Why Does My Dog Bark at Me & Bite Me and Not My Husband?

There are many people seen who have pets in their homes and lives life with such pets. When you have a pet in your home, it may be a dog or a cat; you will have many small impacts on your life. Such impacts may be positive and maybe negative. A dog, as a pet, will provide you the best companionship and enrich your lives in different ways. A dog is an honest pet for a family and wants to see the family live with happiness. When you feel sad, your pet will also sense that your sadness and will try to express his feelings for you. This is a heart-warming situation for you that your dog is concern about you and your emotions. But, this situation becomes worse when a dog becomes aggressive on small things. Aggressive behavior of a dog may be for another pet or any family member. 

The aggressive behavior of a dog may include: 

  • Growling
  • Barking
  • Hard Stares
  • Lunging
  • Snarling
  • Biting
  • Snapping

If your dog is showing any of the above-given symptoms then it is true that he is getting aggressive. It may be a major problem for you in the future and you should not avoid this kind of behavior and also try to find out the reason behind such kind of aggressive behavior. A dog owner is also said that my dog is aggressive towards me but not my husband. She also added that it is only in some cases when he becomes aggressive towards me otherwise the dog is cool and friendly all time. 

But, it may create a major problem for you when you trying to hug your dog and he suddenly bites you. You will not able to understand his behavior and thinks that he does not act like this in past. Now, it is the time when you should give a major focus on the dog’s behavior and think about why my dog is getting aggressive with me and not my husband. First, discuss it with your family members and especially with your husband. First, you should focus on the root cause of the aggressive behavior of the dog and also notice when he acts like this. 

If you have any known professional person for the dog, then consult with him. Aggression is the reason that needs to call a professional person immediately. But, in the dog industry, all trainers and professionals are equally treated and educated. So, it is your task to find out the best and talented trainer that can help you with your dog. Many dog trainers are certified for dog handling training. Before hiring anyone trainer for your pet, you may ask all questions. No need to afraid that what the trainer will think about you. Try to contact one of the best dog trainers as soon as possible otherwise the situation will be out of your hand and your dog may lead to injury to you. 

There are some of the reasons which can lead to your dog’s aggressive behavior. You should have information about such reasons so that you can take the necessary steps for lowering down the aggression of the dog. In this article, we have explained several reasons why a dog shows aggressive behavior. 

Cause of Fear

Fear is the main cause when a dog tries to protect himself and become aggressive. This is the most common reason for becoming a dog aggressive. Several factors are also included in fear-based aggression such as the previous owner abused him, less socialization, and negative experiences in the past with other dogs and other humans. 

Some dogs’ breed has aggression in their behavior and this is unexpected behavior. So, when you are thinking to buy or adopt a dog, you should know about the information on the dog’s breed behavior. 

When your pet aggressive with you, think that how you are treating him and you will get the answer that why my dog barks at me but not my husband. You may also get some tips from your husband so that you will also get fun and enjoyment with your pet dog. For your help, we also have given several tips. You should take a look at such tips and your dog will come to you. 

Resource Guarding with other things

This type of aggression occurs when a pet dog has possession of many things like water, toys, food, household items, and any other object. A dog is also becoming aggressive when he met new people and new pet animals. The chance is that your pet dog has a guardian relationship with your husband and not with you. So, try to contact a better guardian relation with your pet. 

Cause of Past Experiences

Many dogs faced a problem in the past. Some of those problems may be like smell sensation, signals, traumas, or any kind of event. When your pet will visit the vet’s place with you, the chance is that he will not enter his office because of an unwanted smell. In this case, the dog will start barking and try to move away from your hands and may try to bite you. This is aggressive behavior with you and not with your husband. When you are facing that my dog bites me but not my husband then you should notice that either you smell like any vaccine or resemble any person with whom he has bad experiences. 

Marking territory about his place or for things

One another thing that you should notice is that when your pet dog becomes aggressive to you or growls at you. One such case is marking territory. When you sit on your dog’s bed or car space, he may think that it is his place and you should be away from here. But, you sit or touch his place and he starts aggressively towards you. 

The above-explained reasons are most common when a dog becomes aggressive to one member of the family. So, you should follow the below-given approaches so that you can have a better understanding of your pet dog as your husband has. 

Try to create a bond with your pet

One of the best reasons that your pet feels safe with your husband is that a bond. Your pet feels safe and secure with your husband and you should also try to create a bond with him. You can do this by spending some time with him and also do the acts which he like most. Try o hen feeding with him instead to give him a bowl. You may also take his responsibilities like bathing him, walking with him. In this way, you will spend more with your lovely pet and you will not think that my dog is growls at me but not my hubby. When you will change your behavior for him, he will also give a space you. This is not a forever strategy but you should so such small efforts. 

Take Professional Help

Suppose your dog behaves normally with you all time. But, suddenly, he started aggressively towards you. When you come near to him, he starts barking towards you and also tried to bite you so many times. Now, this is the time when you visit a local vet and ask for professional help. You should have to explain each and everything to the vet. There are many tests conducted to find out is there any medical problem with the pet or have any other problem. When the vet will ask you a question regarding your pet dog, tell him all things exactly and accurately so that he can give proper treatment to your lovely pet dog. 

Have Some Patience

Do not force your pet to spend time with you. A force from your side may also break the trust which has been created in the past between both of you. As human boundaries are important, dogs also want some boundaries. So, respect his boundaries and he will be with you after some time. 

Be Firm

When your dog is becoming aggressive for you and he is acting like this frequently, you should aware that this type of behavior from him is unexpected. In such scenarios, both you and your husband should focus on changing his behavior. You may also give him some time so that he can become cool towards you but keep in mind that time should be limited otherwise your dog will lose his cool behavior towards him. 

Do not take it personally too much when you feel that my dog is suddenly aggressive towards me but not my partner. Do not become jealous of your husband also. The chance is that your dog wants some space and he is feeling comfortable only with your husband. So, try to give him space. Aggression is not permanent behavior but it is only time-dependent. A dog’s aggressive behavior can be treated by following some tips but the condition is that you should have patience. A professional or trainer’s help is recommended for your dog’s behavior. Give him some time and you will see that your dog will come to you himself.

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