Guide to Red Color Coated Dogs – Breed List

A dog’s coat is very much part of its identity, the same as its behavioral characteristics. Dog coats come in various textures and colors, and in some cases, a dog’s coat can be the sole identifier of its breed. Some dogs stick with one coat color their whole lives, others have layers of coats with each varying in color, and some have coats that change color as they grow. In this case, we are looking at dog breeds that sport only red fur coats. 

Before we introduce the different breeds, here are some things to keep in mind to lessen the confusion that is associated with dogs with red fur;

  • The American Kennel Club refers to red fur dogs as ruby-colored dogs. This categorization may confuse someone who is not familiar with the different shades of red.
  • Liver colored dog coats are different from red coats as the former is more of dark chocolate. This color swap is a common misconception among dog owners. 
  • An unhealthy diet can cause red hair symptoms in dogs. Low levels of tyrosine amino acid can cause the fur to turn from black to a rusty brown or red color. Dogs suffering from this syndrome have lower food intake, which leads to weight loss. They may need supplements to recover their lustrous coats fully.
  • Too much sun exposure can cause dogs, especially with long black coats, to develop a red tinge.

Now, let us look at the great breeds around the world with red coats.

Irish Setter

First on the list is an Irish native dog; the Irish Setter, a hunting dog. The 1940s saw a steady decline in the breed, and there was a call to action to bring back the breed as a working dog. This move seems to have worked as the breed is still here with us today with variations that include the White Setter and the Irish Red.

The Irish Setter boasts of a shiny and silky coat whose color ranges from chestnut red to mahogany. The medium-length coat requires brushing regularly to prevent it from feathering. These canines have a life span of around 12 years and engage peacefully with other dogs and children.

Australian Kelpie

This sheepdog of Austrian origin is perfect at droving and mustering with no guidance. The dogs are available worldwide to muster livestock, specifically goats, sheep, and cattle. These dogs come in various colors, including red, tan, black, fawn, cream, and yellow. 

You will find some Kelpies with two colors or patches on their chests. Red cloud Kelpies refers to tan/red or red Kelpies with white patches on the chest.

Redbone Coonhound

Another dog with Irish ancestry is the Redbone Coonhound that sports a luscious red coat. Their coats are listed among the Coonhound breed as among the most uniform, although the fur is short and dense. These dogs have a lifespan of 14 years, and they are primarily for hunting, but they are great as pets. 

Redbone Coonhounds like to play with their owners, and they are generally affectionate dogs. Interestingly, the name Redbone does not stem from the coat’s color but their initial breeder from Tennessee, Peter Redbone.

Australian Cattle Dog

Just as the name suggests, the Australian cattle dog is from Australia, and its main job is to drove cattle over harsh terrain and long distances. This working dog is not only intelligent, but it is energetic and easy to groom.

These dogs are available in various colors, including cream, red, blue, and chocolate. Australian cattle dog puppies that turn red or blue are usually born white or black, and then the color changes over time. The dogs have an average life span of 11-15 years if they are taken care of well.

Hungarian Pointer or Vizsla

The Vizsla in Hungarian denotes “tracker” or “searcher,” which summarizes what these dogs do. These sporting dogs are loyal companions whose medium size is one of its appealing characteristics. They have short, dense, and smooth coats without an undercoat, making them unsuitable to be kept outside.

Vizslas come in different colors such as dark sandy yellow, russet gold, copper brown, and dark mahogany red. Dogs with pale yellow or dark brown face disqualification in sporting events.

Miniature Pinscher

It is easy to confuse the Doberman Pinscher and the Miniature pinscher; however, they are unrelated. The Miniature pinscher is an ancient breed of dogs with a short and smooth coat with no undercoat. The coat can be red, chocolate with rust-red highlights, or stag red; show dogs are mostly red or stag red in color.


Dachshunds are gorgeous small dogs with shiny, smooth coats. You can find some with short, wire-haired, or long coats, depending on your preference. These dogs are for hunting small animals, but they are mostly pets over the years. You can find them in black, red, white with spots, grey or blue.

Dachshunds are quite stubborn, and they like chasing small animals and birds. Because of their stubbornness, they can be quite challenging to train. Be careful while having them around other dogs and strangers as they can be quite aggressive.

Golden Retrievers

The Golden retriever is a medium-large sized dog that usually sports a golden-colored coat; however, there those dogs with golden red coats. Their coats tangle fast, so frequent brushing is essential to prevent matting.

They are known to shed twice a year profusely; thus, people with allergies need to be cautious. Described as kind, confident and friendly, these dogs are perfect as pets. They are patient with kids, and they absorb training very well; you can find them involved in rescue activities, guiding the blind, or sniffing out bombs.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

These muscular dogs feature a short, dense coat whose color ranges from wheaten to red wheaten. Their glossy coats are easy to maintain and change severally during the dogs’ life. Rhodesian ridgebacks are originally from South Africa, and they were for hunting. 

These dogs have a lifespan of 13years, and they are intelligent as well as loyal. They love to run; hence they need regular exercise in open spaces. These dogs are very protective, which makes them excellent guard dogs.


Pomeranians are small dogs available in a wide range of colors, including white, orange, red, black, cream, blue, sable, and many others. Red Pomeranians became popular after people imitated the color of Queen Victoria’s dogs. 

These dogs are friendly, sociable, intelligent, and playful. They are energetic dogs, but they require more attention than the actual exercise. They have a 12-16 year lifespan, and they need regular grooming to maintain their thick coats.

Korean Jindo

The Korean Jindo is originally from South Korea, and the dog features coats of various colors. The hunting dog has short thick fur with a soft undercoat. You will find these dogs with red, white, or black coats that are longer at the back of the thighs. These dogs are popular in Korea, but it is hard to find them elsewhere in the globe. People see the dogs as active, intelligent, and loyal with a gentle nature.

Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk terrier hails from Britain, and it is mainly a working dog. These small dogs have a double coat that features a tough, wiry topcoat and a warm, soft undercoat. Their coats are usually red, grizzle, black, or tan. These dogs are fearless with an independent streak; if well cared for will enjoy a lifespan of 8-14 years.

Take your time while grooming their coats to get the best results. Hand stripping may consume time, but it is an excellent way to eliminate all the dead hair.

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