Weimaraner Vizsla Hybrid Cross Mix Dog Breed Guide – Vizmaraner

One of the best dogs that you can ever own is Vizslas and also Weimaraners. Many people are still searching for their mixed breed. They are one such breed which is the noblest one and it was believed that kings and noblemen owned these breeds of dogs. Vizsla Weimaraner Mix is a very sui generis breed. It is one such breed of dog which cannot be found easily and this breed of dog has its own challenges. So, it is better that you know the pros and cons of bringing this dog to your home. This will help you better to know how to take care of these dog breeds. You can find a larger list of Vizsla Mix dog breeds here.

Origin of Vizsla Weimaraner

The Vizmaraner dog breed was mostly known as the hunting breed. Their real origin is from Hungary. And they date back to the 10th Century. These breed dogs are not too large, they are medium-sized. And one of the best things that you will know about these breeds of dogs is that they are extremely protective. Some of the key qualities which they possess are as follows – 

  • They are affectionate 
  • They are Gentle 
  • They are energetic 
  • They are friendly 
  • They are fearless 
  • They are obedient 
  • And they do intense activity

Hunting Dogs with the Most Appealing Feature 

The people of the 19th Century used these breeds of dogs for hunting purposes. They mostly hunted deer, boar, and bear. These dog breeds have a balanced height and weight. One of the most striking features that you will know about this dog breed is that they are very beautiful. They have very appealing features and especially you will fall in love with their eyes. Also, their ears are very cute and wide, like a velvet napkin. They mostly have blue, brown, yellow, amber, and grey eyes. And their nose color is grey. And their neck is smooth and strong. 

Extra-Ordinary Affection and Faithful Nature 

Now, let’s look at some of the positive sides of these breeds of dogs. Dogs are known for their affectionate and faithful nature, but these breeds of dogs are extra-ordinary when it comes to their affectionate nature and their faithfulness. You can give them rigorous training in the sun or even in harsh winters, and one of the surprising things that you will know about these breeds is that they will never get tired and will never leave you alone. They always cling to their owners loyally. Also, they are very friendly with the kids and they can be playful. 

The Most Socializing Dog with Grasping Quality 

All that you need to do of this breed is to train them to socialize from a young age and they will mix with other animals and strangers also. One of the best parts that you will know about these breeds is that you can give them the best training because they are a very intelligent dog. These dogs have superb grasping skills they can learn new things faster. If you don’t like to instruct your dog several times, then you can choose this breed of dog. It is because they will follow your instructions at once and you don’t have to repeat them anymore. 

Groom Your Dogs Well 

They are the kind of dog who will love to please you with their innocence and they love to deal with new challenges. No matter how hard rigorous training you give them, they will always learn very fast and smoothly. They can do a lot of exercises. If you want to see these breeds neat and clean, then you must do their proper grooming, so that their coat is clean. Make sure that you brush him regularly. At some seasons you will see that they shed a lot of hair. So, take care of that. 

Have a Companion Who Can Walk Miles for You 

If you are an athlete and you like running then you can take these dogs as your companion, because they are also the fastest runners. Hunting as a sports activity is banned, but still, many people take these dogs for protecting them while they go into the jungle. They are such a faithful dog that they can walk miles for you. You will feel blessed to have this dog in your life. These dog breeds can live for up to 10-15 years. They are healthy dogs. But they also suffer from various kinds of diseases like hip dysplasia, epilepsy, lymphoma, and also from retinal atrophy.

Plenty of Workouts Needed for these Breed of Dogs 

Make sure that you take these breeds of dogs regularly to the vet and get them tested for various kinds of problems related to heart and eyes etc. There are many things that they require and the first and foremost thing is that they need a lot of exercise. They need at least 2 hours of walk daily. And if you cannot give them that many hours of exercise, then its better you don’t keep such a breed of dog. You will also notice that these dogs have a very high energy level. 

Superb Active Dogs that are Sensitive 

They can jump fences, climb off the walls, and run around on your lawn for a longer time. So make sure that your yard is secured. These dogs will become depressed if they are not given much exercise and they will become dull. Apart from that, these dog breeds have the fear of being left alone, which causes them great anxiety. They will become bored and start thinking negatively about you. So, if you are out on a job make sure that there is someone at home to accompany them and keep them busy. 

Best Second Shadow for Human Beings 

At some point in time, these dogs become very stubborn. So, make sure that you can keep them happy. In short, this breed of dogs can be defined as an all-purpose hunting dog. They can be your best second shadow and they will always stick around you. And they can become very unsettled if they don’t find a company. They are the kind of dogs that carry a lot of positive energy. Plus, these dog breeds are very active mentally. You will also see a funny part that is that they will stick to you like glue.

Dogs with Greater Speed and Alertness 

These breed dogs have a very beautiful athletic figure and they are slender. They work with a greater speed and they also have an endurance capacity. You will also note that these breed dogs are very friendly, plus, they are fearless and they have a habit of being constantly alert. Apart from that these breed dogs enjoy their own company. So, they like to stay aloof most of the time, especially when you hold a social gathering and call family and friends for a get to gather, you will note that these dogs will stay aloof at one corner. So, don’t be surprised. 

Don’t go on the Looks, See the Heart of these Dogs 

You don’t have to think that these dogs are rough; they are very gentle-mannered dogs. Their looks might look a bit harsh and sharp, but they have a very soft heart. Most people don’t prefer to keep this breed is because they judge from their appearance and think that it is a fierce dog. People always want cute dogs. But this is not true regarding these breeds. These dogs also can be best for those people serving in the military and army. They are a wonderful breed of dogs that you can ever get.

Diligent Creatures that Had Become Extinct 

After World War II, these breed of dogs had become extinct. They are very diligent creatures and are the most handsome dog that you can ever own. It is a multi-talented dog. You have to take extreme care and precaution of these breeds, and spend time with them so that you can understand them better. 

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