My Dog Doesn’t Want to Be Around Me Anymore or Cuddle

Most owners of pets face the same issue which makes them depressed and want to give their pet away to someone who can make them happy and relaxed. Do you have a similar problem? Just saying that your dog does not love you anymore can make you feel hurt.


Let us decipher the cause of why your dog is behaving indifferently and what you need to do to make your dog love you again. Like many things that keep us away from a specific person, there must have been something which is keeping your dog away from you. Hence, there might be a reason which is keeping your dog away from you. You might have a lot of things in your mind by now. Right?  Let’s be clear on one thing. All dogs love their humans. It is something every dog has always done. They wish for your happiness and will always love you. If you see any changes in your dog’s behavior towards you, it might be because of the possible reasons. Listed below are the many possible reasons for you.

You Are Probably Annoying Your Dog

If you are annoying your dog then you will certainly lose your dog’s respect for you. If your dog finds you annoying then they might even get mad at you or dislike you when you are with them. Some reasons when your dog might find you annoying:

  1.     Not Letting Him Out Of the House: This is like keeping him jailed in your house all the time and never let him free. Dogs have to sniff around and explore the surrounding as it is their basic nature. If you don’t allow them to go outside and trap them in the house. They will feel trapped and will start ignoring you and even hate you for doing that to them as they are not getting the things which they need.
  2.     Forcing The Dog To Do Things Which They Dislike: Nobody likes to do things which they don’t like.  The same is for your pets. They don’t like to do things which can irritate them. They will stop listening to you.
  3.     You Have Been Rude with People They Are Friends with: When you start treating the people or their dog friends indifferently. They might feel that you have been mean to their friends and may start barking at you. Dogs are very protective about the people who they love. Make sure to consider the things they care about. This can change the ways they feel about you.
  4.     You Have Taken Away Things They Play With: Every dog has a play toy. Taking away the things which they like will surely annoy them. Just be gentle with the things your dog loves to play with. As it can annoy your dog, if taken away.
  5.     Always Scolding Your Dog Often: Most of the dogs are mischievous. They are up to something time and again. They should be disciplined but too much of it can create depression in your dog. So, it is advisable not to cause depression to you pet. You should care for them and keep things in control.
  6.     No Exercises for Your Dog: Dogs love to exercise. They love to run, play fetch. You should let your dog play sometimes.
  7.     Taking Their Food Away From Them: Never take away their food from them. Punishing your dog when they eat food is not something you should do. It is a good thing to try a gentler method.
  8.     Leaving Your Dog Alone: When you leave your dog alone for a long time, they start to miss you. This leads to depression and probably leads your dog to like to stay alone.
  9.     Hitting Your Dog: Abuse is something that can make a lovely relationship, one full of hate. You should avoid it at all costs, if you want your dog to love you again.

What You Can Do to Bring It All Back?

You can get all the love back into your life. Now you at least know the things which your need to avoid, for your dogs to love you and bring back the relationship which you had earlier. It’s time to lessen the causes and act fresh. Here are somethings you can try out:

  • Jog with them.
  • Give them space.
  • Rub their bellies.
  • Play fetch.
  • Groom them.
  • Spend time with them.
  • Try and understand their feelings.
  • Train and treat them.
  • Always express your love for them.
  • Feed them with your hands.
  • Rub your dog’s ear gently.

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