What are the Top Dog Collars for German Shepherds?

We love German Shepherds for many reasons. They look good and behave well around children and families; this intelligent breed possesses high energies, is playful, and easily lovable. Your GSD would do well with a collar.

If you are considering a dog collar for your German Shepherd for the first time, you may not feel that there is reason enough to get one; you may also doubt the right collar’s availability. However, one of the best places for your pup’s tags, such as rabies, license, or identification tags, is a collar.

There are also various types of collars, allowing you to choose what would best suit your dog. One of the most common types is a standard collar; it suits best gentle dogs that do not pull on the leash. It often holds tags on its D-rings and can be used with other collars such as the martingale or training collars for more control.

If your dog is a puller or will foreseeably force you to pull, you may find a martingale to be more appropriate; this collar is designed to restrain pulls. It is made of nylon and can have a metal proportion. The collar tightens with pulls. Therefore, besides training a GSD to avoid pulling on the leash, it also helps first-time handlers.

Another collar that was made with puller-dogs is the training collar. Unlike the martingale, this type is made of a metal chain all through. The chain tightens to your dog’s pulls; it works to train your GSD to calm down. However, a handler should be well-versed with using it, since improper use could injure the dog.

A nice way to teach your dog to avoid pulling on the leash is with a gentle leader collar. The collar works uniquely by directing the dog’s muzzle towards its handler; it goes around the GSD’s muzzle, behind the head, and under the ears. Without tightening, it diverts the dog’s attention to the handler.

Technological advances have seen the introduction of vibrating e-collars. To get your dog’s attention, you can press a button on the remote control; your GSD may get a particular sensation, which it can respond to, over time, learning to avoid unwanted behavior.

Many brands offer collars for German Shepherds. Buying from the right brand will bring your dog one step closer to comfort. This article will look into some of the best GSD collars in the market. Our list is as follows:

1. Blueberry Pet 

Some of the most adorable collars that you will come across are the Blueberry Pet collars. They best suit female dogs, following how its florals will look against a GSD’s fur. If your German Shepherd is young and on basic training, this leash could also serve it well.

Blueberry Pet collar is a standard type and suits puppies because they do not need a cinching collar and do not pull too hard. You can teach them commands and walk them on their leashes without the need for concern about the collar’s integrity.

You can always get a size upgrade to this standard collar as soon as your puppy does not fit into it. You will know it when the collar extends to its maximum size. You may love how soft its high-density polyester material is; this means more comfort to your pup.

You may also be happy with its quality; the collar is durable and will not wear or tear. You get a nickel-free D-ring and eco-friendly buckles. Blueberry Pet offers an additional matching harness, seatbelt buckle, lanyard, and even leash.


  • Suitable for female puppies
  • Standard collar
  • Suitable for basic training and walks
  • Soft high-density polyester for comfort


  • Some users were unhappy with the size

2. Chai’s Choice 

If you would like guarantees on your German Shepherd’s comfort, this could be the product to check out. Its features provide a combination that ensures your dog’s comfort with the collar on; therefore, you may not have to worry about blisters or sores around your GSD’s neck.

Besides a standard buckle, this collar also comes with a D-ring. You may love its thick padding, which ensures your dog’s comfort and suits young and senior GSDs. What is more, is that the padding is easily breathable and soft, thanks to its mesh-make.

Adding to your dog’s safety is the collar’s nylon webbing; its material is 3M reflective. You get a stainless-steel D-ring with tensile strength and a high loading capacity; therefore, you can use this with junior German Shepherds and upgrade their sizes with the dogs’ aging.

You may also love that the quick on and off snap buckle is made of Duraflex and is lightweight. Summarily, this is a standard collar with simple features; it focuses on more comfort and safety for your puppy, suiting walks, and daily training.


  • Thick padding for comfort
  • Standard collar
  • Soft, easily breathable mesh
  • Nylon webbing 
  • Stainless-steel D-ring 
  • Quick on and off-snap buckle


  • Its size can be disappointing

3. PetSafe Martingale

You may already be familiar with PetSafe, a high-quality manufacturer of dog equipment. PetSafe dog collars are impressive, the martingale collar topping the list. If you have an active puppy, you may be facing some trouble in your walks and training; this collar could be the answer.

It is a cinching collar and is useful in ensuring your dog does not slip away. You may be happy with the product’s fair price and high-quality make. Its nylon material gives confidence of comfort and durability. The collar also comes with a snap buckle.

Your dog may not easily slip out of this collar, thanks to its loop. If your dog gives you trouble in walks or training by pulling in its direction, this collar could also help keep them in line, thanks to its cinching make. Eventually, it trains your dog on relaxation.


  • Affordable
  • Martingale collar
  • High-quality
  • Snap buckle


  • Some users were unhappy with the sizing

4. Coastal Pet 

A training collar that you may want to consider is the Coastal Pet. It is designed to help with training basic commands and keep your dog in line when out for walks. However, as we had noted with training collars, you may want to observe caution. Let us have a look at what this collar has to offer and how best to use it.

It has 3mm links in its 24-inch length. You may also love the durability and strength that you get from its chrome plating and argon welding; this product was made to last and resist damage. Therefore, you may not have to worry about breakage, rust, or tarnishing.

Due to its training design, it would be best to use the collar with your dog on a leash. Yanking or pulling on the leash can injure your dog’s neck; some dogs can turn aggressive when they are in pain. It would also be safest to use the training collar with dogs of six months old and beyond.

For your dog’s comfort, get its neck’s circumference and add four inches for the most comfortable fit. This collar’s cinching helps with your GSD’s relaxation; therefore, it may not pull on the leash or easily back out of the collar. It is suitable for walks and command-training.


  • Suitable for basic command-training and walks
  • Training collar
  • Durable and strong chrome plating with argon welding


  • For most puppies, it can be small

5. PetSafe Gentle Leader 

Here is another collar by PetSafe that you may find to be ideal for your German Shepherd. Do you remember what we discussed about a gentle leader collar? It is the type that goes behind your dog’s ears, under the muzzle, and under the chin. Let us have a look at what this product offers.

Its straps are made of nylon, which assures comfort and durability. You may also be happy with their adjustability. You should expect a padded neoprene nose loop, which adds to your pup’s comfort by saving it from blisters. This collar is easy to use.

Unlike most others, it comes with fitting instruction. Should you feel unconfident, its training guide will provide more support; the DVD will take you through what you need to know about using the collar. This gentle leader directs the dog’s activity to you due to its design, preventing jumps, lunges, and unexpected barking.

Thanks to the control it offers, you may find it suitable for puller-dogs. You can also use it with other dogs that would use heel training. You do not risk causing your German Shepherd pain or choking and benefit from the collar’s gentle control.


  • Comfortable and durable nylon straps
  • Highly adjustable
  • Padded neoprene nose loop
  • Training guide, fitting instruction, and DVD included
  • Suitable for puller dogs and heel training


  • Disappointing clasp quality

6. KONG 

The KONG collar has had excellent reviews over the years from satisfied customers. It is suitable for use on adult German Shepherds who are about four human years of age onwards.

The collar is available in a variety of colors for those keen on fashion. Some of its features are as highlighted in its name. Some highlighted features include being reflective and padded with neoprene.

The collar is reflective as the fluorescent colors get incorporated into its manufacture. These fluorescent colors are also called neon colors. They are known to stand out more than the conventional colors.

The KONG collar also has paddings of a unique elastic material known as neoprene. Its elastic property gives it flexibility; hence this is meant to enhance comfort and prevent injuries around your dog’s neck.


  • Wide with adjustable details to prevent injuries 
  • Reflective
  • It can be paired with a harness.


  • It has a rough feel, which brings discomfort.


The PET ARTIST collar another well-reviewed dog collar that may be a suitable fit for your German Shepherd. Its manufacturing has incorporated several features that have made it among the most preferred dog collars.

The collar is made out of pure leather. The leather in its authenticity provides a soft finish and ensures your dog’s comfort. Alongside adaptability for owners with unnecessarily stubborn and choosy dogs as its soft touch aids it to go unnoticed.

The dog collar also gets fitted with clasps. These clasps are of zinc alloy, which is metallic. Zinc alloy is resistant to rust and also has excellent tensile strength. Hence these features boost the durability of the clasps.


  • Suitable for larger German Shepherd breeds.
  • It can be used with a harness 
  • Handle for dog owners’ control.


  • It may be unsuitable for smaller-breed German Shepherds 

8. Yunlep

This is among the best German Shepherd collars as it incorporates thoughtful features, as will be briefly highlighted below. It is suitable for use on German Shepherds above four years of age.

As its name dictates, the collar is made from nylon and often gets used on the German Shepherds in military training. Its primary material consists of not just any nylon but military nylon. It also has metal clasps that get used to either fasten or loosen the grip around your dog’s neck. 

However, the type of metal used to manufacture the clasps is unknown. Clasps bring adjustability by allowing the increase or reduction of grip hence preventing neck injuries. The Yunlep collar is thick with a standard width of up to 1.5 inches.


  • It is suitable for use during aggressive dog training.
  • Handle for more comfortable restraint and control of brisk reflexes.
  • Unique sticker on the backside for placing your dog’s medical information, among other identification details.


  • It is not a good fit for untrained German Shepherds.

9. Soft Touch 

The Soft Touch collar features some of the usual features we have already described. This collar stands out as its design concept has an added elegance element, which may be fitting and attractive for dog owners who are keen on fashion and style.

This collar’s primary material is pure leather. The manufacturer emphasizes the safety of their products. For instance, the tanning process is entirely organic. The dog collar’s edges are always neatly tucked in to ensure its longevity.

The collar has metallic clasps that facilitate more effortless adjustment of its grip on your German Shepherd’s neck. The clasps are made up of brass and coated with a competent finishing paint that also enhances durability by preventing rust.


  • Classy and elegant finish 
  • Adjustable collar 
  • It has paddings hence ensuring maximum comfort.


  • A bit pricey

10. Angel Pet Supplies 

The Angel Pet Supplies collar is unlike any other mentioned in our list mainly because of its eye-candy design. The collar is a go-to for any dog owner who is a fashion enthusiast or enjoys handmade crafts, as all the designs have a refined finish.

The collar has about eight brand designs: Santa Fe, Tucson, Dallas Iaredo, Sierra, San Antonio, and Mesa. Another unique aspect of this Angel Pet Supplies is that these sophisticated designs are hand made from very high quality and authentic leather.

The collar’s primary material is pure leather fitted with quality metallic clasps to fasten or loosen the grip. Other features added by the manufacturer to enhance its comfort include the padding on its interior. 


  • Well-executed designs.
  • Flexible
  • It has an allowance for another dog collar.


  • It is expensive.

When shopping for your German Shepherd’s best collar, it is good to know what to go for and what you should avoid. We have discussed some of the options you have for your pup. Briefly, we will also look at what would be best to keep off. 

Dog Shock Collar

Shock collars were designed to affect a dog’s attention through shock. While these collars can release only a small amount of shock, doing it to your dog is inhumane. The situation can worsen to affect your dog’s development in cases of power abuse.

Remember that an electric shock causes pain. Constant pain can cause trauma to a dog or instill fear; when dogs are afraid or in pain, they become susceptible to aggression. Over time, shock collars can physically harm your dog by causing skin sores and welts.

If you love your dog, you may want to consider options that are good for its health and do not cause trauma or instill fear. The point of using a collar is to have a reasonable amount of control over your pup when walking or training; most collars also hold dog tags.

Prong Choke Collar

As the name suggests, prong collars are metallic collars with sharp prongs designed inwardly to your pup’s neck. Its mechanism relies on pain to deter the dog from unwanted behavior; therefore, the prongs tighten around your dog’s neck as the collar tightens. The stabs cause pain, which attracts the dog’s attention.

If you can imagine the amount of pain your dog will be every time it tightens the collar, you can gauge why this is another inhumane collar type. Over time, your pup can develop injuries or even acquire infections due to skin piercings.

Relying on pain to change your dog’s behavior may not be an ideal way to train. You can consider more subtle ways. If you have a great need for control, you can try harmless options that we have looked at; some of the collars in our list are suitable for training and guarantee better safer results.

Using Dog Collars

If you liked a particular type of collar, feel free to purchase it for your German Shepherd. If you like another, you should not worry since it is okay to use more than one collar. Many people use standard collars for their dogs’ tags and an extra collar for the leash.

Collars are helpful; therefore, you do not need to take them off your dog during the day. However, you should be able to supervise your GSD whenever it has the collar on since it can get caught on something. Sometimes, dogs try and succeed to take them off. The night is the best time to relieve them of the collars since it can be challenging to supervise at such times.

German Shepherds behave differently. While some are often gentle, others can be energetic and regularly pull on the leash. Which collar would suit such dogs? You can try martingale collars or gentle leader collars; training collars are also a good consideration. The three types are helpful with relaxing your dog.

In a vehicle, a collar works differently from a harness. You can attach your dog’s harness to the seatbelt, and it will be protected in case of an accident. However, the case is different with collars. It is not a good idea to attach your dog’s collar to the vehicle’s seatbelt. In case of an accident, it could break its neck or choke.

Do not tighten your dog’s collar; it may face trouble breathing or moving freely. Your dog’s comfort should be your primary concern. Do not make the collar too loose either; your dog could slip away. Therefore, a good fitting should have enough space for two fingers.

Bottom Line

A good dog collar could be what your German Shepherd is missing. Our dogs have different needs; therefore, it is good to determine which collar would best suit your pup. While some of the collar options could be suitable for your dog, other types are harmful and best to avoid.

Choosing the best collar in the market is not always easy. We have discussed some of the top options and what they have to offer. While all prove to have what it takes and each can serve you uniquely, I would like to recommend that you buy the Blueberry Pet collar.

It is a standard collar, which you may find suitable for female puppies. It is suitable for basic training and walks. Your pup may find it comfortable, thanks to its soft, high-density polyester material. You can also consider the PetSafe Martingale collar; it comes with a snap buckle, is affordable, and high-quality.

Buy Blueberry Pet collar today!

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