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Listed below are the most popular stories from K9 Perspective for the last 12 month period
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Canine heroes launch Crufts
TWO heroic canines helped to launch the British Crufts dog show on Friday March 4...

Bernese mountain dog a rock-solid companion
FEW dog breeds can match the stunning appearance of the Bernese mountain dog with his satiny black long coat accented by patches and snippets of white and rust, and few can equal his quiet work ethic and easy-going temperament. Neither a scrapper nor a workaholic, the Bernese pursues his dual career as family companion and helpmate with skill, friendly assurance, and devotion.

Book review: Tripawd Heroes and Tributes
Every day in vet offices around the globe, there is a pet guardian who must decide whether or not to amputate their dog´s leg in order to save its life...

New lease on life
A new program to improve the "battlefield medicine" required at animal shelters is saving more pets from a death sentence...

Romanian strays need help
I WOULD like to tell your readers a little about ROLDA, which is part of Romanian Animal Rescue Inc...

Successful Dog Breeding
HERE the authors, one a breeder of note and the other a veterinarian, leave the reader in no doubt that breeding dogs means that the breeder/owner is responsible ...

Koret Foundation gift benefits vet school shelter medicine
A program at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine dedicated to improving the health and well-being of shelter animals has received a $1million gift from Koret Foundation Funds...

Fur and leather trade continues to take toll
I have been reading your website - and recently became aware of this horrific trade in China and other Asain countries...

No room for complacency over canine distemper virus
Distemper is a very serious illness for puppies and young dogs, as well as older dogs that have lowered immunity...

Cinnamon Trust: every region needs one!
THE Cinnamon Trust is the only specialist national charity that assists people and their much loved, much needed companion animals, in their final years...

Pet dental care begins at home
RIGHT now is a great time to start home dental care for your pet. Dental health is important for over-all health...

ASPCA and Pet Airways transfer rescued dogs to NY for adoption
On February 7, 2010, the the ASPCA, in collaboration with Pet Airways, transferred 34 dogs rescued from a puppy mill in Holly Springs, Miss. to New York City for adoption...


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