Why Does My Dog Sleep on Me and Not My Husband

Dogs are known for their mischievous acts. One of them might be to sleep between you and your partner. It doesn’t matter unless your dog acts weird on the bed. Dogs like to sleep with their human, it may be with or without their significant partners. However, there are some other reasons why dogs like to sleep between you and your partner.

  1. It’s the Most Comfortable Spot: The dogs might find the bed space between you and your husband or your wife very warm or a very comfortable spot. It is alright for your dog to be with you and your partner unless its presence is making you uncomfortable for both of you.  
  2. Your Dog is Being Protective: Maybe your dog loves and respects both of you and wants to be in your bed so that it can protect both owners.  Dogs want to be ready in case of threats, so they might sleep near the people whom they want to protect.
  3. Your Dog is Anxious: Dogs feel relaxed and secure when it sleeps between you and your partner. A dog which is stressed or anxious may want to sleep in paces which may sound close and tight. One of which is the bed. It may happen if the dog is new or you and your fluffy friend may have moved to a new house. If you think that it is a sudden behavior, you might want to change or determine the surroundings which is making your dog anxious or disturbed at night.
  4. Your Dog is Jealous: Studies have revealed that dogs are very jealous when it comes to their owner. This may be one of the reasons why your dog may be sleeping between you and your husband or vice versa. They might be very jealous of you giving your time to your husband or wife.

Some Dogs that Prefer Sleeping with One Individual

In many situations, dogs like to sleep with only one owner and want you only to sleep with them and them. Dogs might show such behavior for the below reasons.

  1. Your Wife/Husband is Acting too Aggressive: Assume that your dog is sleeping with you only and not with your partner. This may be because the other person might be acting violently or very aggressively with your dog. It is afraid or nervous to be alone and wants to be close to someone who is nice to him.
  2. Your Wife/Husband doesn’t Spend Quality Time: If your dog prefers you over anyone in the house, may be because you are spending more time with him and are communicating and playing with him a lot. They might think that you are from the same pack and may like spending time or bonding with you like pack members. Later on, they might not be comfortable with others who do not spend much time with them.
  3. Your Wife/Husband has bad body odor: As you already know dogs have a sensitive sense. It may sound funny but your dog may not like to sleep next to someone with body odor. Hence may want to sleep with you.

How to Avoid Encouraging It?

Some dogs repeat things if they think that their human friend likes it. If you think that you want to prevent this behavior you might have to start rewarding your dog when they are not sleeping with you.

Listed below are some other ways to make your dog sleep elsewhere:

  • Avoiding encouragement.
  • Train it to sleep at a place which is allotted for him.
  • Give him things to do at the designated place that will keep him busy.

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