Why Does My Dog Smells Like Iron or Metallic?

Have you ever got a smell from your dog’s butt; well, you are not the only one who has got this smell? There might be many reasons for your dog smelling apart from him been digging for things that he is not allowed. If your pet dog has started to smell like metal, then your pet might be suffering from health issues.

You might assume automatically that your dog might be injured. The reason being that a metallic smell is often found to be linked to blood smell. Many pet parents start to check their dogs for injuries. Some of them even check if there is any bleeding from their mouth.

However, blood is not the main reason for this smell. The main reason for the metallic smell is due to various other reasons which you will find in the below article.

The main reason though for the iron (metallic) smell comes because anal glands are impacted. As the glands become full, they start to give out a metallic smell.  However, there are many more reasons which are listed below.

The iron smell is found in both males and females. The smell of your dog may not always be the problem with the anal glands. So, what may be the other reason for the smell? Why would your dog smell like iron and should you be worried about the iron smell?

Why Many Dogs Smell Like Iron?

There are many other things that can happen to your dog and it may start to smell like iron. There might be many reasons why you are getting an iron smell from your dog, it may be your dog’s mouth and teeth, skin, urine, and even vomit. Sometimes it is just that they have been out digging their bodies into things which they should not have touched.

Many Dogs Have A Breath That Smell Like Iron?

Male and female dogs can have a breath that smells like iron. There are many reasons for this such as having chewed on something which had caused dental issues, bleeding issues, kidney issues and some even might have an ulcer. Even when the dog licks their backside, because of the anal glands being leaking, they give a smell of iron.

There are many pet parents who have a puppy or a dog whose breath is smelling like iron. Many of them are alarmed because they think that the dog might be bleeding internally.

There are many other reasons why your dog’s breath has been smelling of iron. You need to think about a lot of things that might be affecting your dog’s breath. There is something you need to check for when the smell of your dog’s breath smells like iron.

  1. Have They Been Chewing On Anything Hard: Has your pet been chewing a bone or any toy which has hard edges? This can cause lacerations in your dog’s breath. These lacerations might lead to bleeding. They are generally found on the mouth roof or the gum lines.
  2. Teeth or Gum Line Infection:  This generally happens when your dog ages. This is when their teeth start to rot and fall some even might have an infection in the gum. Keeping on checking the gum line and if you still can’t find the actual reason for the iron smell go to a vet for a checkup.
  3. Teething: When a puppy is teething, at times it is found that their mouth smells of iron. It should be treated as a normal phenomenon and something not to bother.  However, if the concern increases a lot then you can visit the vet.
  4. Problems in the Dog’s Kidney: When the kidney for your dog fails then it might smell of iron. The smell indicates a kidney problem.
  5. Ulcers: Some dogs have ulcers, which is why they might be smelling of iron.
  6. Anal Glands: If your dog is licking his backside it would be very much possible that the iron smell of the leaking anal gland can be smelled from his mouth.

If you see that the iron smell is increasing you need to visit the vet to get a thorough check-up.

Does Your Dog’s Vomit Smell Like Iron?

If your dog is vomiting and the smell seems like iron. The nasty metallic-smelling puke might be a sign that there is a health-related issue with your dog and they would need a fast veterinarian checkup. When your dog is sick, they might vomit which would stink like faces.

Why Does My Dog’s Pee Smell like Metal?

The urine of a male or female dog may often smell metallic, this may be because your dog might be suffering from a problem with the kidney. The iron smell in the pee would be because of the blood in the urine, your dog might have gotten an internal injury, in the kidneys.

Many a time dog’s urinated somehow in the house. If this is when you notice that the urine smell is like iron then you should start the investigating further. Everyone knows that blood smells like iron. If your pet’s urine smells like blood then you need to contact the vet and consult about the kidney-related problem. This is the way your dog’s urine smells metallic.

The kidney’s main function is to maintain and balance the body waste (both animal and human). As soon as the dog’s kidneys malfunction the toxins start to settle up in the body, this also includes the blood. Hence your pet would become ill. Many a time you might find another symptom of kidney disease in which the breath would smell like ammonia. Don’t confuse urine smelling with the rear end smelling. Many pet parents get confused with anal glands iron smell.

Why Do Anal Glands Smell Like Iron?

Dogs have a set of small sacs that are found on each side of their anus. The anal glands are lined by cells, it is these cells that secrete the oily substance which gives out a fishy smell that has been drying in the sun for hours.

However, many pet parents find the dog’s anal glands smell to an odor which is like iron. Which is very much similar to how blood smells. Hence, you should always check if your dog is injured or not.

If your dog is healthy it does not matter if there is a metallic smell. It is though considered a recognition stamp by which other dogs know your dog.

The Function of Anal Glands?

The main function of the anal gland is to secrete an oil which creates the signature of your dog. This is how dogs can mark their own territory and recognize each other.

The fluid which is created by the anal glands looks like a sticky brown release while your dog defecates. If you have ever seen your dog smelling his feces. Then you need to know that they were checking out their own signature smell which comes from the anal sacs. You might have even seen your dog smelling the other dog’s backside when they walk in the park. This is how they pick the scent of the other dog and identify the other dogs.

Why Does Dog’s Skin Stink Like Iron?

There might be many reasons for which their skin smells like iron; it might be the anal glands that are used to recognize the territory or other dogs, starts to leak and gets into the fur or skin, or if it has blood in them. If you ever check your mutt for an injury, it is quite possible that it has impacted the glands.


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