Why Does My Dog Pee On Me? Urinating on Owner

Dogs tend to pee at regular intervals when you take them out for a walk. Some say that they tend to create a territory for themselves and some say that dogs pee wherever they get a special smell. You may often experience your own dog peeing on you. This will automatically make you angry and you may even whip the poor animal. According to experts, dogs tend to pee on a person due to sheer excitement, illness, fear, accident, or territorial marking. However, sometimes it may due to a behavioral issue.

Why Does Your Dog Pee On You?

To put the answer in simple words, dogs tend to pee on a person due to several underlying issues and motives. Most of the dog owners believe that it is basically due to “scent marking” or domination related. It is good for you to know that this is nothing uncommon or unheard of amongst dog owners. It is more likely based on several factors, such as your dog’s age and nervousness or excitement. There are also other primary causes of this, like illness or if your dog has been neutered or spayed.

Scent Marking

This is the most common conclusion that you can jump to when your pet suddenly pees on you. It is generally termed as territorial marking. If you suddenly wake up at night to find that your pet had peed on you while you were asleep, this could be the most probable reason. It may also happen that your dog wishes to seek your attention. They mark you as “My human”, which is not a far-fetched theory and not the most common reason, as well.

To be fair towards your dog, it will be better to start with this reason. It is important for you to understand that territorial marking is pretty distinctive. It is just a small amount of urine and if it is a male dog, it will most likely lift its leg to pee on you. Although territorial marking is mostly common amongst male dogs, females also sometimes do the same. It basically depends on your mutt.

It is a habit for dogs to territorially mark if they feel that they are threatened by something. You should know that dogs do not pee out of revenge or spite, although this is what most of you may think about at times. It is important for you to know that dogs cannot compute feelings just like that.

How to Prevent Your Pup from Scent Marking You?

If you notice that your dog is peeing on you regularly to leave its scent, then the best way out of this problem is to course-correct with the help of training. It is needless to say that training is crucial to strengthen the bond between your pet and yourself. This will also instill good manners and habits in the mutt. Peeing on any person is definitely a bad habit that needs to be corrected immediately. The next time you notice that your dog is about to lift its leg to pee on you, simply say a firm “no” to the animal and move away.

Make sure that your pet hears your command loud and clear. It is also important for the dog to associate the action with the verbal command. It is important that you stay strong and authority is evident from your voice. Remember that it may take repeated verbal commands and action to get your pet out of its habit of peeing on you. Nonetheless, with persistence, it will surely give you great results. If you notice that things are getting worse and your dog is ignoring your commands, it will be better for you to consult with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist to help you get the mutt out of its peeing habit.


It is also seen that dogs pee when they get excited. There are several dogs who do so. You may notice that some dogs pee on their owners when they return home from work. This is certainly not something unusual. There are some dogs that may pee on you when guests turn up, postman arrives, or any other place where there may be some level of excitement.

It is generally seen that when dogs pee on their owners due to sheer excitement, they tend to pee just a little amount. It is least likely that they will empty their full bladder in such situations. It will also accompany other various signs of excitement, such as panting, spinning in circles, and wagging the tail.

How to Stop Your Dog from Peeing Due To Excitement?

In such cases, simply scolding your dog for peeing accidentally on you will certainly not help at all. It is basically an involuntary reaction. It is also recommended that you praise your dog for it as it will simply confuse the mutt. The best solution is to keep the dog as calm as possible. If your dog is very young, it will eventually grow out of this habit of peeing when they get excited as they grow older.


This reason is the most unfortunate of all the other factors. It is also one of the most typical factors to cause a dog to pee on you all of a sudden due to the illness. Sick dogs usually have lesser control over their bladders and they are also usually clingier. These two factors are enough reasons to make your dog pee on you just by proximity.

This may also be the result of old age during which dogs may lose their faculties. They may also have reduced mobility that prevents them from moving fast enough to pee outside. On the other hand, it may also be due to a new illness that onsets rapidly. In all of these situations, you can easily tell if your mutt is peeing on you willfully or not. If the incident was genuinely an accident and it is a lot of urine, it is advisable to consult with a vet.

Illnesses that may cause loss of bladder function include:

  1. Urinary tract infections
  2. Kidney disease
  3. Dementia
  4. Kidney stones
  5. Spinal injuries
  6. Prostate disorders
  7. Hormone imbalance

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