Why Does My Old Dog’s Breath Smell Like Rotten Meat?

As a dog owner, one of the things you should watch out for in your pets is the issue of bad breath. There’s that moment where you get a whiff of your dog’s breath as he or she playfully hops on you or is nestled close to you on the couch as you watch TV, and then you realize how awful their breath smells. That’s one real bummer that could put a dent in the fluent relationship you have with your pets. Pet owners find bad breath disturbing because it implies that something is wrong with their pet. 

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, here is a list of things that account for your dog’s bad breath and how you can deal with it.

Dental Health

Like humans, the dental health of a dog is also very vital. Several dental health issues could be responsible for your dog’s bad breath, and some of them are gingivitis and the accretion of tartar. The accumulation of tartar usually occurs just below the gum line. In the long run, a continued accumulation will lead to the formation of bacteria, which can pose a health risk to your dog. Tartar accretion arises when plaque collects on the teeth over a long period. The collection of tartar leaves a rough feel on the teeth.

Gingivitis is like the inflated beneficiary of tartar accretion. Among other dental health issues that dog’s face, gingivitis is the most common. Gingivitis means the infection of the gums, and it happens when bacteria has lodged around the gum for a lengthy period. As you find with people, dogs suffering gingivitis will also bleed from their gums. With time, if gingivitis stays longer, the dog’s dental health could suffer several things ranging from tooth decay, the loss of teeth, to the feeling of excruciating pain. An accretion of tartar and gingivitis could be responsible for the awfulness in your dog’s breath.

Your Dog’s Diet is Poor and Unbalanced

Your dog’s awful breath might be a result of his or her diet and the imbalance of it, especially if the diet contains plenty of carbohydrates and grains. Meals that consist of plenty of sugar and grain will not only cause your dog’s teeth to degenerate but will also lead to bad breath, seeing as bits of the food usually remains between the teeth after eating.

If you intend to stop the bad breath, you would want to give your dog meals free from grain and sugar. It would be best if you also desisted from giving your dog scraps from off the table as they are usually deficient in the required nutrients and brings about an unbalanced diet.

Respiratory Tract Disease

If your dog has bad breath, one other probable cause could be that they have a respiratory illness. Among the respiratory diseases that could lead to bad breath, some are sinusitis, nasal infections, and nasal tumors. These diseases cause bad breath because they create pus in the nasal cavity, which now goes down to the throat. The resultant smell is so bad because the pus consists of bacteria, dead white blood cells, and blood. Administering antibiotics is an option if your dog’s infected in the nasal cavity; however, this depends on the respiratory illness your dog’s suffering. Tumors will have to undergo numerous surgical amputations and medications prescribed to mitigate sinus pressure and infection.

Awful Breath: A Sign of Sickness in Dogs?

Usually, with dogs, awful breath is a symptom of sickness, with gum disease being the most common of ailments. The awfulness in their breath stems from bacteria that have found a home in their mouths. Usually, the teeth are the only thing affected at the initial stage because that’s where the tartar and plaque will accumulate. The condition worsens with time, and the bacteria can begin to move into the host’s bloodstream. Things could get critical at this stage if you don’t curb the spread of the bacteria with the proper administration of antibiotics and other related medication; once the bacteria gets into the bloodstream, it could affect internal organs, thereby making matters worse.

If your dog has awful breath, the kind that scares the bejesus out of you, the advisable thing would be to pay a visit to the veterinary doctor; this is after you may have tried to change its diet to no avail. Figuring out what’s exactly responsible for the awful breath is a healthy choice and will help you on your way to getting rid of it.


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