Is Papaya Good for Dogs [SAFE]?

If you are like most people in the world today, there is a very good chance that you simply love to eat different types of fruits.  If you have a pet dog, then you also more than likely know that they are always interested in eating whatever it is that you are eating, including these very beloved fruits.  In fact, there is probably a very good chance that you have actually given your dog a slice or piece of the fruit that you were eating at some point in time.  But have you ever tried to share any of the more tropical fruits with them?  To take it one step further, have you ever tried to give them a slice of that delicious papaya that you are munching on?  Here is everything that you need to know about your dog and feeding them papaya.

Fruits and Your Dog

There is no denying that fruits are great for you if you are a human, and even good for you if you are a dog.  However, there are going to be several different fruits that you should never even think about feeding your dog, or even giving them the opportunity to get ahold of.  These fruits are going to include those that have pits, as they are always going to pose a choking hazard to your pup, as well as a potential internal blockage if they are able to get the pit down.  With that being said, for the most part, fruit is going to be consider a very healthy treat that is packed full of the many different minerals and vitamins that we require in order to be healthy.  But just because a fruit is good for you, does not necessarily mean that the same fruit is going to be good, or even healthy, for your dog.  In fact, there are many fruits that can be fatal if they are consumed by your dog.  With all of that out of the way, is your dog able to eat papaya?

Can Your Dog Eat Papaya?

When it comes to papayas, you may be very surprised to hear that your dog is actually able to eat them.  In fact, papaya is actually a very delicious fruit that is packed full of not only healthy fats, but tons of antioxidants and many different vitamins as well.  Does this mean that you should start feeding your dog papaya on a regular basis?  Should you make papaya a regular part of their diet just because they enjoy eating it just as much as you do?

While it is not big secret that papayas are both delicious and juicy, there is going to be one main caution that you will need to keep in mind if you do decide that you are going to feed your dog papaya.  This caution is going to be how much papaya you are feeding your dog.  If you are only giving your dog papaya in a very modified amount, you will more than likely not see any type of adverse effects.  However, before you start dropping chunks of papaya into your dog’s eating bowl, there is a certain way that you will want to originally introduce them to the amazing fruit.

You are going to want to start your dog off with papaya in very small amounts.  This means that you will want to give them a very small piece initially, making sure that you keep an eye on them for the next couple of hours to see if they start to have any type of adverse side effects from the piece.  If you find that there are no adverse side effects, it is perfectly fine to give them some of your papaya whenever you are eating it.  Just remember that your dog does not require papaya in their diet to stay healthy, so be sure that you only use it as a treat and not as a substitute for their regular diet.  If you do, you can put them at serious risk of suffering from malnutrition, leading them to some very serious health issues down the road.

Benefits of Papaya for Your Dog

While it is not considered to be dangerous if your dog eats papaya, you may be wondering if there are any actual health benefits that they can reap from the amazing fruit?  The papaya is considered to be a very healthy fruit that is packed full of different vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.  The good news is that each of these health benefits are going to be very good for your dog’s overall health.  But you may be wondering what benefits that a papaya can specifically provide your dog with.  Here are the health benefits that papayas are able to provide your dog with:

  • They are packed with different minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and folate.  All of these minerals are going to be great for your dog’s healthy growth.
  • Papayas provide your dog with several different vitamins, the main ones being vitamins C, A, K, and E.  These vitamins help to prevent your dog from suffering from atherosclerosis, as well as increase their energy levels and boost their immune system.
  • Tons of antioxidants that have been proven to help boost your dog’s immune system, helping to prevent them from the many different diseases that they can potentially catch.
  • They are a great source of fiber for your dog.  The fiber that can be found in the papaya is going to be great for helping your dog’s digestive tract in the sense that it will help to make it much more efficient.  Essentially, the fiber from the papaya is going to make your dog feel full, helping to prevent them from becoming obese from overeating.  On top of that, papaya is also going to be recommended for your dog if they are suffering from stomach aches or heartburn.  And if your dog has any type of gastrointestinal issues that are on the minor side, papaya is going to help them with that as well.  Finally, papaya is also able to help your dog prevent becoming bloated.  Just keep in mind that papaya is not a medicine or a cure by any means, and if your dog is suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you should always make sure that you check with your local veterinarian as quickly as you can.  But if your dog is suffering from some very minor digestive issues, it is not going to hurt to give them a couple bits of papaya on a daily basis.

Problems for Your Dog When Eating Papaya

Just because papaya is ok for your dog to eat and it does have the capabilities to give them some extra nutritional value throughout their day, does not mean that feeding your dog papaya is not without its perils.  In fact, there are going to be several potential problems that can occur if you do decide that you are going to feed your dog papaya.  These potential problems can include:

  • Allergies:  it is possible for your dog to be allergic to papaya.  What this means is that your dog can have some type of allergic reaction at any given time if you feed them papaya.  These problems can range from skin problems such as itching, diarrhea, and even vomiting.  Just know that every dog is going to be different, so every dog is going to have a different allergic reaction.
  • Seeds:  Similar to seeds in other fruits, papaya seeds can potentially be toxic to your dog.  What this means is that you are going to do everything in your power to make sure that your dog does not eat any seeds.  Not only can they be extremely toxic to your dog, but they can also cause some very serious intestinal blockage as well.
  • Leaves and Peels:  These can be very poisonous to your dog as there can be pesticides and even parasites that you are not going to want your dog to digest.  On top of that, the peel of the papaya is going to be very difficult to digest for your dog.
  • Limit the Amount of Papaya They Eat:  If you feed your dog too much papaya at any given time, it has the potential to give them some seriously painful intestinal issues, loose stool, diarrhea, as well as other digestive issues.  With that being said, you should never give your dog any more than a maximum of four slices of papaya in a day, this of course depending upon how big your dog is.

When it comes to your dog, you probably want them to be as healthy as possible.  Since papayas are a great and tasty way for you to stay healthy, why not give some to your best friend as well?  Just remember that this is absolutely fine, but be sure that you follow the guidelines above to ensure that there are no adverse side effects when they do eat the amazing fruit.

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