What are the Top Calming Chews for Dogs?

Anxiety is not only for humans; animals too get anxious for a myriad of reasons. When our dogs are anxious, they act out of the norm, which in turn raises our anxiety because we want our dogs to be at their best. You may have trained your dogs, but sometimes life happens, and they develop new anxiety triggers.

To rectify this anxiety problem, it is vital to identify the triggers that cause anxiety in dogs and their possible solutions. Once we find the triggers, we can use non-obtrusive ways to calm our pets by introducing calming treats and chews.

If you are unfamiliar, calming treats are nutritional supplements that do not have medicine. These nutraceuticals help soothe the anxiety without exposing the pet to unnecessary chemicals. 

We have scoured the market looking for healthy, calming treats that have few side effects for your dog, and we have come up with seven products that we think are suitable.

1. Maxxicalm Calming Aid For Dogs

Maxxicalm is ideal for dealing with separation anxiety, storms, and fireworks that may disrupt your dog’s normal behavior. Whether your dog is anxious or fearful, these pills help the animal cope with stressful scenarios.

The formulation includes natural ingredients such as Taurine that inhibit adrenaline release, chamomile, and passion flower, L- Theanine for boosted brain function, Thiamine, magnesium, and inositol.

You will find a guide book to help you understand your dogs and achieve optimal results with the product. The 120 calming aids are available in pill form that is crushable and administered to the dog daily according to the prescription.

Produced in the USA, this product has natural ingredients that allow the canine to be active instead of drowsy.


  • Contains natural ingredients like L- Theanine, chamomile, and inositol.
  • Does not cause drowsiness.
  • Acts within half an hour.


  • Takes time to work on dogs with chronic anxiety.
  • Hard to measure the correct dose for smaller dogs.

2. VetriScience Composure

The VetriScience Composure comes in three flavors of chicken liver, peanut butter, and bacon. Your dog can enjoy the flavor of the treat as it waits for the calming effect to kick in, which is usually in 30 minutes, and it lasts for about 4 hours.

This product contains Thiamine, L- Theanine, and colostrum, which are synonymous with relaxation in dogs whether they are afraid of thunderstorms or travel-related anxiety. The treats are safe to use daily even when you double or triple the amount because there are no harmful chemicals.

Each package has 60 tasty chews, but you can upgrade to the larger package of 120 chews if you have many dogs.

It is important to note that this product works optimally in dogs that have received training, have regular exercise, and a proper diet.


  • Available in three flavors.
  • Administered as a chew treat or liquid
  • It is soy and gluten-free.


  • Not for traumatized dogs.
  • The calming effect takes a while to kick in.

3. Ready Pet Go! Natural Calming Treats for Dogs

Made in the USA, the Ready Pet Go! Natural Calming Treats for Dogs consist of L-Tryptophan, Magnesium, L-Theanine, and hemp. This formulation helps dogs suffering from separation anxiety or general fear as it additionally has Thiamine and chamomile.

Your dog reduces its hyperactivity by 99%, presenting a calmer pet. These 90 treats are administered in daily doses depending on the size of the dog. Just because scientists formulate it in a lab, it does not mean they are not delicious because they come in cheese and bacon flavor.

How fast the treat works depends on the prescription and the dog’s size; hence, it may occur immediately or after a few days. Patience is key.


  • Contains hemp, chamomile, L-Theanine, and Thiamine.
  • Dogs like flavor.
  • Tested by third party groups for quality assurance.
  • Utilizes lab-grade ingredients.


  • No indication of expected working time.
  • Large canines need more chews.

4. NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid

The NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid takes a more homeopathic route by using high-quality natural ingredients. This product features soft chews that are tasty and full of L-Tryptophan, melatonin, and ginger, which are great stress relievers as a whole.

The formulation is useful for dogs over 12 weeks to get rid of anxiety caused by traveling, fireworks, or grooming. Offering 70 soft chews, the calming aids are in a re-sealable jar that maintains their freshness.

These calming aids are from the US, and their formulation takes place in a cGMP approved facility. The company has over two decades in the field; you can trust they know what they are doing.


  • Comprises of melatonin, L-Tryptophan, and ginger.
  • Takes effect fast.
  • Ideal for car-sickness because of ginger.
  • Formulated by a reputable company.


  • Smell and flavor may not appeal to some dogs.
  • Dry texture.
  • Larger dogs need a larger dose.

5. Premium Care Calming Treats for Dogs

Premium Care Calming Treats for Dogs is certified by a vet to be suitable for your canine companions. The formulation reduces dog-related anxieties up to 99% as it contains valerian root, chamomile, ginger, l-tryptophan, and passion flower. Valerian root is known to lessen barking, chewing, and scratching.

These treats are convenient if your dog’s anxiety stems from loud noises or separation anxiety. The container features 120 chews that you can administer daily for 4-6 weeks. Some instructions dictate the number of chews for a particular size of dog to achieve the best results.

Those with allergic dogs can rest easy as the treats are dairy, corn, and soy-free.


  • Acts within 30 min in some cases.
  • Contains valerian root, l-tryptophan, passion flower, and ginger.
  • Soy, corn, and dairy-free.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee.


  • May take 3-4 weeks to see results in some dogs.
  • Duck flavor is not appealing to picky dogs.

6. Zesty Paws Calming Bites for Dogs

If your dog loves the taste of turkey, then they will enjoy the Zesty Paws Calming Bites for Dogs. This product contains chewable supplements with chamomile, melatonin, valerian root, Thiamine, and hemp seed powder to help with anxiety without causing drowsiness.

Each container includes 90 soft chews with clear directions for use to prevent overdosing. If your dog is prone to allergies, this product is soy, grain, and corn-free, they can ingest without worries. 

It would be best to give the chews daily to see expected results between 2-8 weeks. If they do not work, the brand offers a lifetime money-back guarantee.


  • It consists of relaxing elements like chamomile, melatonin, and valerian root, and hemp seed.
  • Free of grain, corn, and soy.
  • Nice turkey flavor.
  • Offers a money-back guarantee.


  • Overlooking the instructions can lead to an overdose.
  • May take a while to show results in some dogs.

7. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements Calming Care

Lastly, we have the Purina Pro Plan Calming Care probiotic supplements that assist your dog deal with its anxiety triggers. It can help dogs reduce pacing, jumping, or spinning as it consists of Bifidobacterium longum, a known relaxing bacterium for dogs.

The formulation has the flavor of liver; therefore, the dog will go to it quickly. The instructions indicate that the supplement is for daily use for about six weeks to experience the full effect.

 You do not have to worry about allergies because there are no known allergens in the formulation. The Bifidobacterium longum is not only good for anxiety, but it will assist the canine to have a healthy digestive system, which is a plus.


  • Features a probiotic that calms the dog and boosts the digestive tract.
  • Ideal for dogs with allergies.
  • Dogs love the liver taste.


  • It takes longer to see the effects.
  • A bit pricey.

Causes of Anxiety in Canines

All creatures have a survival instinct that permits them to scurry when danger approaches. Anxiety is not all bad because it leaves us in an aware state; however, too much of everything is bad. Too much anxiety in humans and animals can turn out to be debilitating. 

When it comes to dogs, here are several things that may trigger an anxiety attack. These reasons may be insignificant to you, but for dogs, these reasons are much more significant.

  • Loud Unfamiliar Sounds

Loud and strange sounds, such as fireworks, booming music, and thunder, trigger animals’ anxiety. The loud noise unsettles the dog as they don’t know what is happening and how to manage it.

  1. Separation Anxiety

Unless you work at home, your dog spends a few hours by itself. If the dog enjoys having you around, its anxiety will kick up the minute you walk out of the door. That is why some people come back to trashed houses or neighbors complaining of a noisy dog.

Separation anxiety may be due to trauma experienced in the past, like abandonment by the owner. Instead of getting irritated, seek a vet’s advice to lower anxiety, according to the breed. Taking the dog for long walks may be a solution if you do not have other available ways.

  • Lack of Training

Dogs that lack training or have socialized poorly tend to have anxiety attacks. The dog needs to get trained at a young age so that they manage their stresses better. If you adopt a dog from the shelter, it is commendable to re-train the dog. It might be challenging at first, but the dog will be calmer once the training takes effect.

  • Naturally Anxious

Some dogs have a predisposition to anxiety, and we are not sure if it is DNA related or it is just a stereotype. Such breeds include Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, Labrador Retriever, and Greyhounds, among others. 

This form of anxiety is known as generalized anxiety, and it may disappear from time to time. Sometimes this type of anxiety is written off as the animal’s behavior because the symptoms are subtle.

Solving generalized anxiety includes promoting social interactions and creating a familiar environment with fewer stress-triggering stimuli. Calming treats help relax the dog before the onset of a stressful event like grooming or thunderstorms. If the treats and the controlled environment do not work, seek help from the vet or a dog trainer for better insight.

  • Illness 

When your dog is not feeling well, they will act out of character. Sometimes we attribute anxiety to behavioral issues when that is not the case. There are conditions like hypothyroidism, Thyrotoxicosis, Encephalitis, and Pre-diabetes that will affect your dog’s normal behavior. 

Before attributing the anxiety to things happening externally, have the vet inspect the dog for any illnesses. If the dog has a clean bill of health, then you can go ahead and deduce other anxiety-causing factors.

Anxiety Symptoms

What does anxiety in dogs look like? If you have never encountered an anxious dog, then you might pass it off as hyperactivity or excitement. Because dogs cannot talk, it is up to us to find the reason and solve it for them. Below are a few symptoms that dogs suffer through when anxious:

  • They are destructive.
  • Drool everywhere.
  • Jump and pace around.
  • Barking excessively.
  • Relieving themselves in the house.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Scratching surfaces.
  • Depression
  • Hiding behind surfaces during the anxiety period.
  • Overly aggressive.

If you spend most of the day out of the house, subtle anxiety symptoms may pass you. Leave a small camera in the house and record the dog’s activities during the day. This will give you a good indication of whether your dog is bored or suffering from chronic anxiety.

What to Consider When Purchasing Calming Treats

Buying calming treats can be frustrating if you don’t understand your dog. What seems palatable for one dog may not be the same for the other. Before you purchase any calming products, consider these points;

  • List of Ingredients

For the health of your dog, it is essential to look over the ingredients list. The ingredients should not possess harmful chemicals or allergens that will affect your pet’s health. All calming treats come with a list of ingredients; if you are unfamiliar with some terms, you can google just to be sure.

  • Size

The size of the product should correspond with the number of chews/pills or sachets available. Every product has its operating instructions depending on the size of the dog. Large dogs will require more treats, and therefore, you will have to spend more.

  • Administration

You know your dog best in terms of what they like. Some dogs can take pills, and some dogs prefer chewy treats. Select a method that will make administering the calming treats to the dog an easy process.

  • Flavor 

Like humans, dogs can be picky with what they eat because it has to resonate with their taste buds. Some dogs prefer strongly flavored treats, and others like dry ones with a subtle smell. Like we said above, you know your dog better, so select accordingly.

More Ways than One

Using calming treats and chews is an excellent way to relax your dog, but it cannot be the only method. The minute the treats end, the dog is back to an anxious state. There are methods like having pheromones that remind the dog of the mother, hug machines, or puzzle toys. These methods work well in conjunction with the calming treats to create a relaxing environment for your pet.

Make sure that your canine receives a balanced diet and regular exercise to keep their mental and physical shape in top condition. Social events for dogs are available, and they make an excellent way for your dog to blow off some steam.


Anxiety in dogs will not disappear into thin air; you have to find the root cause and solve it without subjecting your dog to toxic chemicals. Leaving the anxiety untreated is not an option either because the behavioral problems will escalate.

If you choose to work with calming treats for long periods, integrate other anxiety-reducing methods to have the best results. You can overcome your dog’s separation anxiety by leaving the dog with the trainer or your local dog walker for a few hours.  This way, the dog is not left feeling abandoned.

So far, we find that the Maxxicalm Calming Aid is more effective for dogs of different sizes. It takes a short while to be absorbed by the system, and it has all-natural ingredients to boost overall health. 

Offering 120 pills per container, this product gives good value for money. You can administer the pills for a while before having to purchase another container.

The fact that it doesn’t have a variety of flavors, but different dogs still love it, is a good sign. Your dog might not like swallowing pills, so crush them and add them to their food. Your dog will remain active as the product does not have any compounds that cause drowsiness.

Many dog owners around the globe have given this product a try, and for many, it has worked. We cannot promise you that your dog will like the Maxxicalm Calming Aid, but it is worth giving it a try!

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