Are Fortune Cookies Bad for Dogs & Puppies to Have?

Many dog ​​owners use biscuits for training, an inexpensive treat that no pet will give up. But no one even thinks that is it possible for dogs to have fortune cookies at all, and if so, what and how much can be given to animals.

Dog Biscuits:  Bad or Good?

On forums where pet owners are actively communicating, you can most often see statements in favor of feeding dogs industrial fortune cookies, biscuit, or sugar. But better, as a reward for training or as a treat. However, one should not rush to conclusions.

Sugar, salt, and flour are used for the preparation of any baked goods. All three of these ingredients are harmful to dogs. Wheat flour is used primarily for baking. Wheat is a source of carbohydrates and plant proteins and gives a false feeling of satiety. But gluten (wheat protein) has an incomplete amino acid composition, which is why it causes allergic reactions in animals. When gluten breaks down in the digestive tract of the animal, peptide chains are formed. In the dog’s body, the peptidase enzyme is not included, destroying them and breaking down gluten.

Fortune cookies and such “delicacies” have a negative effect primarily on the appearance of the animal, its skin, and wool. The latter becomes dull and begins to fall out. Allergy does not appear immediately, but gradually, it may take a month, or even more, before the characteristic signs of allergy appear:

  • Itching that leads to scratching and alopecia
  • Discharge and bad smell from the ears
  • Inflammation, eczema on the skin
  • Upset digestion

It is unlikely that any of the owners will associate such unpleasant symptoms with a cookie fed to a pet a few weeks ago. But, during this time, an allergen accumulated in the animal’s body, which gave sharp or gradual manifestations.

What is included in cookies?

Just because a cookie is called zoological does not mean it can be given to dogs. You must clearly understand that cookies contain sugar and flour, plus any additives. All of these things cause allergies in dogs. Starting from the dullness of the coat, hair loss, combing, when the dog starts scratching itself strongly, the dog’s ears begin to leak, they begin to smell unpleasant. Also, eczema, wet, inflammatory areas of the skin may occur, and diarrhea, vomiting may even happen. The worst thing is that this allergy does not start immediately, as soon as you gave the cookie, but after a while. That is, it has been a month or a month and a half after you fed the cookies, the dog has accumulated an allergen, and an allergy has developed, or it gradually manifests itself. Therefore, we altogether remove cookies from training. Plus, it is not suitable for training because when the dog grabs it, it often chokes on it because it is dry.

What else awaits pets, which the owners encourage “Zoological” or “Mary”?

If you give even dry biscuit biscuits too often, your dog may have digestive problems. Veterinarians unanimously say that flour products in any form are contraindicated for dogs. Sweet pastries can cause eye diseases, allergic otitis media, or conjunctivitis. Those who did not think about it and gave the dog store-bought fortune cookies (not to mention homemade ones), Noticed that after a while, the pet’s eyes began to turn sour. Flour + sugar + salt and butter or margarine and problems with the liver and pancreas are provided. And in most dogs, the quality of the coat is noticeably deteriorating, skin diseases develop.

Also, an excess of carbohydrates in wheat flour can lead to obesity, diabetes, chronic inflammation of internal organs. A complete diet means that most of the carbohydrates the dog should receive not from carbohydrates but amino acids and fatty acids.

So Can Dogs Eat Fortune cookies?

If the dog asks for fortune cookies, it is better to give him one that will be safe for the stomach and other organs. In pet stores, you can find special dog treats: biscuits and fortune cookies, which have an attractive taste and contain the nutrients the animal needs. Pedigree and Cliff offer crispy, meaty biscuits that contain vitamins and minerals. These delicacies are safe and even useful for pet’s calcium supports healthy teeth and bones, vitamins and amino acids ensure the normal functioning of all systems and organs. So can dogs eat Fortune cookies? Yes, but within limits.

Manufacturers take into account the variety of pets’ preferences and produce snacks and biscuits with different tastes, not only meat (chicken, beef, lamb), but also with cheese and fish. A variety of treats are available for dogs:

  • biscuits
  • sticks
  • snacks
  • cereal muesli
  • fortune cookies and bagels
  • chocolate and hematogen

With this range of healthy and nutritious treats, there is no need to feed your dog junk food. And besides, you can make homemade treats without fat, with healthy ingredients.

Essential for Your Dog! 

Homemade biscuits made for a pet are always guaranteed fresh products, so they are healthier and safer than purchased ones.

Many pets love sweets and fortune cookies, but such treats can lead to serious illness. Allergic reactions and digestive problems are just a minimal list of what a dog can expect, which the owner often treats with fortune cookies. It is much healthier and safer to make your treat or use biscuits offered by pet food manufacturers as treats or rewards.

Many human sweets are harmful to the dog: cakes, candies, chocolate, muffins, fortune cookies. First of all, their harm is due to the presence of sugar, which is entirely unnecessary for the dog’s body, and cocoa beans are generally poisonous.

Therefore, chocolate is simply deadly for a dog. But many dogs love sweets. And in any case, training requires tasty rewards for correctly performed actions. Fortune cookies are best suited for this.


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It is convenient to break it into pieces and store them in your pockets. But for the dog’s health, it is worth using not ordinary “human” fortune cookies, but specially prepared. On the one hand, it is very convenient. You took a sausage, bought it, cut it, and a ready-made treat for practice. When there is no other way out, and you have forgotten everything, you can buy sausages for one lesson and practice on them in principle. But you can’t work for them for a long time.

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