What are Klein Moyen Poodles? Standard Size & Weight Guide

When it comes to dogs, there are numerous breeds available for you. There are Labradors Retrievers, Dobermans, Poodles, Great Danes, and many more. One of the cutest and most adorable of them all is the Poodle. You will be surprised to know that the Poodle has been around for a really long period of time. This is an incredible feat for a dog breed. It can easily be said that the Poodle has been around for around 500 years. Out of the various types of Poodles, the Moyen Poodle is a comparatively new size. These are right between the standard and the miniature poodles.

In Europe, the Moyen Poodle is named KleinPudel. When it comes to the US, this size is relatively new and has not yet gained much popularity amongst dog lovers. Those Moyen Poodle found in the US come from Russia, Finland, or Germany. This makes it tough to track them, since there are not many breeders of Moyen Poodles in the United States.

Standard and Their Breed History

If you talk about Poodles, you automatically think about France. This is because this breed of dogs are associated with that country. Although Poodles have been associated with their culture for a long time, the Moyen Poodle is predicted to come from Asia. This breed also has more of a German heritage rather than French.

The Germans call the Poodle as “Pudelyn” that means splashing in water. Although Poodles are a breed that is normally associated with France and the French citizens, they are more of a creation with several contributions from different parts of Eurasia, especially Germany. Most of you may wonder what exactly makes a Poodle Moyen. It is basically their size and has nothing to do with their coloration. It is good to know that there is no AKC standard on the fact as to what exactly makes a Moyen a Moyen. Even when it comes to standard, there is a difference in opinions. Some breeders say that the Moyen Poodles start from 20 pounds, whereas some may say that this breed starts from 18 pounds.

Requirements for a Poodle to Be Categorized As a Klein or a Moyen

For a Poodle to be categorized as a Klein or a Moyen there are a couple of requirements to fulfil.

  • The dog has to be between 15.5 inches to 20 inches tall from the ground to the shoulder.
  • The normal body weight should be around 18 pounds with a maximum weight being 32 pounds.

The life expectancy of a Moyen Poodle is between 12 and 15 years.

Their Temperament

Moyens are one of the most loving, high intelligent, and terrific breeds. They are always high on energy levels and most of the people, who know nothing about Poodles, assume that since this breed has a type of high class mystique, there is no need for them to burn off their energy. They are just like any other dog and they do need to burn their energy. When it comes to their behavior, there is not much of a difference between a Moyen Poodle and any other type of Poodle.

Since Moyens are pretty intelligent breeds, it is very simple to train them. This breed is always eager to please their handlers and also loves them. These breeds like to portray to their handlers that they understand everything that is told to them.

When it comes to being a family companions, Moyen Poodles prove to be terrific companions to their families. They are extremely good guard dogs and are always alert. They make sure that their owners know that someone is near their home. However, they fail to be one of the best security dogs as they are not as quick as some other breeds when it comes to attacking danger. Some of the Moyen Poodles may have certain dislikes for certain features. For instance, there are some who may not trust men wearing a hat.

One interesting feature about Moyen Poodles is that they simply love water. It is basically in their name as Poodle basically means “puddle jumper” in German. However, they love to do much more than simply jumping in a puddle of water. It is true that these Poodles are not exactly what some people may think when they consider larger breeds. Nonetheless, these Poodles make an excellent companion to take birding.


It will not be wrong to say that grooming a Moyen Poodle is much similar to grooming a Labrador. The only common factor between the two breeds is the requirement of lots of attention with long hours of brushing. It is good for you to know that Moyen Poodles are a non-shedding breed. This means that they will not litter your floor with their hair. However, they do require regular bathing, grooming, and cutting. If you tend to ignore your Poodle, their coat may easily turn into a knotty mess.

When you think about giving a haircut to your Moyen Poodle, there are several thoughts that may cross your mind. It will not be wrong to keep them at a single consistent length. At the same time, there are some owners, who prefer the classic pom pom look. In fact, they look fantastic. It is pretty simple to cut their hair. However, there are some best practices that will help to prevent you from hurting the mutt and also come up with the best possible results.

Brushing the Poodle

It is good to know that the hair of Poodles is curly and does not shed. However, they have a tendency of getting into a knotty mess. You will require a comb and a slicker brush to provide a proper brushing to your Poodle. This is just the bare minimum. It will not be a bad idea to use a rake and a mat splitter to help get the mat out of the fur.

You will have to use the slicker to brush the top layer of the hair smooth. When it comes to grooming a Poodle mix, there is much more to it than just the top layer of their fur. Once the top layer of their fur is smoothened, you have to deal with tangles and knots under the fur. You will have to use the comb to untangle this mess. This will lead you to the matted fur that will be difficult to brush. It will be nice to start the battle with them with the help of the rake and/or mat splitter.

Moyen Poodle Price and Breeders

Do not be surprised to find out that Moyen Poodle breeders may charge a premium for the breed over any other normal poodle. It will be good on your part to be prepared to fish out around $2000 for a good quality Moyen Poodle. However, their charge may climb all the way to $3000. Before you go ahead and spend this much of your hard earned money, better get a vet to sign off on their health. It is just like going to a car showroom to buy a car. It will not be a bad idea to have a mechanic check out the details of the car.

When you decide to buy a Moyen Poodle from a breeder, do make it a point to do your due diligence. Try and interact with the parents of the puppies and make it a point to get their paperwork. Remember that you should be allowed to come and pay a visit to the dog that you plan to buy.

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