When Do Siberian Huskies Start Howling?

Everyone has heard a husky dog howl. This breed is very well known for it. But why do they howl rather than bark at numerous situations? This is something that is still undecided, because there hasn’t been a lot of research about why huskies howl more than other dogs. Believe it or not though, there are more reasons why your husky will howl compared to what you may think – and no, it’s not because they’re a relative to a wolf, and it doesn’t mean that moon is going to be a full moon. In this guide, we’ll tell you a few reasons why huskies howl more than many other dogs out there.

Why Howl?

Dogs are known for growling, and even barking at other people, animals, and many other things. However, part of the reason that we’ve found that dogs howl is simply because they inherited this instinct from wolves. 

Huskies are a very close relative to the wolf, and wolves often interact much like coyotes – through howling to one another. This will tell other packs that they need to back off of their territory, or they simply howl because they’re trying to guide a stray wolf to them. This is a communication tool that even domesticated dogs have.

Huskies Howl to Communicate

One reason that huskies are known to howl is to communicate with other people and other dogs. If you’ve ever heard of the movie “Lady and the Tramp”, the whole barking chain that they talk about is a real thing.

Medical or Health Problems

When a husky (or any dog) is severely hurting or in pain, it isn’t uncommon for them to howl out loud in their anguish. This somewhat correlates with the number five reason on this list, but it may also be their way of cursing because they’re in pain.

There’s a High Pitched Noise

High pitched noises sometimes trigger dogs and other wild canines to mimic the sounds. Therefore, they’ll howl because they hear something like a siren, and this hits their instinct because of a frequency recognition that ignites in their minds.

Separation Anxiety from Owners Leaving

Huskies are one of the breeds of dogs that love to be with their owners. Because of this, they often have some of the most problems with separation anxiety, especially as pups. Rather than yelping out loud, many huskies who are suffering from separation anxiety from their owner will howl out loud. There are many ways to help eliminate this anxiety – as it affects many different breeds of dogs the same way, and makes them want to howl to match the frequency.

They Want Your Attention

Probably one of the main reasons that a dog will howl, especially a husky, is that they are wanting attention (primarily from their owners). This is tied in mostly with the whole separation anxiety issue that huskies are prone to, but it’s possible that a husky just wants people’s attention in general, and if their attention seeking methods aren’t taken care of, they may howl to get their point across. So, it’s a way of them telling people “Hey! Come here and pet me!”


Huskies are prone to howling for many other reasons, but these are the top five reasons why you have probably heard a husky howl. Other times, they may howl to save their owners, or even to help their own brothers and sisters in their pack. This is inherited as we said from wolves, but at the same time, it’s a canine instinct in general. Huskies are probably some of the most heroic dogs that there have ever been, and their howling is a tool that is both a blessing as much as it may seem like a burden.

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