Short Hair German Shepherd Puppies & Dogs Breed Guide

These German Shepherds are known for their beautiful undercoat, short-hair. They are accepted as a pure breed of German shepherds by the kennel club. These are the only German Shepherds which are mostly seen in the Dog shows.

This is one of the reasons why many dog lovers are happy to buy these German Shepherds. However, you would never want to add someone in your life and family only to regret it later. Hence, it is always advisable to make thoughtful decisions which are rational and would be cherished throughout your life.

All the dog breeds are different and they have needs which are different from each other. However, they have something which is common in all. You should always know about the dog breed which you are thinking of adding to your family. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to take care of your pet if you have no idea about how to take care of them. Fortunately, you don’t have to think about anything anymore as this article will cover all the information which you would require to know about the short hair German Shepherds.

Personality of the Short-Haired German Shepherds

It does not matter if the coat length is large or small, German shepherds are loyal & intelligent. However, you still have to note that this Short hair German Shepherd might not be the same like the other breeds. As you already know, every breed tends to have a specific and unique personality. There is no exception to this rule. Let’s discuss the traits dogs which they are famous for:

These dogs are very loyal and obedient. Short-haired shepherd breeds are known to be very loyal to their humans. They will do any job for you. However, you know that anything in excess is bad. Some owners find their loyalty to be a bit problematic as they get very anxious when they are alone in the house for a long period of time. However, you don’t have to think too much about this behavior because that’s not the only good thing about their personality.

They Are Loving and Very Cautious

Short-haired German shepherds are generally very cautious when they are around strangers. This is the reason why they are also known as great watchdogs. They are not just good watch dogs they are very loving as well. If they acknowledge you, then you can be rest assured that you have found a best friend. You can expect that the relationship with your Short hair German Shepherd will last.

These dogs are very reserved. So, they see their trainer as someone who is very special to them. These German shepherds don’t get too comfortable with other people. However, these German shepherds have a personality which is hard-hearted and makes it impossible for them to be friends with many individuals at once.

Short-Haired German Shepherds Are Not The Dogs For Everyone.

They have an ill-tempered nature and it is not that easy to get along with short-haired shepherd breeds. Hence it is very important to have sufficient knowledge about the Short haired German Shepherd. It is important that you know about them so that you are not disappointed later on. To be precise, short-haired German shepherds are not meant for you if:

  • You Go Out Too Often: An individual adopts a dog so that it can give him or her company. Short-haired German Shepherd puppies are a bit different from other dogs. As they grow fond of you, they would want your attention. Short-haired German shepherds are not for people who go on frequent vacations, trips or have a job which requires overtime. They are the perfect recipe for disaster, when it comes to your pet.
  • You Only Treat Them As Watchdogs: Short-haired German shepherds need a lot of freedom, just like how other dogs do. So, if you are thinking that you can restrain them with chains for a long time. Then let us tell you that it will be a huge problem.
  • You’re Not Observing: Short Hair German Shepherds are prone to allergies. If you don’t pay any attention it would only call for a disaster. So, check if there are any changes happening in your dog.
  • You Can’t Tolerate Noise: These dogs bark a lot, when left alone. If you don’t like it. Then you should not add them to your family.

Guide To Take Care Of The Short-Haired German Shepherds

All the dogs have one very good thing in common, you can make them suit your needs. This is the very thing which makes them so similar. Here are some very important tips on how to take care of your German Shepherd.

You Should Make Sure That You Get Along With The German Shepherd Puppies:

Short-haired German shepherd puppies can be disciplined when they are young. So, if you get your short hair German Shepherd used to crowds as a puppy, they would respond to crowds better in the later part of their life.

Teach Them New Skill On A Regular Basis:

Dogs are fast learners and short-haired German shepherds are the best of them. You can teach them new tricks, so that you can make use of their talent.

Check Out For The Paws:

Always make sure their paws are not hurt. German Shepherds never show you that they are in pain, even if the paw is hurt. They are very loving and caring in nature as well. Make sure that you always watch for their paws. You can’t be sure if they are unhurt.

If you’ve thought of making them a part of your life. The next thing which you might have in mind is the price. However, apart from the price there are other things which you might need to consider.

Some Small Tips to Consider While Thinking Of Buying a Short-Haired German Shepherds:

As they have wonderful features, it’s only natural to want one. You have to do a little research while you research while you get your ideal short-haired German shepherd puppies.

When buying:

  • As they are very popular breeds, you may find breeders selling duplicate short-haired shepherd breeds. Always go for respected breeders. If the price seems very low, it’s okay to be suspicious.
  • The price ranges from $500 to $1500 if you buy it from a trusted breeder. Always keep a track of the health issues of the dog while initially purchasing the dog.
  • Take home a shredder and vacuum cleaner, most of the short-haired German shepherds shed their hair, all day long. They are famous for shedding more than the long-haired counterparts.
  • Short hair German Shepherd puppies can have tenacious jaws. If you don’t want your house to be damaged, buy some chew toys.
  • Regular checks at a Vet are a mandate. The short-haired shepherd faces a lot of health difficulties. Even if they look healthy, they might not be.
  • Ensure a healthy diet: to minimize the health issues you can minimize their diet. Balanced diet makes them healthy.
  • Feeding them apples, carrots, berries along with meat properly. can reduce their weight and make them healthy.

These dogs are strong, loving, flexible & reliable dogs. If you like this kind of pure-breed dog then it is perfectly fine. However, you should keep in mind that these dogs need to be trained properly to be well adjusted to the society.

If you take care of them, they will be a wonderful addition to your family. So, you can surely give this dog a family of its own and share your love and care with the animal.

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