Poodle Mix – Hybrid Cross Dog Breeds Guide

If you’ve met or interacted with a Poodle dog breed before, you will willingly welcome the idea of adopting a hybrid or mix of this wonderful purebred.

However, that doesn’t mean that Poodle Mixes don’t make suitable companions for novel owners. There are so many Poodle Mixes (Doodles) currently in circulation that your only challenge would be choosing one or several out of the wonderful variety.

Besides, more breeders and dog owners nowadays prefer to breed and nurture hybridized dogs, mainly because of the superior benefits that come with the practice.

Poodle Mixes are probably the most popular crossbreeds at the moment – breeders have produced more than forty Doodles to date.

The Poodle Mixes come in different shapes and sizes. Nonetheless, all the crosses you get from crossbreeding the Poodle dog are extremely kind and loving pets. Doodles are great choices for both spacious homes and densely populated abodes and apartments like cities.

Our main focus in this paper is to review the different Poodle Mixes, their distinguishing traits, personalities, health, and temperament, and help you discover the perfect match according to your preferences, needs, and living conditions.

Common Characteristics

Even though their personalities and physical attributes vary depending on the other parents, all Doodles have soft curls that twist in tight tangles.

One specification that, however, varies across all the mixes is coat coloration. Most Poodle Mixes resemble their non-Doodle parents by taking after their white, golden, or black coat colors.

Doodles are relatively composed pets that fit perfectly into their caring families. You most certainly won’t regret your decision as long as you choose the right puppy, the one that blends into your lifestyle and living surroundings with ease.

However, these puppies come with many requirements in terms of nutrition, grooming, training, exercise, health, interaction, and overall maintenance.

Poodle Mixes that are adopted as puppies need to be trained from their puppyhood to instill desired behavior and improve their general socialization with diverse peoples, pets, and environments.

Besides, Doodles have varying temperaments – while most of their personalities are predictable, it’s best to be extra careful when allowing your Doodle pups and adults to interact with smaller household pets and children.

Monitoring the dog’s association, regardless of whether they are adequately trained or not, can help prevent unforeseen accidents or brawls that could lead to injury.

The hybrids vary in size and weight. The smallest crossbreeds such as the Chipoo hybrids (Chihuahuas and Poodles) can weigh as little as ten pounds, while the colossal breeds like the Goldendoodle mixes (Golden Retrievers and Poodles) weigh more than eighty pounds.

Despite their varying sizes, most Poodle Mixes require rigorous and consistent training to keep them active and prevent boredom. However, you can also choose to adopt older dogs from rescues that are already trained and nurtured to live in diverse environments.

Some people react differently to animal fur and other notorious allergens such as dander. The good news is that most Doodles neither shed their fur nor produce dander. Poodle Mixes are mostly hypoallergenic as well.

However, there are still some hybrids that, despite their amazing personalities, shed lots of furs and are hypoallergenic.

If you suffer from any allergies or don’t like a lot of fur around the house, we suggest that you research all the hybrids before adoption so that you can ultimately pick the hypoallergenic dogs and non-shedders.

When it comes to training Poodle Mixes, positive reinforcement is the most effective tool.

Because they love pleasing their masters, the hybrids are easy to teach and require the emphasis of obedient training and repetitive coaching to make them perfect companions and guard dogs.

There are, however, a few downsides that come with Poodle Mixes. Besides dysplasia, Doodles are susceptible to heart complications. That’s why regular exercise would go a long way in preventing elbow and hip problems for your dog in the future.

While some Doodles make perfect pets for small-sized homes and apartments, others are quite sizeable and require spacious dwellings with free space to run and walk regularly.

Experts also recommend outdoor training and an extra involvement in the hybrid’s playfulness to put into good use their dynamic traits, prevent loneliness and boredom, and keep them healthy.

There is so much to exhaust on Poodle Mixes and their peculiarities – however, it’s also equally critical that we check out the forty-four different Doodles in the order of their popularity.

From this long list of intelligent and affectionate Poodle Mixes, you can choose your most favorite hybrid and nurture them into your most loyal companions.


Crossbreeding a Spaniel and Poodle gets you the Cavapoo hybrid. The crosses love attention and come in varying colors. Like most other crossbreeds, Cavapoos take after their Spaniel parents’ size – they weigh a maximum of twenty-five pounds.

Don’t forget to stay close to your Cavapoo because they often suffer from loneliness anxieties when separated from their kin.

Besides, remember to research their recommended diets and provide their recommended foods because they have sensitive stomachs and shouldn’t consume any allergic constituents.

Cavapoos can also suffer from various heart complications, so we strongly recommend taking them frequently to vets for checkups.


When you combine the Sheepdog, a working-class dog breed, and a Poodle, you get a stout Sheepadoodle. The cross has dense fur, and we advise their aspiring owners to check out their parents before adoption to determine the possible ultimate hybrid size.

A Sheepadoodle can freely interact with pets; they also love playing with children. The hybrids, however, tend to become sloppy and dormant as they age. Providing adequate mental games can help stimulate their minds and keep them active, even as they age.


The Poodle and Schnauzer produce this wonderful hybrid. To be considered desirable and perfect Schnoodle Mixes, the hybrids’ coats need to reach a certain kind of fluffiness.

Schnoodle crosses hardly shed their furs. The hybrids are also rare and vary in size. You would need to research and travel for long distances before finding renowned breeders who create this hybrid.


Breeders create ShihPoo hybrids by mixing Poodles and Shih Tzu breeds. Because of their stubbornness, caregivers are advised to train their hybrids daily and at an early stage to make them friendlier and more interactive with different home pets.

The crossbreeds make the best pets in outgoing families. The crosses also prefer one favorite person in the family and do excellently in quiet homes with no children.


The Yorkshire Terrier is the non-Doodle parent to the Yorkipoo Mix. Yorkipoo Mixes are quite popular because of their adorable colors and overall appearance.

However, socialization is important in training this Mix proper interaction skills. The puppies are pretty vocal and energetic.

If you are looking for an adorable companion or a watchful dog who can audibly forewarn you in case of any danger, then the Yorkipoo is the right protector to consider.


The Peakapoo is an offspring of Pekingese and Poodle dog breeds. The Peakapoo cross loves hanging out with their families. Their furs are easy to brush because they don’t have undercoats.

Despite their positive traits, Peakapoo hybrids suffer from many health problems, particularly breathing problems they inherit from their Pekingese parents.

We recommend the Peakapoo for experienced caregivers who keenly understand the health problem. Because of their health issues, Peakapoo mixes sometimes don’t associate well with children.


Pomapoo hybrids often inherit their fluffy jackets from their Pomerian parents. The mixes are small dogs and can weigh up to twelve pounds. These hybrids require regular brushing because of their frequent shedding. Luckily, the Pomapoo is not hypoallergenic.

Bathing the cross frequently will also help remove excess dirt. The Pomapoo mix can experience different health problems such as blindness.


The Whoodle is one of the rarest Poodle Mixes. The hybrids can have varying personalities but will certainly not lack the strong-smelling instincts of their Wheaton Terrier parents.

Besides showering their families with affection, Whoodle Mixes learn to follow commands quickly and are impeccably intelligent hybrids.

Saint Berdoodle

Mixing the Poodle with a Saint Bernard guarantees an intelligent and loyal dog. Berdoodle hybrids are large breed dogs and can weigh up to a hundred pounds. The Saint Berdoodle is also an affectionate hybrid, who is energetic and thrives better in cold weather.


Goldendoodle hybrids get their golden colors from Golden Retrievers, one of their parents – the golden colors can vary in either white, tan, or dark colors.

Most of the hybrids weigh more than eighty pounds. Aspiring caregivers should ask about the hybrid’s parents’ sizes to know exactly where their puppies will be ranging when they mature.

These crosses only require regular grooming routines – they don’t shed, so there won’t be a particular need to brush them daily.

However, note that the crosses are large dogs that can unintentionally and easily knock over children – they require strict supervision when playing with small kids.


Unlike other Poodle Mixes that resemble their non-Doodle parents, Labradoodle hybrids take after their Poodle parents’ body structures and not the Labradors.

Labradoodle crossbreeds vary in size, are usually eager to make their masters happy, and will love their entire families or a favorite member.


Crossing the Poodle with a Bichon Frise results in a Bidoodle Mix, a small but energetic hybrid. The Bidoodle mix makes lifelong friends with small children and is perfect for small-sized residences like apartments and less dynamic families.


This Poodle and Newfoundland offspring comes with many requirements – they need a lot of space to play and their families’ attention.

Newfypoo hybrids are usually friendly and demonstrate loyalty to their owners. They are also good to strangers and won’t harm them when welcomed by their masters.


Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs are responsible for the Bernedoodle mix. They are energetic hybrids and with the fluffiest and softest jackets in the entire Doodle collection.

Most Bernedoodle crosses weigh eighty pounds and above. Despite their high energy, the mixes get disinterested easily and require treats to keep them glued to the training process.


The intelligent Border Collies and loving Poodles give you the Bordoodle cross. The Bordoodle needs agility training and daily exercises to prevent them from getting bored and becoming destructive.

They do well in active families that love regular outdoor fitness routines. Bordoodle mixes need frequent de-shedding. Caregivers should also monitor the hybrid’s movement for limping signs, which could indicate the onset of health complications.


The Chipoo mix takes after the small Chihuahua size. Despite being a little dog, the Chihuahua likes to socialize, is extremely dynamic, and can sometimes be too defensive (when they nip, they do so without hesitation).

Socializing the hybrid at an early age will minimize their defensiveness. Remember to regularly clean your pet’s teeth and take them to vets for heart checkups.


West Highland Terriers pass on their smelling instincts to the Westiepoo offspring. The hybrids are energetic and easily distracted by catching and following specific scents they find. The Westiepoo is an agile dog that wouldn’t thrive in a house full of smaller pets.


These are affectionate, intelligent, and playful hybrids, having inherited most of their attributes from Boxers. However, the Boxerdoodle can suffer from dysplasia and cancer-related problems, so ensure you frequently visit the vet for examinations and resourceful recommendations.


When you crossbred Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, you create the Cockapoo mix. The hybrids demand a lot of attention from their families. They weigh about 25 pounds and are perfect for families and small children.


The Maltipoo has a Maltese and a Poodle parent. The cross is a perfect pet for small apartments. However, the Maltipoo mixes require a lot of attention, training, and brushing to make them healthy and reliable guard dogs.


Rottle Mixes are loyal dogs that need a lot of training and persistence. They need regular practice to satisfy their high energy needs, a trait they inherit from Rottweilers.

Socialization training, constant grooming, and proper nutrition will ultimately improve the hybrid’s overall wellbeing and make them more dependable home protectors.


Aussiedoodle crosses look like teddy bears. They are quite playful pets and can sport white, black, grey, or their mixture colors. These dogs often suffer from separation anxieties, so it would be best to keep them close most of the time.

Irish doodle

If you love quietness in your apartment, then the Irish doodle is the right mix for you. These are jolly hybrids that sport dark reddish coats and are perfect for families that move around a lot.


Some people call the dog the Havadoodle or the Poovanese. The dogs are adorable and love people’s company, especially those who love cuddling. They also make proud guarding dogs and are entirely hypoallergenic.


A GSD and Poodle parent will produce the most alert and loyal companion, the Sheepadoodle. GSDs shed a lot of furs, but Poodles minimize the sloughing in the offspring – you’ll, however, need to brush their coats daily.


Pyredoodle mixes inherit their wavy medium-length coats from their Great Pyrenees parents. You’ll adore this Pyredoodle pup if you are on the hunt for a calm companion with a guarding dog’s intuitiveness.


Otherwise known as the Sproodle, this hybrid is a medium-sized offspring of the English Springer Spaniel and Poodle. They love the outdoors, quiet homes and sport thick double coats of brown, black, cream, and white colors.


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi passes on its intelligent and energetic peculiarities to the Corgipoo hybrid. They have beautiful coats and short legs that make them ideal contestants for shows and competitions.


A Poodle and a Beagle will give you this loyal mix, the Poogle. The Poogle is affectionate towards people, especially family children, and is fond of exercises.

However, don’t forget to keep on the dog’s leash during exercise because they inherit their sharp Beagle noses that easily distract and lead them hunting.


Poodle and Dachshund breeds share similar character traits. Their mix is another loving but stubborn dog, who weighs around thirty pounds. They are intelligent, playful, and hypoallergenic.


Breeders get this Pugapoo offspring from a Poodle and Pug mixture. The hybrid will weigh thirty pounds max and will be gentle towards each family member. The Pugapoo also makes the best companion for older kids.


The Poodle and Airedale Terrier hybrid can weigh close to sixty pounds. Caregivers should socialize their Airedoodle pups and exercise them regularly to prevent them from becoming destructive with their unused energy reserves.


Siberpoo hybrids enjoy a long lifespan of between ten to thirteen years, thanks to their Siberian Husky parents. They are agile dogs that love to please their caregivers. 


Weimardoodle mixes typically weigh between forty to seventy pounds and grow up to twenty-seven inches in height. The hybrids sport wavy fur and don’t shed much. Besides, they are loyal and affectionate to their loved ones.


The Jackapoo mix is a small-sized but extremely hyperactive offspring of the Poodle and Jack Russel Terrier.


Scottish Terriers are large dogs that require spacious homes or extra backyards for exercise. Their Scoodle hybrids take after their sizeable traits and require monitoring, especially during their playtime with children, to avoid rough handling.

Great Danoodle

The Poodle and the Great Dane give rise to the Great Danoodle mix. This Poodle Mix can interact with cats and even features various inherited and unique coat colors, including gray, cream, apricot, beige, blue, and black, amongst many others.


Basset Hounds are the non-Doodle parents to this social hybrid. The Bassetoodle flourishes in a household with many pets and loves an outgoing family.


Eskipoo hybrids are heavy shedders because their American Eskimo parents shed a lot as well. They feature fluffy coats and energetic personalities. The Eskipoo can, however, get too attached to their favorite persons and families.


The Flandoodle is a large and loyal dog that originally served as a hunting dog. Due to their big bodies, these hybrids require between sixty and ninety minutes of daily exercise.


A breeder gets a Mastidoodle by crossing a Poodle with a Mastiff. The resulting hybrid is a hypoallergenic and extremely gentle puppy. Because of the wavy coat, the cross will need regular brushing.


Crossbreeding a Poodle with a Dalmatian gives you a loyal, intelligent, and playful pup. Nonetheless, note that the Dalmadoodle will only make a wonderful family pet if properly socialized.

Also, invest in an elastic and comfortable leash to keep your puppy close during training.


This loyal, smart, and adorable pet requires lots of brushing – their coats are thicker and denser than their parents’. The hybrids also possess inherited blue, black, or white coat colors.


Bolonoodle hybrids are recommended dogs for families living in apartments. They make wonderful companions because they love people and especially snuggling on couches in the evenings.

When mixed, the Poodle and Bolognese dogs will get you this cross. Even though they can comfortably live in an apartment, these crosses require daily exercise because of their unusual energy.

The hybrids also come in different colors – you can expect any complexions from either parent.

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Despite offering you a brief preview about your favorite Doodle, knowing the Poodle Mix’s traits isn’t enough.

You still need to adopt your pup from a rescue or shelter or shop for the hybrid from a trusted breeder. Nonetheless, acquiring the Doodle from any source comes with its challenges and prerequisites.

When acquiring your puppy from a breeder, and in doubt, don’t shy away from asking for health papers – it will help you determine the truth about your puppy’s disclosed and, if any, hidden health conditions.

Rescues are run by NGOs and require adopters to pay more for puppies to cater to medical, training, and nutritional expenses. Governments run shelters – you can thus anticipate a cheaper Doodle but with many behavioral, health, and historical uncertainties.

Generally, Poodle Mixes love outgoing caregivers. They are continuously gaining more fame amongst dog keepers and breeders because they suit different living conditions and adapt to any lifestyle.

If you would like to adopt a healthy Poodle Mix that perfectly suits your lifestyle, we recommend researching the hybrids before the acquisition.

You can also cross-reference them to your needs and evaluate their unique traits to determine the perfect match and your ultimate lifetime companion.

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