Is it Safe for Dogs & Puppies to Have Smoked Brisket?

Imagine that you have just had a huge feast that was packed with tons of different barbequed meats and other delicious treats.  You ate way more brisket than you ever thought you would be able to, but there are still tons of leftovers and you are wondering whether or not you can share some of the deliciousness with your best friend, your dog.  While you think that you should be able to as you give them every other type of meat that you eat without any problems occurring, so why not give them some of your world-famous brisket as a delicious snack?

Here is what you need to know when it comes to your dog and feeding them brisket.

Can You Feed Your Dog Brisket?

When it comes to answering the questions of whether or not you can feed you dog brisket, the answer is going to be no, you should never feed this type of meat to them.  While you may feel that some scraps of this particular meat will be something that they will enjoy, you don’t even want to give them the leftover scraps that you have after eating this particular meat.

So why should you never feed your dog brisket you ask?

The main reason that your dog should never be allowed to eat any type of brisket is going to be for the fact that brisket is a meat that is extremely high in salt and contains a ton of fat as well.  As if that weren’t enough to keep this particular meat away from your dog, brisket is also going to have many different spices in it, many of which can potentially be very toxic to your dog.  What this means, is that when you do feed your dog brisket, you are giving them way more sodium than they will be able to handle, exponentially boosting the amount of fat that they are consuming, and feeding them spices that can make the sick, or even be fatal to them.

Essentially, if you allow your dog to eat brisket in any amount, you will potentially be putting them into a situation that will see them with some very serious potential health issues, one of which includes death (this will depend upon the amount of brisket that they end up eating).

What to do if Your Dog Does Eat Brisket

The best thing you can do to prevent your dog from eating brisket and risking all of the potential health problems that come along with it, is to not feed your dog brisket.  However, if your dog does end up getting some brisket for whatever reason, the first thing that you will want to do is to contact your local veterinarian as soon as you possibly can.  They will be able to give your dog an exam and make sure that there are no health risks that you need to worry about.  At the very same time, they can also assess your dog to identify any health risks that they may be going through.

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