feed your dog black eyed peas, the answer is yes.  In fact, black eyed peas are actually a very healthy ingredient that you are able to feed your dog on a regular basis to help boost the amount of nutrition that they get on the daily.  While you will need to do a little bit of work in order to get the black eyed peas ready for your dog to eat, once they have been prepared, they are essentially going to be edible to your dog in a numerous amount of ways.

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