What are the Top Summer Dog Houses for Hot Climates?

Heat is a good and a bad thing. When it gets too much, it can leave the body in bad condition. Besides discomfort, you may not help but feel sickly. Beyond the mere feeling, you can actually suffer heatstroke. Dogs are like us and are susceptible to the same dangers. 

Heatstroke can cause mental confusion, disorientation, and as it progresses, your furry friend can lose consciousness. Are you worried enough? If you treat your pup as your baby or best friend, you may want the best for them.

So, how do you control or avoid the dangers of too much heat? Think about how the weather feels; if it feels too hot for you, then your dog most likely feels as hot. While they are equipped with some control mechanisms, such as panting, they eventually suffer the heat.

Like you would prefer a shade to lessen the sun’s heat or a chill room to cool down the high temperatures, your dog would also do with a house or space for relief. Your furry friend will remain healthy, develop, and become happy. Remember, over-exposure to excess heat is unhealthy.

So, what options do you have for your dog? A high-quality dog house is a good idea. You may have thought about and sought through the many available types but ended up confused. There are plenty of brands available, and each offers something unique.

How do you get through the confusion and land on a decision you would be happy about? This article will discuss the top five dog houses that you can expect in the market. We will look at what each dog house has to offer and its strengths and weakness.

1. PetMate

Are the temperatures getting worryingly higher? A good consideration for your dog’s house to cool things down can be this option by PetMate. Thanks to its tough resin-make, you will be happy with how much heat it can tolerate; no high can be too high here.

You may also love the house’s complete internal insulation. Thanks to its construction, the cool air remains in the house, while heat remains outside. Furthermore, the roof has a ventilation system responsible for the house’s adequate air circulation. 

For more air circulation and a better air-flow, your pup gets a raised floor for their house; the result is the ultimate comfort. You may love the house’s construction more; you may not experience any complications detaching its bottom. There is more to this dog house that could suit your furry friend.

For your dog’s health safety, the house comes in an antimicrobial finish for its coating; the result is a bacteria-free and clean environment. Since our dogs are of different sizes, the product makes a fair allowance by providing three sizes; you can choose according to your preference.


  • Complete internal insulation
  • Roof ventilation for air circulation
  • Easily detachable bottom


  • Some users found it small

2. PetsFit

Coming second is another dog house you can trust to serve your dog optimally when temperatures get high. PetsFit’s high adaptability enables it to provide for your dog’s comfort needs in high temperatures. Let us look into what more the product offers.

Like our first option, PetsFit is raised from the ground; this enhances air circulation and promotes a better air-flow within the dog house. The product’s removable floor provides more room for air within the house, hence its ability to see you through harsh conditions.

Are you worried about what would happen if it rained or water dripped over the dog house? Thanks to this product’s waterproof material built into the roof, your dog can remain safe from such concerns. What is more to the weather control, is this house’s plastic flap built into the door.

If you are thinking about getting your dog extra air circulation, you can prop the house’s door up; this is made possible by the strong hinge. You can also lift the roof, and fresh air will flow in. You may love this dog’s house large size; you can get it in different sizes, depending on your pup’s size.


  • Sufficient air circulation
  • Waterproof material
  • Large size


  • Some users were disappointed by the construction

3. Suncast

If an attractive dog house would suit you, Suncast could be a good consideration. You may love not only how it looks but also its performance in cooling high temperatures. The product gets its good looks from the resin molding from which it is made.

What more does it have to offer? You may like the product’s simulated shingles and its two fake windows. What is more, is that you also get faux siding from the house’s body. For extra protection from the elements, the product comes with a vinyl flap for the door frame.

That is not all. If you are worried about other weather conditions affecting your dog’s comfort, then you may be happy with this product’s water resistance. You may also find it durable. For adequate ventilation, your pup gets vents built to the house’s roof.

Not many dog houses are easy to clean, yet it is a good idea to keep your furry friend’s environment clean. Therefore, when you need to, you can easily access the house’s inside through the roof, which you may not have a difficult time removing for a way through.


  • Faux siding
  • A vinyl flap on the door frame
  • Weather-resistant


  • Some users were not happy with the construction

4. Tangkula

If your backyard is spacious enough for a natural-made and well-built dog house, you may be happy to own the Tangkula. What does it have to offer? The natural material from which it is made is fir wood; it comes with a non-toxic paint coating, which offers your dog protection.

Good dog houses are raised to provide better air circulation and promote air-flow. You may love that Tangkula stands off the ground on risers, with its entrance going up to roughly four inches. Therefore, besides comfort, your furry friend enjoys fresh and cool air.

The house’s modern design is catchy. Your dog also gets to enjoy extra comfort from the cool temperature promoted within the house by the space below it. This also improves the circulation of cool air through the setup. What more should you expect with the Tangkula?

Besides the ample space that your furry friend gets for air-flow and circulation, the house’s tall gable-style roof provides enough space for movement within. If you are worried about other weather conditions, then this product’s asphalt covering on the top may impress you; it keeps off the sun and snow and the rain.


  • Natural fir wood material
  • Sufficient air circulation
  • Tall gable-style roof


  • Some users found it small

5. Dog Palace

Ending our list is the Dog Palace by ASL. You may love this dog house for various reasons. First is its total insulation, which ensures that the internal temperature remains cool, while no heat or cold from the outside makes it in. The result is the ultimate comfort for your furry friend.

The tough plastic in which the outside is made ensures that your dog house lasts for a long time. You should also expect real foam in every panel. Throughout the year, you may have little to nothing to worry about concerning your dog’s surrounding temperatures.

For sufficient air circulation and a better air-flow, the house is raised from the ground to about four inches. The height is relevant in ensuring your furry friend sleeps on a cozy and dry surface. The Dog Palace provides plenty of comfort features, but that is not all.

You should also expect a unique look, thanks to the faux shingles in the gambrel-shaped roof. What do you do when the heat gets unbearably high during summer? The product also comes with a solar-powered fan for extra ventilation; this helps cool things down a great deal.


  • Durable
  • Sufficient air circulation
  • Solar-powered fan for extra ventilation


  • Some users did not find it well waterproofed

Buying Guide

What do you do when temperatures get high? Most people would try to cool their bodies in a variety of ways. You have an option to drink water and another for shelter; you can also go under a tree’s shade or that of construction. Cool environments help the body balance the temperatures within and outside.

Your dog is no different. What do you think would happen when they feel too hot and cannot move to a cool place? What if all its surroundings register high temperatures? Besides discomfort, your dog can fall ill. As you would prefer to seek relief from hot weather, your dog would do well with the same.

One of the dangers that we have noted with high temperatures is heatstroke. Your furry friend can also experience disorientation and mental confusion. The psychological effects that excessive heat has on your dog’s body can extend to limit their normal and healthy body functioning. So, what do you do?

A quality dog house goes a long way to ensure that the weather outside does not get to your dog. As your friend stays within, the temperatures are regulated by the house’s construction. Therefore, your furry friend can enjoy plenty of rest in an environment that feels comfortable and cool.

When shopping for the best dog house for hot weather, where to start can be confusing. If you are hoping to make your purchase for the first time, you probably have few to no ideas about what is available or what could work best for your furry friend. So, what do you do?

You may have turned to this post for more reasons, such as trying other dog houses with unsatisfaction with their delivery and performance during hot weather. You may have noted some inadequacies or experience issues with a particular product’s construction.

Whatever your reasons are, when you are looking for the best dog house to cool things down, you will have to begin somewhere. We are all inspired and guided by different factors. However, to make the best choice, there are some that you may want to keep in mind during your shopping.

An important one is your dog’s comfort. This is an encompassing factor. There would be no need to get a dog house if your dog could end up feeling uncomfortable. Considering that we are looking through top options for hot weather, you must consider the level of comfort your furry friend deserves.

A product’s construction can be simple; however, it may not be worth buying if it is too simple to miss out on important features. So, what are examples of features that can affect a pup’s comfort in their house? You will find air-flow and circulation to be critical, cleanliness, and space, among others.

Air Flow and Circulation

You have perhaps noted the importance of proper air-flow and circulation. Besides keeping your dog’s house fresh, the temperatures are also maintained, promoting a cool environment. But how do you achieve the desired air-flow and circulation? Can you control how much fresh air your dog gets?

You can control your product choice, ensuring that you walk away with what works best for your furry friend. In a dog house’s construction, an important feature would be a raising to at least four inches. At such a height, the house can get better air-flow and promote adequate air circulation throughout the day.

Besides air-flow, your dog also enjoys protection from certain elements, such as water, which may go underneath the house, making it uncomfortable for rest. Therefore, a raised dog house provides the needed dryness and coziness; ultimately, your furry friend enjoys comfort.


Space is essential for your dog’s movement and extra air circulation. Imagine that you remained in a room with little space for the entire day during hot weather. How would you feel? It can get uncomfortable with every passing minute and the rising temperature; the case is not so different for your dog.

You may also want to consider extra air circulation, depending on factors, such as the dog house’s size and the amount of surrounding heat. If it is too hot, extra air circulation will help a lot; therefore, ample space comes as a good idea for enhancing it.

We have discussed different types of dog houses suitable for hot weather; you may also come across more in your shopping. How do you determine what works best for your dog? First, you may want to consider a product that is available in various sizes.

Such availability makes it possible to choose what is most suitable, leaving behind what does not suit your dog’s size and needs on space. Also, check out the house’s build. Some constructions may not provide as much space as others do, regardless of their sizes, which can even look large.

Cooling Bed

Have you considered getting your dog extra accessories for their added comfort? These accessories could go a long way in reducing their body temperatures in hot weather and controlling the surrounding temperatures. One of the helpful options to consider is a cooling bed. How can it serve you?

Cooling beds come in simple yet effective designs. They share similarities with dog beds. However, you may love that they are made of liquid or gel, unlike traditional foams. Therefore, they can reduce your dog’s temperature by pulling the heat away. They retain their cool feel through different weather conditions.

Circulation Fans

Stagnant air may not be right for your furry friend, hence the importance of air circulation. Circulation fans help get fresh air within your dog’s house. Various circulation fans can help you achieve the cool and fresh air; you can try a standard fan if you have not, or a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans work by chopping air within the dog’s house. The result is that your furry friend enjoys a cool breeze and fresh air. While standard fans operate similarly to ceiling fans, they are bulkier and could require more space. 

Nevertheless, you may not have to worry about their power consumption since they use very little; this makes it possible to use them for the entire day.

Bottom Line

During hot seasons, temperatures can get so high. Humans have an easier time moving themselves to shelters, shades, and cool areas. If you own a dog, you may have to help them get to such relieving areas; if you can, get them a dog house to keep things cool.

Heat is healthy, but too much of it can be harmful to the body. If you love your furry friend, then you may have their best interests at heart—a dog house would be the best option for avoiding or controlling the dangers of excessive heat, such as heat stroke, which can lead to mental confusion and disorientation.

Where do you begin when looking for the best dog house? Choosing from the available options can be confusing. You may also need to keep some essential factors and features in mind, which will help make the most suitable choice. From the available products, how do you determine what would work best for your dog?

We have discussed the top five dog houses for hot weather. I would recommend that you buy the PetMate dog house. Summarily, the tough resin-make enables it to tolerate plenty of heat. You may love the house’s complete internal insulation. 

Thanks to its construction, cool air remains in the house, while heat remains outside. Furthermore, the roof has a ventilation system responsible for the house’s adequate air circulation. It has a raised floor for air circulation and comfort. 

Detaching its bottom is also easy. The product comes in an antimicrobial finish for its coating for a bacteria-free and clean environment. It is available in three sizes.

There is no reason why you should not get the PetMate dog house. Buy it today!

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