What’s Wrong With My Dog? Why Does It Vomit A Dark Brown Liquid And Has Stopped To Eat?

If it’s your first dog it is normal that you have gotten scared when your dog vomits a liquid that is brown and has a very bad smell. He might even stop eating. Before you read the below article here is one thing that you should know, “dog’s capability for vomiting is more developed than humans”.

They find it easier to vomit because their body is designed in such a manner that it can bring things to their mouth. However, when ingesting something which they should not have eaten, they can take it out with great ease.

Why Is Your Dog Vomiting Brown Liquid Which Stinks Like Feces?

It does not possibly mean that you should worry about your dog vomit which looks like a brown liquid or sometimes even looks like a mixture of yellow and white foam. You just need to know that they are giving back things which to nature which they are not supposed to ingest.

What you have to be concerned about if the habit remains throughout the day you need to consult a veterinarian.

Why Does My Dog Vomit Dark Brown Things?

There might be various reasons as to why your dog is puking something which is something very similar to the color of chocolate and has a terrible stench. The most common reason which you can give is that as your dog is an active dog, it is full of energy and has a lot of vitality. It is so much in excess that your dog cannot resist playing and exercising, immediately after eating. So, after they play for some time of running, the food might get expelled due to such movement and as it was not digested properly. It has such a color.

If this is the condition of the dog then there is nothing to be worried about it. Make sure your dog eats less and do not allow him to move much after your dog has eaten. You should ideally give the food in 5 equal amounts evenly at different times all throughout the day. So, your dog would not eat much and will also not vomit. This way of feeding helps in the controlling of your pet friend’s weight.

Indigestion is the main reason why your dog is vomiting brown liquid and has stopped eating. If the food of your dog is of very poor quality and is filled with dyes & preservatives along with chemicals and various unnatural nutrients due to which your dog feels sick and vomits the same food. To stop this from happening you have to feed them better food. You need to change the food every alternate day so that they get all kinds of nutrients. You can try homemade recipes which are made by you to get them a more homely feel.

Your dog will love the food made by you. You can use the use lean meat which also includes vegetables such as carrots and potatoes or you can make pasta which you can make according to the dog’s diet. Always consider that there are no bones, just the meat in the food, and you would see there is a change in your dog’s behavior.

Brown Vomit

The main reason why dogs take out brown substances during vomiting is that some dogs might eat their own or other dog’s poop. While your dog is out for a walk it treats its tongue as the best stimuli to check out things that it can find on the road. So, you should not be shocked to find out if they have ingested the poop of other dogs.

When this happens, your dog will surely puke it out, and it would surely smell and look ugly. Indigestion of this kind happens not just by eating the excreta but also eating food from the trash, which is rotten, sometimes licking urine of others can thus become very harmful for your dog’s health. Keep an eye on your dog when you are out on a walk with him or her, so that you can prevent this from happening.

Never let him near plants or near the trash so that they can pick things that are dangerous for them. Don’t watch your phone and browse through social media websites while you are walking your dog as you might not keep a check on what your dog is up to. It is better to play with your pet.

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