My Chihuahua Sleeps All The Time – Sleeping Habits

Humans have kept pets for many generations, and they do it for several reasons; for example, cats were domesticated to deal with rats while some species of dogs were kept for the sake of security. Today, most people keep pets for companionship and fun. 

Chihuahuas are a dog species mostly kept as pets; having them can bring lots of fun and beautiful experiences. They have unique characteristics, and one of the most intriguing is their tendency to sleep a lot. As you read further in this article, most of your probing questions will be answered regarding chihuahuas’ sleeping nature. 

Why Chihuahuas Sleep So Much?

Chihuahuas are a very active species of dogs. Right from their puppy stage, they play a lot, making them very tired and leading to their excessive sleeping habits. Chihuahuas get healthier with more exercise daily. They quickly get fatigued after a little workout section as they age, and their hours of sleep usually increase with time.

Below are some of the common reasons behind the excessive sleeping of your Chihuahua.

  • Chihuahua Puppies Sleep A lot

Chihuahua puppies usually have longer hours of sleep compared to the mature ones. When your chihuahua puppy is resting for a large part of the day, there shouldn’t be any cause for concern. Puppies of several species of dogs are usually very active and playful. However, the chihuahua puppies are more active than the average puppy, and therefore they rest for a long time once they get tired. The average sleeping hours for a chihuahua puppy is about 18 to 20 hours. They only have about 4 hours to play.

  • The Chihuahua may be Bored

Chihuahuas usually get tired and sleep a lot when they are bored. A chihuahua sleeps when the environment is conducive enough and when they sense that it is secure. 

When a chihuahua can’t find a companion to have fun or play with, it can lead to boredom. Having Chihuahua for a pet requires a lot of your time and commitment to it. When the dog gets bored, it can quickly get agitated and starts exhibiting some strange characters like eating unusual stuff around the house. 

  • Your Chihuahua is Sick

When your pet sleeps more than it required sleeping hours, it could be due to an ailment; you should be sensitive towards any drastic change in your Chihuahua’s sleeping pattern by creating enough time to spend around it. 

If you discover an abnormal sleeping behavior in your Chihuahua, do a proper check-up by taking it to the Vet. Your Vet will help you see any abnormalities in your Chihuahua’s health and make suitable recommendations. More severe health conditions can also be a factor; diseases like cancer, issues with the thyroid (inability for food to go through the throat) could even be undiscovered heart issues.

The long hours of sleep by a chihuahua might not be a result of any underlying ailments. Making a change in their food or diet can go a long way in aiding or regulating their sleeping habit. 

How Many Hours a Day Does a Chihuahua Sleep?

Generally, Chihuahua sleeps way more than the number of hours people would expect, but it is nothing out of the ordinary; it is in their nature. 

Usually, a chihuahua sleeps for about 12 to 18 hours every day. As a pet, Chihuahua will sleep and wake up intermittently more than most species of living organisms. There shouldn’t be any room for fear if you discover that your Chihuahua is sleeping within 12 to 18 hours consistently; in fact, you should consider it to be in good health.

Why Does My Chihuahua Sleep Under the Covers?

Chihuahuas tend to burrow, and that is the reason they like sleeping under the cover.  This is done not only for fun, but it could also be for the sake of warmth and comfort as chihuahuas love to be comfortable. 

Apart from warmth, your Chihuahua may also sleep under the cover because it provides a sense of security. Holding and playing with your Chihuahua makes it feel safe, just like a follower feels under a leader.

Finally, as we have discussed in this article, sleeping is a common characteristic of Chihuahua and shouldn’t be a cause of concern except it is accompanied by sickness. Therefore, it is advisable to always refer to your dog training guide to avoid difficulties in raising your dogs, as seen in the life of most dog owners who may end up making costly mistakes and live to regret their actions later.

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