Pitbull Lifespan – How Long Can Pit Bulls Live On Average?

It is not news that Pit Bulls have to deal with a stigma. Regardless of this stigma, they do very well as pets. Although they are not the most attractive dogs around, lots of people still have them as pets. If you have any plans of getting a pit bull, you most likely are interested in finding out how long this dog breed lives.

Dogs have proven to be great friends to their humans, and humans wished they lived very long. Unfortunately, dogs do not live long enough for a human to have just one dog for a lifetime. Although dogs do not live so long, it is a great idea to know how much time you have to spend with your pitbull. Additionally, it is great to find out what you can do to help them live longer.

What Type of Dog Breed is a Pit Bull?

Before discussing how long a pit bull can live, you should know exactly what a pit bull is. There is a dog breed known as the American Pit Bull Terrier. Nonetheless, lots of dog enthusiasts refer to American Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier as a Pit Bull.

So, for the purpose of this article, we will focus on the American Pit Bull Terrier. Nonetheless, the various dog breeds that are referred to as Pit Bulls have lifespans and health challenges that are similar to those of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

What is the Pit Bull’s Lifespan?

Averagely, the Pit Bull has a lifespan that ranges 12-14 years. Regardless of what is expected of your dog, it could live to be 20 years old or even die a lot earlier than 12 years. Nonetheless, if your Pit Bull does not encounter any life-threatening accident or a major health challenge, you should expect it to live to be at least 12 years old.

Factors Responsible for the Pit Bull’s Lifespan

Tragic accident is a factor that has an effect on the Pit Bull’s lifespan. However, it is not the only factor. There are a number of factors that affect the lifespan of a Pit Bull. Some of these factors are;

  • Inadequate Exercise:  Pit Bulls have the tendency to be destructive. However, this destructive behavior can be put in check when they exercise constantly.  This implies that in the absence of adequate exercise, Pit Bulls can get very destructive. Due to this behavior, their owners can move them to a shelter in which they most likely get euthanized.
  • Absence of Training: When Pit Bulls are not trained, they could attack a human or another dog. When a Pit Bull exhibits this aggressive behavior, it might not live very long as it may have to be put down.
  • Heart Disease:  This can affect a pit bull’s lifespan without any prior warning
  • Hip Dysplasia: Pit Bulls with hip dysplasia have a reduced quality of life and struggle to move around.
  • Poor Diet: When Pit Bulls do not feed well, their health and, eventually, their lifespan could be affected.
  • Obesity: Obesity could affect the lifespan of humans. Nonetheless, humans are not the only ones that obesity could lead to an untimely death. Pitbulls that are obese also might not live very long.

How to Help Your Pit Bull have a Longer Lifespan

Things like congenital heart diseases cannot be altered. However, there are moves you can make to ensure that your Pit Bull has a long lifespan. Below are tips to help your Pit Bull live longer.

Brush Your Pit Bull’s Teeth

A lot of dog owners do not realize that brushing their dog’s teeth is important. While your dog’s dental health does not seem very important, it can have a major effect on your dog’s general wellbeing. If you fail to brush your dog’s teeth, you risk the growth of bacteria under its gum line. When this happens, the bacteria will find their way into your dog’s bloodstream and could have an effect on its internal organs.

Give Your Dog Good Food

All things being equal, taking as much junk food can shorten one’s lifespan. Also, people that eat healthy meals are known to live longer than those that do not. This rule might seem peculiar to humans. Nonetheless, it also applies to dogs.

When looking to buy food for your Pitbull, ensure you do not go for cheap foods. Although cheap foods might seem like an easy way to feed your dog and save a lot of money, it has its downsides. A lot of cheap dog foods do not have any nutritional content as they simply contain filler ingredients such as meat by-products and corn. When looking to buy dog food for your Pit Bull, ensure you get foods that contain real meat.

Ensure they Exercise Properly and Train Well

Pit Bulls are active animals, and for them to live at their optimum, they will need to train for at least one hour every day. If Pit Bulls do not exercise regularly, they usually get bored and become destructive. When Pit Bulls get bored, they begin eating and swallowing things they should not eat. This habit can damage their intestine and could cause death if a surgery does not get carried out.

Take them to the Vet Frequently

Treating a lot of health conditions is easier when they get noticed early. One way to spot a health condition in your Pit Bull is by taking it to the vet frequently. When it’s still a puppy, you should take it to the vet at least once a year. However, as it gets older, it should visit the two times a year. When you do this, discovering problems before they take your pet’s life will be easy.

Take Time to Select a Pit Bull Breeder

Generally, Pit Bulls get affected by ailments. Popular among these ailments are allergies, thyroid problems, heart disease, and dysplasia. The right breeders go the extra mile to lower the number of genetic conditions that get passed through a Pit Bull’s bloodline. That’s not all. They also carry out tests to ensure a Pit Bull is in the right health condition before it gets bred.

Unlike breeders with the right reputation, pet stores, puppy mills, and backyard breeders seem majorly interested in making money instead of being interested in making healthy puppies. When a dog is not bred properly, its likelihood of suffering genetic problems is high. Additionally, it will also most likely get affected by infections such as parvo.

Since getting a Pit Bull from a reputable breeder is important, you should know how to spot a reputable breeder.

The right breeders do the following.

  • They ensure the parent dogs go through health tests before any breeding.
  • They give you the freedom to spot the puppies on site.
  • They should ask you a couple of questions and be ready to provide answers to all your questions.
  • They should give you the freedom to meet the parents of the dog you intend to buy. If the parents are not available, then the mother must be available.

If keeping the puppy is something you are not willing to do even after making payment, they should be willing to take it back. They could give out health guarantees.

Ensure Your Pitbull’s Weight is Healthy

The weight of a pit bull has a major effect on its health and on its lifespan. A lot of pet dogs are overweight. This might make it seem like they eat healthy meals. However, it can lead to sicknesses like arthritis, kidney disease, cancer, and high blood pressure, which ultimately affect your dog’s lifespan.

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