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Listed below are the most popular stories from K9 Perspective for the last 12 month period
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Epilepsy not so scary
I have a male black Labrador that will be six in May. Last March I had him neutered. In June, then August, he had seizures...

Allen and Endal attend naval benevolent trust AGM
ROYAL Navy Gulf war veteran, Allen Parton and his ever faithful hound Endal were recently invited to address the committee, current...

Naturopathic veterinarians very hard to locate
PLEASE can you send me a list of veterinarians or vet clinics practising herbal or holistic medicine anywhere in Ireland...

Small company with feeling for the environment
TWO Piglets is a very very small image house, located in the very, very small city of South Pasadena...

Bernese mountain dog a rock-solid companion
FEW dog breeds can match the stunning appearance of the Bernese mountain dog with his satiny black long coat accented by patches and snippets of white and rust, and few can equal his quiet work ethic and easy-going temperament. Neither a scrapper nor a workaholic, the Bernese pursues his dual career as family companion and helpmate with skill, friendly assurance, and devotion.

The trick to perfect tick removal
If your pet brings home a tiny hitchhiker clinging to its fur after a romp in the woods this summer, donīt panic...

Warm up your canine before heavy exercise
We can take a racing greyhound as an example. When the race starts it reaches a speed of 60 kilometres an hour in a few seconds. If the dog has not warmed up there is considerable risk of strain and other injuries...

Meat dishes for fussy canines
A selection of meat dishes for the fussy eaters that are hard to please. These recipes should tempt any dog who likes beef or other red meat...

Puppy Paws introduces Memory Paw pendant
PUPPY Paws Inc, producer of jewellery for people who love animals, has recently introduced its new creation - the Memory Paw pendant...

Guarding their stuff
Guarding is a very natural behaviour for a canine. Dogs don´t share objects that have great value to them. When a dog guards a possession from their human companion, it is very hard for us not to be offended, shocked or scared...

Coping at whelping time
How to cope when your bitch is whelping, and when to call the vet.

Progressive retinal atrophy - its days are numbered
FROM the United States there is good news on research to trace the gene responsible for progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) in all affected breeds. From October 1999 the test has been available for the Labrador retriever, bringing to six the number of breeds in which the presence of the gene for PRA, and its dominant or recessive form, can be recognised...


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